New Real-Time Strategy Game, Win That War!

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New Real-Time Strategy Game, Win That War!

Win That war!

Insane Unity announces that they are developing a large-scale, real-time strategy game for PC, Win That War!

Scheduled to release in 2017, Win That War! is a massive RTS game with solo, multiplayer and MMO campaign modes set in a retro sci-fi universe. Players will work with and against each other in alliances between three corporate factions, each of which seeks control of the galaxy.

Players can download the demo at the game’s newly launched Kickstarter page to join the battle for universal domination. The demo offers a single player training match plus a multiplayer match mode for up to 8 players.

Win That War! combines classic real-time strategy with modern innovation and technology. There’s always something new to discover and conquer! The heart of the experience lies in a massively multiplayer online campaign with unique aesthetics that hearken to 1960s sci-fi. Players will have to balance micro-management while keeping an eye on the overall campaign and competing against other players. While basic resources are widely available, rare resources needed for high level units are unique to certain areas, requiring players to trade with friends and enemies alike.

The Kickstarter will run through June 13th, with a goal of raising $45,500 to complete the game’s development. Announced game features and rewards include the following, with more yet to be revealed:

  • An MMO real-time strategy game.
  • Three corporate-based factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Each planet is broken down into territories. Different biomes are combined to create planets with multiple environment types and topologies, enabling new gameplay possibilities.
  • Each of the persistent territories can be played simultaneously by a certain number of players from each mega-corporation faction.
  • Players will select a location to build their base
  • Basic resources provide the materials for running factories and building units, but advanced technologies unlocked over time require precious consumables that are not widely available and may only be available through trades with friends and foes.
  • Players will unlock new blueprints and uncover the game’s deep upgrade tree.
  • Base battles are a key part of gameplay, but Win That War! is also about cooperation as choosing a field of specialty that balances strengths and weaknesses is necessary for survival.
  • An immersive internal communication system will track player progress.
  • Multiple backer rewards start at just $1.14, including a limited number of Space Explorer rewards including a copy of the game and beta access for $23 and a limited number of Subetherial Engineer rewards with full game access, a t-shirt, digital artbook and OST and an alternate cosmetic in-game engineer skin for $90.
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