Skadu Ends Kitchen Cleaning Nightmares

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Skadu, the 3500% funded, kitchen gadget promises to end the nightmare of scrubbing by hand


From the Hardware Start-Up Hyper Lychee comes Skadu, a hand-held power scrubber with a unique approach that makes removing even the most stuck up grime fast and effortless. Hyper-Lychee’s first product on Kickstaer was over 3500% funded and now making clearing its path at CES2021.

This incredible cleaning device significantly reduces the effort of scrubbing and greatly increases the final cleaning results of numerous kitchen tasks. The devices houses a high torque motor and uses three scrubber disks that rotate in opposite directions. The combination of the technology and techniques create a multiplier effect on the cleaning. It also comes with a set of attachments to tackles all the different cleaning needs of the kitchen.

Hyper Lychee’s founding brothers Hannan Hakim and Juzer Saleem started working on the idea in 2017, after visiting Hannan’s great uncle and aunt, who reported facing great difficulties scrubbing clean by hand. This gave the impulse to engineer a hand-held electric power scrubber and gave way to the discovery of the extraordinary effect of a triple head scrubber system.

“Coming back from visiting my relatives, we realised what a game changer effortless scrubbing would be for all of us” said Hannan Hakim, Co-Founder at Hyper Lychee. “So we developed Skadu to enable its user to scrub clean effortlessly, more efficiently, and much faster at the same time.” [via Hyper Lychee]

As a bit of a neat freak and ever-aging person, stuff that cleans is becoming more and more appealing to me. Skadu is looking to be that perfect storm of function, innovation, and necessity that will go from “Woah, that’s cool!” to “I can’t function without this.” I mean look at it and check out all it can do:


Easy – Ergonomic – Efficient
Skadu’s motor utilises Hyper Lychee’s compact high torque technology, enabling it to fit inside a small body, yet having the powerful output of 8kg per cm. The organic design and lightweight body make Skadu appealing to the eye and easy to navigate. The on/off switch is conveniently placed for one-handed operation.

Intelligent Consumables
Hyper Lychee is the first to merge hardware with FMCG in this category. The software technology behind Skadu is cutting edge, using machine learning algorithms to understand consumer behaviour the technology can predict when an appropriate time arrives to purchase the consumables i.e. the scrubbing pads, bottle brush etc.

Triple Head Attachment
Powered by PDT, the triple head scrubber can scrub a wide range of surfaces, be it kitchen tiles or pots and pans. The nylon scrub pads combined with Skadu’s multimovement rotary action makes it super-fast, efficient, leaving behind an immaculately clean surface.

Three Additional Attachments
To unleash the full potential of the high torque motor especially developed for Skadu, the device comes in a kit with three additional cleaning attachments:
The Copper Scrubber: a metal scrubber attachment to effortlessly remove burnt food from BBQ and oven grill plates.
The Bottle Brush: a brush attachment to reach the bottom of most bottles and glasses and ensure a thorough clean.
The Bristle Brush: a brush attachment to clean surfaces with grooves and textures such as kitchen tiles.

Align, Twist – Go!
The ‘twist–go’ attachment system makes it incredibly easy to change heads and Skadu’s unique engineering and design ensures that you never lose power while you scrub. Our unique attachment system acts as a platform for us to keep including attachments as our customers’ needs evolve.

Environmental Impact
Skadu along with its consumables is made keeping the environment in mind, we use recycled polymer for most components in the product, the consumables such as the bottle brush, scrubbing pads are made from recycled polymer and the copper scrubber is 100% recyclable. Skadu’s consumable supply is structured using machine learning algorithms that helps maintain lean supply chains and reduces waste, hence adding to our overall efforts of being environmentally friendly.

Skadu’s mobile application features a great community section where users can share ideas, tips and tricks related to home related topics and more. They can also get featured and earn points that can be redeem on the online store.

Carry Case: Skadu is a portable and light weight appliance, we provide a water-resistant case so it can be taken along on the next outing or camping trip.
Stand: a minimal design stand that serves its purpose without accumulating any water or grime in the process. A design element that is elegant yet subtle.

Skadus are currently on a flash sale on IndieGogo and you can always learn more abotu it and what else Hyper Lychee has going on on the Hyper Lychee site.


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