November’s ‘Loot Crate’ Unboxing and Review by a Noob

GameStop, Inc.


Ok, full disclosure at risk of losing some of my nerd cred, this is my very first Loot Crate.  I haven’t quite bit my thumb at them in the past but I will admit that from the outside looking in I didn’t understand the hype.  That fact alone leaves me unbiased to unbox and review this little black box each month, right?

Yesterday I came home, with an armful of kids and groceries and there was a large nondescript box on my porch.  I perked up a little bit, the new Sketchers I had ordered from had finally arrived.  My poor old pair of shoes has seen better days and much to my wifes chagrin I have worn them until the soles are almost falling off.  As I walked up to that package at my door, peaking out behind it was a small black box.  It was in that moment I got it, in that single moment I understood a good portion of the magic that is Loot Crate.  There was a black box of goodies on my porch and I couldn’t wait to get through the door so I could open and savor it like a fine wine.  I was now part of the club, I could join in the social media unboxing posts that fill my feed every month.  Kids and groceries be damned, Loot Crate was here!  I brought it into the house and placed it on my desk, then shooed the kids off to watch cartoons in their bedroom.  I pulled out my letter opener that get’s so little use in the digital age and cut the tape that was holding me back from the treasures inside.

Now for those of you that don’t know what Loot Crate is (see also people that have been living under a rock and or North Korea) it’s a monthly “mystery” box subscription where you gamble with around $20 a month (that’s including shipping) that you will get a lot of cool things you like brought to your door each month.  For some this may sound strange but how many folks from previous generations spent that much and more on magazine subscriptions each month with the content being a mystery?  Good boxes can bring fun tangible goodies to your door each month with very little expenditure.  I am convinced that Loot Crate includes some mind control substance on their boxed because I never expected to get this excited about the whole process, and am not ashamed that I did.  Before I even finished opening that black box I was hooked.

Each month’s Loot Crate has it’s own theme, for November it was Combat and it included the following items (pictures below)

  1. EXCLUSIVE Cute but Deadly Magnet Set
  2. Cute but Deadly Vinyl Mystery Figures
  3. EXCLUSIVE Fallout 4 Vault Boy Bobble Head
  4. TMNT Shredder Sunglasses
  5. The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Pin
  6. EXCLUSIVE Street Fighter Hyper Looting Comic Book

It’s a pretty cool eclectic assortment of geek stuff, there is a little bit in there for everyone.  I grabbed Vault Boy, my wife clipped the mocking jay pin on then proceeded to give me the 3 fingered signal of rebellion.  The magnets and the Shredder glasses didn’t last long once the kids got wind of what was taking place at dad’s desk.

All of this to say that I am now a firm believer that Loot Crate is a great deal, if not just for the products that they deliver to your door but also for the excitement and anticipation as well.  It may be fun for an individual to dig through and horde for themselves but in reality it’s a pretty cheap way to excite and entertain your entire family each month.  Loot Crate isn’t the only mystery crate they have available available, if you check our their webpage here you can find crates that span from the anime lover to the pet lover (will those be on my doorstep next for review?!?).  With Christmas coming up a Loot Crate subscription is a great gift for any geek in your life.


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