Spar Star MMA, January 17 Results

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January 17, 2015 – Spar Star MMA hosted 28 competitors in 14 fights that took place outdoors at the Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood, CA showcased the rising MMA fighters of Southern California.

Lightweights: Troy Hardgrow vs. Bailey Anderson

The combatants come out swinging with multiple combinations as Anderson is pressed against the cage but takes down Hardgrow with a double leg transitioning into a full mount but was riding hid as Hardgrow slipped out the backdoor. Hardgrow takes control of Anderson’s back, but can’t get his arms around his neck for a choke as round one comes to an end.

Anderson comes out with a punch combination that is answered with Hardgrow’s kicks as he follows through with double leg, but Anderson reverses to top position and ends up in half-guard. The referee stands them up and Hardgrow lands a heavy right knee. Anderson is now in Hardgrow’s half-guard and slips out of a guillotine just as round two closes.

Third and final rounds the fighters touch gloves as Anderson uses another double leg to take Hardgrow down. Hardgrow slips out but is immediately taken down again. Anderson is still in half-guardas the round comes to a close and is doing his best at a ground and pound.

The result of this bout a split draw!

Lightweights: Anthony Vivian vs. Lucas Zoghbi

The fighters touch gloves and Zoghbi opens with a left head kick, but Vivian answers with a boxing combination. Zoghbi appears to be the more patient fighter buying his time and exploding when he finds his opening while Vivian is dancing around. Vivian comes in with a left jab but it’s answered with an overhand right and an explosive combination against the cage to end round one.

Round two is underway and Vivian comes out with a boxing combination that’s answered by Zoghbi, who bloodies Vivian’s nose. A side kick drops Vivian who is quickly back up on his feet and answers with a left hand coming off the cage. Zoghbi starts teeing off on Vivian who drops his hands as if to say, “Thats all you got?” before being pressed against the cage by Zoghbi to close the round.

The third and final round and Vivian again rushes in with a boxing combination to be answered by Zoghbi. The fight ends with both men on their feet as Vivian asks referee Frank Trigg for one more round.

Your winner by unanimous decision in the lightweight division, Lucas Zoghbi!

Middleweights: Julian Capuccetti vs. Armik Craft

The middleweights touch bloves and Capuccetti picks Craft up and slams him with a double leg take down, controlling Craft against the cage with a burrage of right hands that ends the fight in the very first round.

Your winner by first round TKO at 0:40 , Julian Capuccetti!

Lightweights: Yaskin Solano vs. Vlad Kochiev

Solano waves off touching gloves with Kochiev who attempts a spinning heel kick, he misses with that but connects with a left and landing in top position. Solano is quick to his feet and takes cage control. Kochieve is looking for a takedown but ends up on his back in a guillotine position, to end the first round.

Solano comes out and attempts a take down and a knee but connects with a left. They scramble on the ground, but Solano performs an illegal up kick on Kochiev which resulted in a warning the referee standing them up that lead to Kochiev suplexing Solano. However Solano is quickly up on his feet and ends the round with a single leg.

The third round is underway and the pace has slowed just a tad, but Kochiev is the first to make contact with a right push kick followed by a knee. Solano attempts a guillotine upon Kochiev driving forward for a double leg, but he rolls through and ends up in Solano’s guard. The action has slowed and the referee stands them up. Kochieve connects with a right, but only to get his leg caught. He punches his way out of it and ends the fight in top position.

You’re winner by unanimous decision in the lightweight division, Vlad Kochiev!

Featherweights: Victor Vorgar vs. Cody Halleman

Vorgar is the first to connect with a low leg kick, but Halleman presses Vorgar against the cage, taking him down with a double leg, but ends up in a half-guard guillotine. Halleman ends up in north-south position and stands up but only to eat a left hook from Vorgar. The round ends with dirty boxing.

Round to starts with Vorgar landing and inside leg kick, but Halleman answering with an overhand left. Halleman has Vorgar against the cage, but he quickly escapes to execute a push-kick. Halleman takes cage control and pulls Vorgar only to land in a guillotine as he clears the in the mount position. Vorgar rolls over and Halleman takes his back, but cannot finish him with the rear naked choke.

Heading into the third round Vorgar appears a bit fatigued in the corner. Halleman comes out swing but is answered by Vorgar who is breathing heavy through the mouth. Halleman takes the mount against the cage but they get stood up and Halleman leads with an inside his, he slips but manages to take down Vorgar and ends the round in top position.

You’re winner by unanimous decision in the featherweight division, Cody Halleman!

Welterweights: Kevin Crane vs. Chric Mauldin

Crane’s mother passed away two days prior to tonight’s fight, but decided to continue on out of respect for his mother.

The fighters touch gloves and Crane takes Mauldin down with a double leg against the cage and leads to a full mount. Mauldin tried to cage walk but is pressed tight against the cage. Mauldin is trying to throw his legs up looking to peel Crane off, but with his head against the cage, it’s not working. Crane has controlled the entire round from the top position.

Heading into the second round they touch’em up again only this tie Mauldin ends up on top in Crane’s guard. Mauldin is trying to slam Crane but he can’t shake the closed guard. Crane escapes and stands up to spin around Mauldin to take side mount into half-guard.

Making it to the third Crane is still energetic as there is a cut under Mauldin’s right eye. Crane shoots in with a double leg and takes half-guard against the cage standing up and uses a quarter nelson to maintain control. Mauldin is on his feet but Crane takes him down with yet another double leg. Crane is is full mount and ground and pounding Mauldin who tried to buck him off, but ends the fight on his back.

Your winner by unanimous decision, in memory of his mother, Kevin Crane!

In the post fight interview, Crane tearfully said: I want to thank everyone who supported me up until this point…the entire Crane family, thank you God!

Flyweights: Yadir Perez vs. Victor Pages

Pages takes down a double leg ending up in side-mount. After knees to the hip and elbows to the ribs he locks in a keylock that Perez escapes spinning out ending up in Perez’ guard, but Perez stands up and Pages takes cage control landing severals knees to Perez’ inner left thigh to end the first round.

Round two is more of a striking match but Pages drives Perez all the way across the cage with a double leg. Perez stands up but is instantly taken down again. Perez stands up with Pages on his back eventually falling to the canvas and tapping out to a rear naked joke.

You’re winner by tap out via rear naked choke at 1:35 of the second round in the flyweight division, Victor Pages!

Flyweights: Jill Quijano vs. Javel McKenzie

The flyweights touch gloves and McKenzie opens with a combination. Quijano answers with a Superman punch as the circle around the ring. Quijano goes low with his kicks but McKenzie leads with a right jab. McKenzie begins to unload as the first round comes to an end.

Round two begins as the first with McKenzie being the aggressor. Quijano is looking to land a few combinations but McKenzie uses a push kick to create space. Quijano uses a double leg to end the round.

Last round and they show respect by touching gloves, unfortunately Quijano lands a kick to the crotch, stops the action as he bows and allows McKenzie to readjust. McKenzie tried a spinning left heel kick that doesn’t land, but the two manage to bang it out in the center of the cage. This time it’s McKenzie that lands the low blow and gives Quijano a chance to recover.

You’re winner by split-decision in the flyweight division, Jill Quijano!

Featherweights: Roman Puga vs. Mike Martinez

Martinez is the first to make contact with a leg kick but Puga uses a boxing combination. Puga attempts an armbar on the cage, but Martinez slips out. Martinez takes top position against the cage to finish off round one.

Puga comes out as the aggressor at the start of round two with some furious kicks. Puga presses Martinez against the cage in an attempt at a single leg but Martinez escapes forcing Puga to fight him off against the cage. Puga is cut on the top of his head, but the bleeding is light. Puga pulls guard and is fighting for and armbar in hopes of transitioning to a triangle, but Martinez blocks his hip and moves to side-mount to end round two.

Round three and Mike Beltran gets them ready for the final round. Puga connects with a left hook, but Martinez answers with dirty boxing and a barrage of knees. Puga is not out yet as he fights off the cage and pulls guard again looking for an armbar. Martinez lands in Puga’s butterfly guard but escapes to rain punches on Puga. The fight ends with Matinez on top pounding on Puga.

Your winner by unanimous decision in the featherweight divison, Mike Martinez!

Heavyweights: Sergio Marroquin vs. Santiago Diaz

Diaz rushes Marroquin to bang it out, but Marroquin uses a double leg landing in half-guard to try and ground and pound Diaz who was able to scamble up to his feet. Maroquin dives Diaz into the cage to end the first round.

Round two begins with Marroquin landing a left jab but being rushed by Diaz into the cage. The two bang it out in the center of the cage as Marroquin uses another double leg to take Diaz down landing in side-mount to pound it out against the cage door. Diaz knocks Marroquin down almost knocking him out as the air horn sounds.

Third and final round, the pace has been quick. You can see the steam elevating from Diaz’s head. The two engage in dirty boxing as Diaz attempts a single leg against the cage but Marroquin peels him off. Marroquin drags Diaz to the ground taking side-mount but Diaz easily esacpes and lands a big left hand only to be answered by Marroquin with a right cross. The crowd is on their feet as these heavyweights go to town on one another. Diaz’s left eye begins to swell as the round comes to a close.

Your winner by unanimous decision in the heavyweight division, Santiago Diaz!

Featherweights: Luis Flores vs. Ryan Lilley

Round one and the featherweights touch gloves as Flores leads off with an inner thigh kick. Flores connects with a great combination knocking Lilley to the ground but Lilley stands up, taking Flores down and holds on to a guillotine with Flores on top. Flores is in half-guard, and spins out attempting a triangle choke, but Lilley gets to his feet. Lilley connects with a lock kick that knocks Flores to the ground. The two men bang it out as the round comes to a close.

At the start of round two they touch gloves and Flores attacks the legs before following with a jab. The pace as slowed a bit but the fighters are still determined. Flores’ low kick is answered by Lilley, but unfortunately is struck with a low blow. Lilley scrambles with Flores and picks him up with a standing guillotine. The two men are standing toe-to-toe in the center of the ring exchanging punches that leads to dirty boxing that ends the round.

Third round and they hug it out before the bell. Flores ha small cut over his right eye, but it has not impaired his vision as he goes in with low kicks. The two are exchanging punches in the middle of the ring as Flores startings working the inside thought. Flores slips and Lilley takes top position via half-guard. Lilley is peppering some head punches as he switches position. The fight ends with Lilley holding Flores down with a front face lock.

Your winner by unanimous decision in the featherweight division, Ryan Lilley!

Main Event – Vacated Welterweight Championship: Shohei Yamamoto vs. Daniel Rodriquez

There will be a new champion crowned tonight as Yamamoto and Rodriquez enter the ring to compete for the Spar Star MMA Welterweight title.

Yamamoto leads with a low leg kick, but ends up getting kicked in the groin. Rodriquez lands a few inner thigh kicks but Yamamot creates spaces with several kicks of his own. Yamamoto is chasing Rodriquez around the cage who then takes him down against the cage. Yamamoto sneaks out the back door and takes Rodriquez’s back but cannot finish the fight as the round comes to an end.

The doctor checks Rodriquez’s right eye making sure he’s ready to continue and round two begins. Rodriquez is aggressive with his kicks forcing Yamamoto to stumble, but not fall over yet. The two are exchanging blows in the center of the ring and this time Yamamoto makes Rodriquez stumble. Each one is determined to become champion tonight as feet and hands fly in the center of the cage. Yamamoto shoots for a single, switches to a double and drives Rodriquez into the cage, who escapes. Rodriquez takes Yamamoto down, landing in his guard but both are quickly up to their feet to end the second round.

The third and final round to determine the new Spar Star MMA Welterweight Champion has begun. Both combatants are letting their fists fly as this is for all the marbles. Yamamoto is dragged to the canvas and eats a knee on the way to his feet. Rodriquez is throwing more kicks than punches and Yamamoto looks fatigued as his nose is now blooded. The fight is still in him as he throws a reverse spin kick that doesn’t land.

The fight ends via unanimous decision with your winner and NEW Spar Star MMA Welterweight Champion, Daniel Rodriquez!

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