Masters of the Universe: Revelation Cast Interview

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Masters of the Universe: Revelation Cast Interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chris Wood, and Tiffany Smith who play Teela, Adam/He-Man, and Andra

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Cast


On top of our wonderful interview with the great Tony Todd, we also got to interview some of the heroes of the Masters of the Universe: Revelation cast. We got to speak with the voice of Teela, Sarah Michelle Gellar, the voice of Prince Adam/He-Man, Chris Wood, and the voice of Andra, Tiffany Smith. We spoke with them about their characters, what accessories their personal action figures would come with, and what being part of the series means to them.

Masters of the Universe Revelation premieres on Netflix, July 23, 2021. Check out the transcript of our interview below:

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Cast


Joseph Deckelmeier (Screen Rant): Teela is at the forefront of the story, but it’s not at the expense of any of the other characters. The show really does a great job of elevating characters that have been around for the last 40 years. I know Tiffany, your characters legacy character, but what was it about each one of your characters in revelations that you guys resonated with?

Sarah Michelle Gellar: I think for me, it was the journey. Growing up -I mean- obviously, I was of the age of He-Man but it was not something that I really could relate to and didn’t feel like I was a part of that world. It was very sort of laser-focused on young boys. And I think what Kevin what everyone’s done so magically with the story is brought it to everybody. It doesn’t matter, age, race, any of it, there’s a little bit of humanity and something that you can relate to each of the characters.

Chris Wood: I was I was a fan of the toys as a kid, I played a lot with He-Man toys. So, I’ve been practicing ‘I have the power’ my whole life. But I think that’s the most exciting part about the show. It’s not a sequel, it’s not a reboot, it’s a continuation of the original series, but realized in 2021. And a show that was just for a little boy in what we think a little boy should like, it doesn’t even fit in our world now. And I think they sort of perfectly expressed that, and fleshed out characters that, you know, we didn’t really get to know before. And by the way, we never even saw He-Man and Skeletor fight in the original show.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: -That’s the craziest thing!-

Chris Wood: And now when they fight it’s epic! It’s huge! And the fact that we go through the journey we go through and -you’ve seen it, so I don’t have to explain what I mean by that- but, the stakes are higher and there’s more energy behind the actual confrontations, and you’re not seeing it every episode facing off. So when it happens, it means more. And watching the show we’ve all been talking about all day, obviously. But we all got to enjoy it as spectators. And that speaks to how amazing the animators and the writers and producers did with the show because we love it too. And we’re able to step out of it, even though we’re involved and just enjoy it as fans.

Tiffany Smith: I grew up watching the animated series, and I brought my action figures from when I was really little. I think it’s my first-grade class photo, I’m holding Mermista in my photo. I’m very cool. A lot of excitement about the project. And through the world of hosting and stuff that I’ve been doing for a while. I know Kevin Smith. And so when this project came up, and I was like Kevin is doing it, oh my god. Like I wanted to make sure that when I auditioned for it, I gave it my all and I ended my audition because when you audition for voiceover, sometimes you don’t know what character you’re auditioning for, especially with Andra. She wasn’t a character that had any story you see her once, I think in one of the comic books. So I got to say that ‘I have the power’ line. And so the only thing I could use because I wanted to get my body into it was I pulled my lightsaber and held up my lifesaver at the end of the take. I turned it on. So it went *lightsaber sound* at the end of my take. And I was like ‘Either they’re gonna think this girl’s awesome,’ or they’re gonna be like, ‘Wow, she’s really dorky’.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: I have a question, was your lightsaber, red or blue?

Chris Wood: Get out of here!

Tiffany Smith It was red. It’s red, I have a red and a green. I made it at Disneyland. Okay?

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Just asking… no judgment.

Tiffany Smith: So yeah, there was I mean, there was definitely a lot of like, geek excitement about getting to be part of this project. And, you know, like everyone has said, reading the script, the writers involved, there’s so much depth and at the end of the original series, each episode you get to like, this is the thing you should learn for today. And I think that you get that but in a much more adult way throughout the series where it really is like about family and about that we all have the power and like Chris said, it’s really Masters of the Universe for 2021.

Ray Flook (Bleeding Cool): Thanks to the three of you for having us. And again, from what I’ve seen so far it’s looking fantastic. I want to follow up on the on the previous question and to all three of you for your respective characters. What do you want the viewer to take away? Like an intrinsic truth or a solid, something about each of your characters you want the viewers to leave with.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: I think for Tiffany and I, it’s a similar hope that they realize that everybody has the power and it’s about finding your voice and your family and being true to that.

Tiffany Smith: Jumping off of what Sarah said, I think, you know, it’s that we all have the power. And for me, I used to want animated cartoons growing up. And I always say, ‘That’s me!’ But I didn’t really look like the characters. So this show, in particular, getting to open up the world even more and have more diversity in Eternia. And know that there’s going to be kids watching, and even adults, like me watching and be like, ‘I look like that character.’ Just being able to relate to it that much more. I think that that’s something that’s so cool about this world. And I hope that people take that away from it. Take away from watching the show.

Chris Wood: And I think for with Adam and He-Man in the show, and I don’t know how much you’ve seen of the show, right? But I think there’s an interesting exploration that Revelation gets to do with the character of Adam slash He-Man. In the weight of that deception and his secret and who is told and who he hasn’t told him actually having to face the consequences that come with having such a massive part of your life, not revealed to people who are supposedly closest to you, and what the fallout is that comes with that. And I think it’s a pretty relatable thing in a highly unrelatable circumstance. I mean, he’s He-Man, you know? But as the show explores it in a really unique way and in part two as well. But the first part of the show, I think, for He-Man specifically, that’s the thing I was most excited by.

Kevin Fenix (FanboyNation): Thanks for having us today. He-Man -a big part of the He-Man lore is the action figures and toys.

Chris Wood: What do you mean? Where? I haven’t seen those. [As he subtly shows off more of his He-Man toy collection directly behind him]

Kevin Fenix (FanboyNation): Supposedly, it’s like a billion-dollar industry for the show.

Chris Wood: That’s so weird. I wonder what they look like. I haven’t-

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Womp womp womp!

Chris Wood: Sarah doesn’t have any. She’s jealous. [Sarah begins placing Funko pops of her on her table]

Kevin Fenix (FanboyNation): If an action figure was made of you personally, what accessories would come in those action figure packs?

Chris Wood: They just made mine. [Holding He-Man figure]

Kevin Fenix (FanboyNation): Not the He-Man one, the Chris Wood one.

Chris Wood: It’s the Chris Wood one.

Kevin Fenix (FanboyNation): Oh, I see it now.

Chris Wood: Did you not see the- I’m wearing the loincloth right now.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Kevin, it would also have his sparkling wit.

Chris Wood: If only. If only. Sarah take it away. What would your accouterment be?

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Well, according to my husband, it would be the ability to explain every joke and ruin it. My character, according to my husband would be The Explainer, The Over-Explainer.

Chris Wood:  What would her attachable gadget be?

Sarah Michelle Gellar: That’s a good question. What would my gadget be? Hmm. You know, like the thing that’s supposed to fit firmly in the hand, but never does. I mean, probably my phone these days. That’s probably honestly it’s probably everyone’s cell phone my credit card. key light?

Chris Wood: You know, like the thing that’s supposed to fit firmly in the hand, but never does.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: I mean, probably my phone these days.

Chris Wood: That’s probably- honestly it’s probably everyone’s.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: My credit card. A key light? Actually, you know what? I’ll tell you what it is. It would be a book because I don’t go anywhere without a book. I always have whether it’s my phone, whether it’s a hardcover my Kindle, I literally, even if I know I’m not going to be waiting somewhere. Like I have to have a book.

Chris Wood: The Explorer with the book, who explains the jokes. Sounds like a fun toy.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Yeah! Mattel, you have the rights to it right now.

Chris Wood: Tiffany, what’s yours?

Tiffany Smith:Well, when I was younger, I had really buck teeth with a really like terrible gap in the front because I sucked to my thumb for way too long. So I feel like there’d be like a button on the back that you would cause a huge smile that would be like the thing . Then like somehow in the animated series It would blind people or like -I don’t know- like I use it for so much stuff for joy or for sometimes if I feel uncomfortable, I’ll smile. So I think that would be my action figure with like that little button on the back, just pressing it and it’d be like *shink* *shink*

Sarah Michelle Gellar: 200 Teeth Tiff coming to Netflix next summer.

Tiffany Smith: This is a spin-off. Her backstory has headgear. The action figure also comes with headgear -before and after- because I did wear headgear. I was very cool.

Chris Wood: I’ll buy this figure. I like it.

Laura Nowak (We Are Entertainment News): Going after action figures, especially for those of you that have kids, how excited are you to share the series and action figures with the future generation, especially your family?

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Well, I just got to experience it. So we I -Chris and Tiffany are tired of the story. But so we got it last night, we watched the first episode. And they were so into it, and that it was like shower time. It’s a school night. And they went upstairs and they both came back down. And I was like, ‘Yeah, what, what?’, and they were like, ‘We want to keep watching!’ And I was like, ‘Really?’ And they watched until it was bedtime. And then my younger son had to go to bed. So we stopped. And then this morning, before school up early dressed teeth brush sunblock on, I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ And they were like, ‘We want to keep watching!’ And I don’t have – a lot of stuff that I do is not stuff that they can enjoy. And so to be able to have something to share with them that they were so genuinely into and genuinely experiencing for the first time. Because they don’t know He-Man, right? They sort of like they know, he was like a cool superhero, but it’s not of their generation. And so realizing that my son went to school today and probably told all his friends like ‘Wait ’til see He-Man, and you have to watch!’ it was just it was really exciting.

Chris Wood: And Tiffany’s dog loves it. I have an almost 10-month-old boy at home. And he’s obviously not old enough for He-Man yet. But I did have my wife and I watched all five of the episode last night. And I had this sort of, like, pinch moment where I was-

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Revelation?

Chris Wood: I had a revelation. Thank you, Sarah. This is why she’s here, not cause she’s Teela. But I had this sort of, like, this swell of excitement in my chest, thinking about getting to share this show with him because I remember watching the show, and I remember playing with the toys. If it has the effect that I think we’re all kind of hoping and imagining it could, and that people will really love it. It’s like, coming back in, you know, 30 whatever, years later, for a new generation and packaged in a way that fits the time now. And I just felt so proud to, not just be He-Man, but to be a part of it. And really excited to show him the show. But also like, I mean, he’s gonna have the best toys. Like he’s gonna have like a bucket of entirely Masters of the Universe characters. I mean, heaven. But seriously, Tiffany’s dog, she needs to tell you.

Tiffany Smith: I do not have children. So I don’t have the experience of being like, ‘Oh, I can show this to my kids.’ I feel like I’m still the kid who watched and I’m like, ‘Oh my god I get to be on the show!’ When I when they told me there was going to be an Andra action figure. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Like, I’m, I’m the girl who has a shelf of Funkos and action figures. This is like a so LA-thing for me. But I would like to have figures where it’s like, there’s aspects of each character with them. So it’s like I’m manifesting better, I’m believing for that for myself, or I’m looking for that. And now I’m like, ‘I get to put Andra up there!’ So there’s that aspect that is really, really cool. And I geek out every time I think about it. But I think like I said, the big thing is that I think everybody can watch the show and find something for themselves in that we haven’t talked about it at this time yet. But like the freaking music on this show! Like you watch the trailer and it’s like Bear’s recorded music. It blows me away every single time and I think that’s something… like there’s a few film soundtracks that I listen to. And I’m like, ‘How can I get the soundtrack for our show?’ and just like play it sometimes because it makes me feel like fired up and like ready to go.




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