Kristian Harloff Discusses the Schmoedown Spectacular VI live from LA

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Kristian Harloff Discusses the ‘Schmoedown Spectacular VI‘ live from LA and on Pay Per View from The Globe Theatre!

Kristian Harloff Discusses the ‘Schmoedown Spectacular VI‘ live from LA and on Pay Per View from The Globe Theatre on Saturday, December 4, 2021!

Kristian Harloff is the co-creator, commissioner and announcer along with Mark Ellis of Movie Trivia Schmoedown (MTS) and will be bringing to you live from The Globe Theatre in Los Angeles and available on Pay Per View, the ‘Schmoedown Spectacular VI‘ on Saturday, December 4, 2021.

Beginning in 2014, MTS has has grown exponentially in these past 8 years and has found its fanbase following model of professional wrestling via the world of trivia, with people who are as passionate about the rivalries and the competition of the Schmoedown as the competitors themselves.

Harloff and I catch up on past events, fill in new fans on what to expect as they are introduced to this WrestleMania style trivia event, Covid safety proticals that will be taken for in person guests and for those that cannot make it in person, can attend the ‘Schmoedown Spectacular VI‘ on Pay Per View via


This year’s star-studded lineup includes:

Singles Championship Match

“Lady Justice” Marisol McKee vs. “Downtown” Griffy Newms



“The Outlaw” John Rocha vs. “Dangerous” Dan Murrell


Teams Championship Match

Shazam vs. King Arthur


Star Wars Championship Match

“The Major” Thomas Harper vs. “Dimmy” Nicky Dimalanta


Intergeekdom Championship Match

“The Killer” Mike Kalinowski vs. “The Spider” Robert Parker

Official Synopsis:

Movie Trivia Schmoedown is the ultimate in entertainment trivia, which covers all types of film and television and gives the winners a title and bragging rights. Think movie trivia meets wrestling with compelling storylines and characters that you can really get behind or really hate! MTS has created multiple titles of excellence that you can achieve from individual accolades to team titles. This competition provides the opportunity to test your movie/TV knowledge whether you are watching at home or in a live audience. However the most important part of what MTS is all about is their fans and how they can always engage them in unique ways.

In eight short years, The Movie Trivia Schmoedown has developed an incredibly devoted fan base, who have sold out live events across the country from LA to NY before the pandemic. Their fans are so dedicated to the show that they want to become part of it and in response, MTS has created separate leagues to accommodate their participation – Developmental league (for those that want to become players) and Fan league (for those that just want to have fun). The loyal fans have also supported MTS on YouTube and Patreon, which currently features 298K subscribers on YouTube with 600-800K monthly views for their programming and 4,000 Patreon subscribers, who receive exclusive access to events and news on the programming. On their social channels, their stats are as follows: 91,000 on Facebook; 62,000 on Twitter, 36,300 on TikTok and 24,000 on Instagram.

As the show has grown, new talent became involved, including high profile actors, comedians, writers, directors, producers, hosts. The idea was to do what eSports did for video games and apply that to trivia.

Follow Movie Trivia Schmoedown on Twitter @TheSchmoedown and on Instagram @theschmoedown.

Follow Kristian Harloff on Twitter @KristianHarloff and on Instagram @kristianharloff.



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