The Ultimate Mousepads – SteelSeries Qck Limited Review

The Ultimate Mousepads – SteelSeries Qck Limited Review

You never really notice how bad your mousepad is until you use the ultimate mousepad – Qck Limited Review

I have used many a mousepad in my time. I used to go through a lot, but back then we had trackballs that would eat up the fabric. Then optical mice came out. Mousepads got thinner, ergonomic design became more important, and of course, there were licensed mousepads. At my main station, I had a South Park mousepad I’ve had since I was in high school. It was great, but the padding was crumbling and would leave black streaks on my desk. You can probably see some in my videos. I never noticed how bad it was and how much it impeded my mouse use until I tried the Qck Limited Edition Mousepad. MY GOD what a difference!

If you don’t know about steelseries and their amazing gaming products, read my post about the release of the Qck Limited Edition Gaming Mousepad line.

Okay, you should be up to speed. Anyway, first and foremost, function. If you do any kind of editing in a visual medium on PC, you know about the need for precision. I never had a problem with my old mousepad, but I didn’t realize how much extra work I was giving myself using it. The Qck mousepad made a very noticeable difference in my editing time. At least until I had to render. I also went on a quick rampage in GTA V and aiming is so much easier. I’m still no pro gamer, but I did at the very least feel I was doing better with my precision aiming. The material gives the perfect amount of glide and friction that lets you moves as fast as you want and stop exactly where you want. Also, the mousepad doesn’t lose it’s position and have to be readjusted after some intense mousing. It’s also really nice not to have crumbling foam every time I lift up and put back down the mouse, but that’s more a me problem than an anyone else.

There are two mousepads in the Qck Limited Edition line, the Qck Limited and the Qck + Limited. Other than the size difference, each seemed exactly the same. So just choose the size fyou think you need. But then again, bigger is better so…

Lastly, the design. I’m a math nerd by blood and culture, and something about symmetric shapes and choice asymmetric coloring really appeals to me. Also, the black, white, and gray match my monitors, mouse, and keyboard. It is aesthetically appealing and has a real nice feel to it. I just realized there’s not much else to say.

The Qck Limited Edition Gaming Mousepads are the best mousepads I have ever used. I am blown away by how much of a difference it made in my mouse use. It isn’t something you really think would matter until you try it. I equate it to actually drinking healthy amounts of water every day versus not drinking enough water. When you do drink healthy amounts, you feel better, life is better, and you didn’t realize it how much better it can be until you actually do it. The Qck Limited Edition Mousepads are like drinking healthy amounts of water every day. It looks good, it feels good, and makes using the mouse gooder (I said it on purpose, I know it’s supposed to be better). I give my Qck Limited Review a 5/5


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