Epic Fighting 39 Full Results

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Epic Fighting the premier California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization (CAMO) in San Diego and tonight is not different with 17-fights on tonight’s card, Epic Fighting 39 did not disappoint.

For those unfamiliar with CAMO rules, all undercard fights are three, two-minute rounds with the championship rounds being three, three-minute rounds. Most fights require fighters to wear shin guards unless specified.

Here are tonight’s results as follow:


Middleweight (185 lbs)  – Omid Zeighami (Debut) vs. Gokhan Cicekliyar (1-0-0-0)

Round One – The fighters touch gloves as Zeighami shoots in with a double leg taking Cicekliyar to catches him in a guillotine choke and half guard. Zeighami pulls his head out but doesn’t move his head. Cicekliyar turns into him only to eat several punches before ending up in Zeighami’s mount. Zeighami postures for the crowd as the round comes to an end.

Round Two – They touch gloves again and exchange punches as Zeighami drives Cicekliyar against the cage. Cicekliyar is swinging off then cage forcing his way to the center of the cage as the two begin to slug it out. Zeighami using an outside leg trip, looks for a guillotine and starts the ground and pount on Cicekliyar before the round comes to and end as they are in North-South position.

Round Three – Final round and Cicekliyar’s nose look to be broken as he’s breathing heavily through his mouth. They touch gloves and the pace has slowed. Cicekliyar leads with his jab, but Zeighami’s wrestling is far superior than his opponents. Zeighami is fighting from half guard as Cicekliyar is surviving this round. This one ends with Zeighami in Cicekliyar’s guard.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Omid Zeighami!

Lightweight (155 lbs) – Justin Stevens (Debut) vs. Matthew Shattle (1-2-0-0)

Round One – Shattle leads with a single leg kick, but Stevens catches, him, drives to to the cage and eventually takes him down with full control on the canvas as they scramble. Stevens has both hooks in as he’s dropping bombs on Shattle who’s looking to survive against the cage.  Stevens takes Shattle’s back and looked for a neck crank as the round came to an end.

Round Two – Stevens catches another single leg kick and sweeps Shattle to the canvas who fights his way back up to his feet and takes cage control for the first time this fight. Stevens reverse the position and hip tosses Shattle who turns in, gives up his back and allows Stevens to get his hooks in again.

Round Three – Shattle has hesitated this entire fight and doesn’t appear to trust his training. Stevens has slowed down a little bit but still connects with an over hand right, throws a jab which sets up his double leg against the cage. This fight has been all Stevens. This one ends against the cage with Steven in full control.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Justin Stevens!

Lightweight (155 lbs) – Allan Stott (2-0-0-0) vs. Bryan Bahena (Debut)

Round One – Stott leads with a jab and in answered with a body kick by Bahena. Stott rushes Bahena, quickly dragging him down to the canvas and taking the back as he looks to get his hooks in. Stott takes the mount as Bahena rolls into him and throws some wild ground and pound. This round ends with Stott having Bahena’s back.

Round Two – Both fighters throw kicks and punches as Bahena finally wakes up in getting his groove with his striking, but Stott is better with his kicks, driving Bahena back to the cage, taking him down and gets full mount. Bahena continues to scramble as Stott looks for an armbar. They make it to their feet and this one comes to a close with a kick to the body by Stott.

Round Three – Final round and the pace is down to a crawl in comparison to the first two rounds. Stott uses a head and arm throw to get Bahena to the ground and takes full mount yet again. The ground and pound is strong with this one as Stott is trying to get his hand in for a choke, but Bahena stands up only to get suplexed and forced against the cage as Stott throws everything he’s got at him before the final bell.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Allan Stott!

Welterweight (170 lbs) – Frank Resultay (Debut) vs. Adrian Ochoa (1-1-0-0)

Round One – Ochoa leads with a jab and follows it up with an inside leg kick before driving Resultay into the cage. Resultay tries for a single leg but eats a knee. Ochoa spins around, takes the back and gets the tap.

Your winner by tap out via rear naked choke at 1:02 of the very first round, Adrian Ochoa!

Welterweight (170 lbs) – Ray Orsborn (1-0-0-0) vs. Kenneth Stone (Debut)

Round One – Stone has been dancing around since before the bell rang and ran right into a body kick by Orsborn, who lands yet another. Jim Ross would say Orsborn has educated feet and in order for Stone to save himself, he drives Orsborn to the cage. He tries for a double, but lands in a guillotine held on tight by Orsorn. Stone pops up to get the mount but Orsborn scrambles to his feet and lands some big punches that are answered by Stone as the close of round one.

Round Two – They touch gloves and every time Stone puts his head down and charges in, he eats a couple of punches. Orsborn has cage control but Stone spins him around as he looks for a single that he finally finshes but Orsborn is back on his feet quickly. Orsborn takes Stone from pillar to post ending the second round with a takedown.

Round Three – Stone shoots in for another double takes down Orsborn but can’t finish the takedowns. Stone is in Orsborns half guard as they continue to scramble on the ground before Orsborn takes cage control as this one ends as they throw bombs in the center of the cage.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Ray Orsborn!

Epic Fighting Flyweight Championship (125 lbs) – Mariana Carolina Ruiz Avila (Debut) vs. Tyler Schaefer (1-1-0-0)

Round One – The both come out swinging hardas Avila lands a big right hand but slips. Schaefer tries to capitalize on it, but throws several up kicks to try to get herself back to her feet before the referee stands them back up. Schaefer takes cage control but Avila refuses to stay down, the uses a head and arm throw to take Schaefer down, but Schaefer bulldozes over her and takes side control. Schaefer transitions from the back to full mound dropping hammer fists but Avila throws her feet around her to stop the massive punishment from the ground and pound.

Round Two – A mouse is growing under Avila’s left eye, which is going to be a bull’s eye for Schaefer. Avila slips again by over committing to her strikes and Schaefer pounces again, taking the back and transitioning to full mount against the cage. Avila gives up the back and she turtle’s up, capturing her opponents arms and stops the onslaught from Schaefer to again takes the back and this one is over as the referee stops this one.

Your winner by TKO at 1:29 of the second round, and NEW Epic Fighting Champion, Tyler Schaefer!

Bantamweight (135 lbs) – Mason Iacobellis (3-2-1-0) vs. Alberto Romo (4-7-0-0)

Round One – Iacobellis throws a single leg kick and Romo steps in to drive him against the cage. Iacobellis lands a huge head kick dropping Romo and finishes him off with a ground and pound as the referee waves this one off.

Your winner by TKO at 56 seconds of the very first round, Mason Iacobellis!

Bantamweight (135 lbs) – Keoni Terorotua (1-1-0-0) vs. Chris Nunez (1-0-0-0)

Round One – A couple of strikes are exchanged before Nunez lands a single leg kick that is caught allowing Terorotua to catch it and trip him. The two fighters exchange single strikes and tie it up throwing knees as round one comes to a close.

Round Two – Terorotua throws a couple of leg kicks before Nunez drives in for cage control. The two exchange strikes but no visible damage is obvious to the crowd until Nunez lands a big right hand knocking down his opponent to which Terorotua pops back up and slams him down with a double leg.

Round Three – The fighters touch gloves and Nunez leads with a couple of body kicks before throwing a punch to Terorotua’s mid section. The two men bang it out against the cage and slow the pace in the center ring. Nunez throws another two single leg kick that each get caught. This one goes to the judges after Terorotua takes Nunez down again.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Keoni Terorotua.

Epic Fighting Bantamweight Championship (135 lbs) – Amanda Asprion (1-1-0-0) vs. Kristina Pettigrew (2-0-0-0)

Round One – Pettigrew comes out with a low kick setting up her boxing and drives Asprion into the cage. Asprion climbs up looking for a standing guillotine but Pettigrew powers out. Aprion sets up a side kick to the face but pushes herself off and Pettigrew rushes her against the cage yet again. Pettigrew’s nose is bloodied as Aprion has a mouse developing under her left eye. Aprion ties up Pettigrew’s arm from her back only to have Pettigrew fight out and start dropping hammer fists.

Round Two – Aprion is slow to get up to her feet before returning to her corner and appears to be exhausted as she’s panting heavily in the corner. Referee Chris Leben calls time as the doctor comes in to check on Aprion. This one is waved off and Pettigrew is your winner.

Your winner by doctor’s stoppage and NEW Epic Fighting Champion, Kristina Pettigrew!

Strawweight (115 lbs) – Ana Paulina Guerrero Villalobos (Debut) vs. Reena Norville (1-0-0-0)

Round One – Norville rushes Villalobos and her dirty boxing is on point. Even after Villalobos catches her arm, she continues to punch with her other hand. Noville has a good five inches on Villalobos, which makes it difficult for the shorter fighter to close the distance. Villalobos’ nose is bloodied at the end of the round.

Round Two – The second round is similar to the first although Norville is being even more aggressive this time. She sets up her boxing with some big body kicks and with several unanswered punches against the cage, referee Jason Herzog waves this one off.

Your winner by TKO at  of the second round, Reena Norville!

Featherweight (145 lbs) Christian Hermosillo Andalon (Debut) vs. Jorge Yepez (Debut)

Round One – The fighters touch gloves and Andalon leads with his jab. Yepez throws a single kick that gets caught as Andalon charges in with punches and gets spun to the cage by Yepez. Yepez after a long struggle takes down Andalon and now has his back but doesn’t get any hooks in, they struggle against the cage as the round comes to a close.

Round Two – Andalon leads with a low kick that sets up his jab but goes one too many times to the well as he throws another kick that gets caught by Yepez who takes cage control. Andalon throws a connecting left hook as Yepez backs away from his opponent. Yepez grabs leg but gets himself taken to the ground with a front face lock as this one comes to a close.

Round Three – Andalon goes low yet again and each time eats a punch by Yepez. The two bang it out in the center of the cage as Andalon throws another body kick. Yepez eats an illegal knee while down and the referee takes one point away from Andalon. Andalon is looking to finish this fight after that point deduction. He takes Yepez’s back and is looking to get a joke but is too high on his back. This one goes to the judges.

This fight ends in a majority draw, 28-27, 28-28, 28-28.

Epic Fighting MIddleweight Championship (185 lbs) – Josiah Simpson (1-0-0-0) vs. Isaac Cabrera (3-1-0-0)

Round One – Cabrera starts off with two kicks, only one is answered by Simpson, who’s leg caught but feeds Cabrera a right hand. The two have a huge exchange before Cabrera goes and fights off his back before Simpson comes down on him with several left hands ending this fight via TKO as referee James Blair stops this one.

Your winner by TKO at 1:22 in the very first round and NEW Epic Fighting Champion, Josiah Simpson!

Welterweight (170 lbs) – Joseph Meraz (0-1-0-0) vs. Aremiti Tinirau (Debut)

Round One – Tinirau takes full control of this fight but on the break, Meraz slips in a right hand. Tinirau seems to be out powering Meraz this entire round.

Round Two – Meraz leads with a kick, shoots for a double but Tinirau rolls him up, takes the back and gets the tap via rear nake joke.

Your winner by tap out at 22 seconds in the second round, Aremiti Tinirau!

Epic Fighting Super Lightweight Championship (165 lbs) – Louie De La Torre (5-0-0-0) vs. Zachary Kraschinsky (3-4-1-0)

Round One – De La Torre shots in for a double, picks up Kraschinsky and gently puts him down taking side control against the cage. Kraschinsky wall waks to spin out, breaking a front face lock as he reaches for a single but eats several hammer firsts before De La Torre tries to take his back against the cage. De La Torre has Kraschinsky’s back but he spins out only to be set up for an arm bar which is almost hyper extended. Chris Leben calls the fight and Kraschinsky is not very happy.

Your winner by submission at 2:48 of the very first round and NEW Epic Fighting Champion, Louie De La Torre!

Epic Fighting Welterweight Championship (170 lbs) – Tyler Meade (3-0-0-0) vs. Djavan Coleman (6-1-0-0)

Round One – They touch gloves as Meade leads with his jab, Coleman shoots as Meade slips out the backdoor and looks for an armbar. Coleman slips out on his own and the two scramble on the floor before  Coleman shoots for a double only, driving Meade against the cage. Coleman slips out but Meade is like an octopus who gets an arm in triangle from bottom position for the submission.

Your winner by tap out at 1:39 in the very first round and NEW Epic Fighting Champion, Tyler Meade!

Lightweight (155 lbs) – John Andrew Roman (Debut) vs. Paul Hamm (Debut)

Round One – They touch gloves and begin slugging it out. Roman shoots for a double but Hamm sprawls. Roman transitions to a mount, spins to his back gets his hooks in and is looking for a rear naked choke. Hamm’s right eye is already closing up from all the strikes he’s eaten in the first round.  This one ends on the ground with Roman in full control.

This one comes to an end as the doctor stops the fight due to Hamm not being able to see out of his right eye.

Your winner due to doctor’s stoppage, John Andrew Roman!

Featherweight (145 lbs) – Corey Inman (Debut) vs. Anthony Maltman (Debut)

Round One – They touch gloves and Maltman leads with a leg kick, but is answered back by Inman. Maltman charges in and the exchange on the cage is a thing of beauty. Maltman takes Inman down against the cage before getting full mount and looking for the ground and pound. Inman covers up but cannot fully defend himself and this one is over.

Your winner at 1:20 in the very first round by TKO, Anthony Maltman!

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