U of MMA Fight Night 11 Results

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U of MMA Fight Night 11

August 16, 2015 – University of MMA, the premier California Amateur MMA Organization (CAMO) held Fight Night 11 out of Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles. Tonight featured 17 amateur fights with the featherweight and lightweight titles being defended. According to CAMO rules, all fights 3 rounds by 2 minutes, except title fights which are 3 rounds by 3 minutes. Here are tonight’s results as follow:

Catchweight (149 lbs) Oren Shabo (1-1) vs. Ryan Aguilar (Debut)

Round one Aguilar starts off with some low kicks, but Shabo goes high with a punch combination. Shabo takes Aguilar down with a double leg and attempts a standing guillotine. He now has Aguilar in a front face look while throwing knees, but Aguilar fights him off and as the round comes to an end both men are standing against the cage.

Round two, Shabo has some really fast hands as Aguilar is able to answer him by using the jab, but now Shabo goes low. Aguilar has slowed the pace but is chasing Shabo around the cage as he lands an overhand right. Aguilar lands two big right hooks forcing Shabo to dodge and run as the round comes to an end.

Third and final round, They touch gloves and Shabo’s hands are flying, but Aguilar answers with a knee to the liver, dropping Shabo and having referee Mike Bell wave it off.

Your winner in the third round at  by TKO, Ryan Aguilar!

Catchweight (130 lbs) Stuart Kosh (0-1) vs. Eric Arias (Debut)

Round one they touch gloves and the fighters are sizing each other. Arias is having Kosh case him around the ring and lands, but lands a double leg moving to side mount, and transitions to full mount as Kosh tried to buck him off. Arias is going heavy with the ground-and-pound, but Kosh pulls him in close to stop the pummeling. Round one ends with Arias in the control as he drops bomb.s

Round two, Kosh leads with a high kick followed by a jab, but Arias answers with a low kick. Kosh closes in to grapple, and transitions from being in a triangle choke to being in the guard then side mount. This time the round ends with Kosh in the top position.

Third round, the running has caught up to Arias, as he slips and Kosh takes advantage but Arias reverse it and takes the back. The fight comes to an end and it in the hands of the judges.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Eric Arias!

Featherweight (145 lbs) Ardany Oliva (0-2) vs. Mason Iacobellis (Debut)

Round one, Iacobellis goes low as Oliva goes high, he uses a double leg to take Oliva down to the ground. Iacobellis has a standing guillotine against the cage, and is dragged down to the canvas, he switches positions, lands his own double leg against the cage as the round comes to a close.

Second round, they touch gloves and Oliva goes for the body. Iacobellis body slams Oliva, and attempts another standing guillotine, as Oliva breaks, he is taken down with a single leg. Iacobellis hovers over Oliva and lands one last right hand before the bell sounds.

Third and final round, Oliva goes for a low kick and is answered with a spinning heel kick. Iacobellis using another big double leg, slamming Oliva to the canvas and continues to have cage control. Oliva has an arm bar but is nearly power bombed by Iacobellis.

This one goes to the judges and your winner by Iacobellis!

Flyweight (125 lbs) Tizoc Froese (1-1) vs. Erick Pierre (Debut)

Round one is the feeling our period as Pierre and Froese have exchanged jabs and low kicks. Pierre lands a high kick as Froese lands a punch combination to end the round.

Round two, Froese is leading with his jab and now is throwing some overhand rights, followed by some leg kicks and one to the body. So far it’s been all Blue corners that have won fights, but could this change the tide as he lands another big punch combination? They are dirty boxing and as the round comes to and end, Pierre lands a high kick.

Round three, starts with dirty boxing as it appears Pierre got the better of that exchange. Froese takes Pierre down with and single leg and mounts Pierre. Pierre bucks him off and is back on his feet as the fight comes to an end.

You’re winner by unanimous decision, out of the blue corner, Erick Pierre!

Catchweight (150 lbs) Michael Jackson (5-6) vs. Angel Perla (1-0)

Jackson comes out swinging and drives Perla against the cage, but Perla reverse positions, which now they are jocking for positioning as Jackson ends up with cage control and takes him down with a double leg landing in Perla’s guard. Perla attempts an arm bar but before it’s locked in Jackson picks him up and drops him.

Round two, Perla lands a thundering inside leg kick, but Jackson answers with a jab before attempting a side kick. Perla goes for a Superman punch but Jackson connects with a cross. The end this one on their feet.

Third and final round, round and low kicks have been exchanged, this may go to the judges, but with a minute left in the round, you can never tell what will happen. Jackson sweeps Perla and ends the fight in top position.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Michael Jackson!

Catchweight (137 lbs) Richie Meister (2-0) vs. Sergio Gonzalez (0-2)

Meister lands a huge right hand followed by a double, but Gonzalez tries for a guillotine with no luck and ends up dropping Meister with a double leg. the round ends as Gonzalez takes Meister down.

Round two, Meister drives Gonzalez into the cage, but Gonzalez reverse, but Meister uses and jumping guillotine to being his opponent to the ground, they roll on the around until now Gonzalez has Meister in a reverse triangle.

Third and final round, the ring clears and they are locked in. Gonzalez takes Meister to the ground, but is in his guard. Meister is looking to lock in a triangle but may transition to an arm bar and gets the tap.

Your winner by submission at 1:13 of the third round, Richie Meister!

Catchweight (195 lbs) Tim Barnard (Debut) vs. Christopher LLanes (6-1)

This fight is all Llanes as he quickly took Barnard down and finished him with an arm bar in true Marine fashion, he went in quickly and made it count.

Your winner by submission at 1:16 of the very first round, Christopher LLanes!

Catchweight (175 lbs) Chris Rodriguez (1-2) vs. Cristian Najera (1-0)

Rodriguez charges Najera, but his spins him around and takes cage control.  Rodriguez attempts to take Najera’s back, but he slips out and is now pressed against the cage. Rodriguez is chasing after Najera. Rodriguez is dominated this fight, but eats a huge right hand and goes down! Najera jumps in for the ground-and-pound and the referee stops it.

Your winner by TKO at 1:56 of the very first round, Cristian Najera!

Featherweight (145 lbs) Garik Mitchell (Debut) vs. Steven (Kyler) Scott (Debut)

Mitchell is using his reach to keep Scott away.

Round two, Scott is a lot more busy, he’s landing a lot of low kicks and body, but he gets kicked in the face and goes down, the referee stop this one.

Your winner in the second round by KO, Garik Mitchell!

Catchweight (160 lbs) Troy Hardgrow (0-2-1) vs. Flavian Pilgram (4-0)

Round one and Pilgram is chasing Hardgrow around the cage, he attempts a kick and Hardgrow takes him down with a body lock, but Pilgram takes the top and is looking for a bow-and-arrow cradle to push Hardgrow back down, but Hardgrow is up, only now he’s caught in a standing guillotine, breaks free and exchange punches as the round ends.

Round two, Hardgrow leads with a jab and Pilgram answers with a leg kick.Pilgram lands a huge leg kick knocking Hardgrow to the ground. Hardgrow attempts an ankle lock but Pilgram escape and takes him down with a waist lock. It was heavy ground and pound from Pilgram and the referee stops it.

Your winner by TKO at 1:24 in the second around, Flavian Pilgram!

Cruiserweight (230 lbs) Andrii Vasyleniko (1-1) vs. Julius White (0-1)

Round one and they are feeling each other out. Vasyleniko finally shoots in for a double leg and slams White down, takes his back and this one is over.

Your winner by North-South Choke at 51 seconds in the very first round, Andrii Vasyleniko!

Catchweight (157 lbs) Remington Throne (0-1) vs. Damon Jacobs (Debut)

Jacobs  unloads on Thorne with some of the fastest hands of the night and Throne is by some miracle still standing. For every one punch Throne throws, Jacobs answers with at least five. This is far more a boxing match than MMA, but finally a leg kick is thrown and Throne lands a right hand, then a knee to the head causing a point deduction as knees are illegal in CAMO rules. Jacobs ends the fight on his feet throwing hands.

Round two, Jacobs is on the offensive, the paces has slowed but the dirty boxing has just gotten furious. Thorne lands huge overhand right and an inside leg kick. Just like the first round, this one ends with them banging it out.

Third and final round, just like the previous two, this one is remaining on their feet. Jacobs is attacking the body with fists while Thorne is throwing knees, this one ends on their feet and they are going to the judges.

Your winner by majority decision, Damon Jacobs!

Flyweight (125 lbs) Matheus Santos (1-0) vs. Victor Pages (1-2)

Pages opesn up with a right hook, but Santos answers back with a flurry of punches. Pages ties up in order to to avoid the punches and they are jocking for page control.

Round two, Santos opens with right hook and body kick, again Pages ties his opponent up against the cage. Pages shoots for a double and drives Santos against the cage. Santos still won’t go down. The round comes to a close as Santos drops Pages and earns a TKO.

Your winner by KO at 1:58 of the second round, Matheus Santos!

Lightweight (145 lbs) David Secadia (3-1) vs. Benito Mendez (2-0)

Mendes and Secadia come out flying at each other, but Mendez gets the take down and the mount. He’s got the control from half guard but Secadia is still alive in this one pulling Secadia back into his guard. The round ends with Mendez in half guard.

Round two is under way and Mendez goes low after Secadia misses a left hook. Secadia shoots in taking Mendez to the canvas and takes side control but ends up in Mendez’s guard. Secadia gets the full mount as the round comes to and end.

Third and final round, this one ends on the ground and goes to the judges.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Benito Mendez!

Light Heavyweight (205 lbs) Travis Williams (2-1) vs. David Boyko (1-0)

Williams transitions from a guillotine, to a triangle chock to an arm bar and Boyko is still able to escape the pressure. It is now Boyko who has a front face lock, but Williams escapes and lands a huge right hook.

Round two and Boyko is the aggressor but Williams is answering everything back and hands a big head kick. Boyko drags his opponent face first into the ground and Williams reverse it, taking Boyko’s back but Boyko escapes. Round two ends  on the ground with Boyko in top control.

Third and final round, they come out swinging, as Ol’ JR would say, “This is a donnybrook!” They are slugging it out against the cage with Williams back against the fence. Knees and punches are flying, they are tired but not letting up. It is amazing that either one is still standing and this is definitely the fight of the night!

Your winner by unanimous decision, Travis Williams!

Featherweight Championship (145 lbs) Albert Veloz (4-1) vs. Kurt Eberhard (3-2)

At the first round, these featherweights are a big balls of energy, they are letting their hands fly as Eberhand connects with a high hand dropping Veloz and referee Mike Bell stops this one.

Your winner by KO in just 45 seconds of the first round and new University of MMA Featherweight Champion, Kurt Eberhard!

Lightweight Championship (155 lbs) Antonio Lopez [Champion (5-1)] vs. Pious Enilolobo, Jr. (3-2)

Enilolobo  and Lopez are going at it like men on a mission. Enilolobo has the champion pressed against the cage and Lopez breaks free, swings wildly and takes cage control. This round ends against the cage.

Round two, and it is Enilolobo who starts swinging but Lopez takes him down only to be reverse, Enilolobo lands a huge right hand and referee Mike Beltran waves this one off. It’s all over!

Your winner by KO at 34 seconds of the second round and new University of MMA Lightweight Champion, Pious Enilolobo, Jr.!

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