Titanfall 2 Review [ Xbox One]

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Titanfall 2 Review [Xbox One]

Titanfall 2 Review: It expands on the old and is an upgrade to today’s standard of first-person shooters.


It is here. Titanfall 2. Surprisingly, this game might come out as one of my most played games of this year.

As I have never played the original Titanfall, I was not too sure of what to expect in this game. I knew that it had a jet pack and wall run movement system, which I am usually not a fan of, and that you could call down a big robot to fight with. Other than that, I hadn’t really paid any attention to the game, aside from trailers and little bits of news. However, I am really glad I made the purchase.


While I am a little bit bummed about how short the story was, I did like the campaign of Titanfall 2. In the story, you are Militia Rifleman Jack Cooper, secretly being trained by Militia Pilot Captain Tai Lastimosa. When both of you fall behind enemy lines, a dying Lastimosa transfers his authorization to pilot his Vanguard class titan, BT-7274, to you. As the acting pilot of BT, Jack and his new titan set out to complete their mission. I’ll leave most of the details out, but I feel as though this game tried to pack too much into one story.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead!*

*(Spoilers Start Here)*

All in 9 missions, Jack Cooper’s trainer Captain Lastimosa dies, BT has his arm chopped off, then he sacrifices himself in order to try and stop the enemy from completing their objective, in which case you pull out his data core. The Militia drops you another Vanguard class titan, you install BT’s datacore, and it’s like he never died. THEN at the end of the game, BT sacrifices himself to save you AGAIN, but this time you don’t have his data core so he is truly lost to you. To top it all off, it seems like your character just kind of shrugs it off. The game ends with Jack talking about how they will assign him a new titan, and how he doesn’t know how to feel about it, he “kinda liked the old one.”

First of all, all of that is packed into 9 missions. Secondly, all of that is packed into 1 campaign. It is a classic case of too much too soon. I get the decision to kill of Captain Lastimosa right away, as it sets Jack Cooper on the course of immediately becoming a pilot, and a pilot needs a titan. However, I feel like the relationships in this story weren’t really fleshed out that well. The only character that I was actually invested in was BT. There isn’t much communication between you and your titan. There are bits of dialogue here and there where you have two choices to choose from, but it doesn’t really effect the gameplay at all.

I felt like a lot of this could have happened over the course of 2, maybe even 3 games. I think the developers made a big mistake in not taking enough time to let players get invested into their characters. Which surprises me, because a lot of these people worked on the Modern Warfare series of Call of Duty. They had 3 games that followed Captain John Price and eventual Captain John “Soap” MacTavish’s journey and relationship. Considered one of the best stories in gaming history by many, I was kind of hoping to get the same feel of realness for Titanfall 2.

*(Spoilers End Here)*

Overall, Titanfall 2 had a really great storyline, it just felt a bit rushed and could have been drawn out across multiple games. The shining star of this campaign has to be, without a doubt, BT-7274. As a character who makes you feel more connected to machines than ever before, and who does so much for his pilot Jack Cooper, he is the best partner a person could ask for.


As a gamer who isn’t too fond of games that include high-paced, jet pack movement systems (*Cough* looking at you Call of Duty), this game has seemed to perfect that system. With big maps and plenty of alternate ways to get around, this game is made for this kind of play. Wall running, jet packing, high paced movement is the way to get around when you have large, open spaces. That is why it works so beautifully in this game, you often don’t find open space in games like Call of Duty that don’t have to compensate map space to bring in giant war machines.

As for the weapons, almost everything seems to be pretty balanced, but everything in this game is powerful. There have been a few cases where people have been able to get me with one 3 round burst from across the map with the Hemlock assault rifle, which is very annoying and reminiscent of the M16A4 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, but overall you can easily kill with pretty much all the weapons.

Titans, on the other hand, seem to be just a bit off balance. Titans have their own unique weapons, looks, and abilities. Titans also have the ability to charge up and initiate whichever core they have equipped, devastating weapons and abilities that are recommended to use to substantially lower an enemy’s health. With different abilities and different health on each individual titan, it’s hard to know who the enemy titan is until it’s too late. You can say to yourself, “Oh hey look, a single enemy titan, I’ll move to engage him/her,” and then once you actually do, you realize they have 5 health bars compared to your 3 or 4, and even though they have more health, their weapons are also doing more damage than yours and you have no choice but to eject.

I’ve had various 1v1 encounters where the enemy titan has little health and I initiate my laser core for the Ion titan, just one of the many different cores that are supposed to be extremely powerful, and I end up not killing them, or they even end up killing me. So while piloting titans is fun, it gets to be a bit annoying battling other titans that you know are more powerful than you and you know you have no escape other than to disembark from your titan. This has left me to wait until it’s absolutely necessary to initiate Titanfall and start piloting my titan, and that’s usually when the odds are stacked against my team.

Another annoying part is the titan counter measures. When you first get into your titan, you do not have any rodeo countermeasures. This means that if an enemy pilot climbs on top of your titan, they can take your battery with ease and you can’t do anything about it. You normally have to get a kill or two before the game gives you the ability to use countermeasures.

Overall, the multiplayer of this game is pretty solid all around. You do not have to be great at fast-paced games to enjoy this one. There’s plenty of room to sit and snipe, but I feel like if you were looking for fast movement and all that, this is your game.

Final Thoughts and Opinions

For my Titanfall 2 Review, I would say that this is absolutely a game worth buying. As a skeptic of the high-paced action and movement system, I think this game has almost perfected it. The story is intriguing, and while it is short, there is hope that the story will continue should another sequel arise. Multiplayer is phenomenal, but be sure to squad up with friends in order to ensure team communication and effectiveness.

Be sure to let us know how you feel about Titanfall 2‘s story and multiplayer gameplay in the comments below. Titanfall 2 is out now on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Titanfall 2 Review
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Final Thoughts

For my Titanfall 2 Review, I would say that this is absolutely a game worth buying. As a skeptic of the high-paced action and movement system, I think this game has almost perfected it. The story is intriguing, and while it is short, there is hope that the story will continue should another sequel arise. Multiplayer is phenomenal, but be sure to squad up with friends in order to ensure team communication and effectiveness.

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