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It’s been awhile since there has been an entry into this column. Maybe we’re all overloaded on crowdfunding, maybe the Fanboy nation gang has been distracted by shiny objects or a comfy sunbeam on a windowsill or maybe there just hasn’t been anything worth talking about.

Well I can’t say for the first two but if it was the last one that’s changed.

Everyone knew that kinda cool, interesting goth kid in high school. They wore black a lot. They seemed to have a link to the macabre. They listened to cool bands you’d never heard of. Admit it; you wanted to approach them and find out what was going on inside their heads but maybe you were a little scared of them too. Maybe you heard Sisters of Mercy or read the Lenore comic or secretly pined for skull earrings and black lipstick. If you chickened out, you missed out buddy but that doesn’t have to be the case now…

Writer/Illustrators Chandra Free (The God Machine, Mice Templar, John Carpenter’s tales for a Halloween night vol:5) and Stephen Edmond (Emoboy, Happy face, Wintertown) have launched a kickstart campaign for their new company “Machina Corpse” a spooky publishing company.

Now I don’t know Stephen very well but Chan’s work is an amazing blend of creepy, goth, alternative sensibility and humor.  Just about anything she does is worth your time and attention.

The kickstarter just launched a day ago and goes till the end of October. The Launch comic is called “First Offerings”  a sort of comic split single from the team.

The total pitch package is HERE

First Offerings, a 36 page comic book, with 12 pages by Free, 12 by Emond, and another 12 of bonus art, behind the scenes information and a look to the future of Machine Corpse.

In Lonely, BK, Seline struggles with relationships, friends, the city, and being a hungry vampire. And in 1983, Emond offers a prequel to an upcoming graphic novel involving a failing family and a demon that nests in broken souls.

This will be available as a PDF and print comic, and we’ll be offering other incentives as well.

First Offerings will be available before the end of the year.

Machina Corpse, a spooky comics company, is co-created by Chandra Free and Stephen Emond, and we look to create a new home for our work and others and to build a community of fellow spooky-lovers. Our interests lie in odd, dark, funny, beautiful stories; personal passion projects from creative minds with ideas a little too twisted to publish elsewhere. We want to show there’s an audience looking for creator-driven spooky comics. We want to pay each creator a page rate and publish creator owned material with transparency and partnership through the process.

Free and Emond are creating Machina Corpse’s First Offerings themselves to lay our foundation. In addition to helping build our company, you’ll receive our First Offerings, a 36 page comic book, with 12 pages by Free, 12 by Emond, and another 12 of bonus art, behind the scenes information and a look to the future of Machine Corpse. This will be available as a PDF and print comic, and we’ll be offering other incentives as well.


Mock up of First Offerings- Pages from Lonely, BK & 1983

We’re asking for $6,200 to fund this initial phase of Machina Corpse. We’ll need money largely for printing comics and incentives, for shipping, and for kickstarter and paypal fees. We also have costs to consider for conventions travel and surplus for convention selling as well as recouping expenses spent on First Offerings. Money on top of that will go to page rates for Free and Emond, and building Machine Corpse – hiring a graphic designer, business consultants, and more. We feel with $6,200 we’ll be confident moving ahead.

The comics are largely finished, but we need help in printing and shipping books and to print material for conventions. We’ll be selling books online and in person at conventions and maintaining an online presence with behind the scenes info on our projects and processes. This Kickstarter is to get the machine running.

Lonely, BK Painting, Machina Corpse Pin, Original Art from 1983, & More!

Pledges begin with an in-book credit for helping bring our Corpse to life, but go on to include a PDF of First Offerings, a print edition, and pledge more to take home a Machine Corpse pin, an 11X17 inch print of the First Offerings cover by Free and Emond, signed editions, original art, and more. See the list and pledge amounts below.

$2: Machina Corpse Backer Credit
Become a true undead spooky and help fund the machine, get your name printed in the First Offerings comic.

$5: PDF of Machina Corpse: First Offerings
Includes backer credit. First Offerings is a 36 page book, 24 pages of comics and another 12 of behind the scenes goodies. Recieve a PDF copy in your email before the year’s end!

$10: Printed Copy of Machina Corpse: First Offerings
Includes backer credit AND the PDF, also recieve a printed copy of First Offerings, delivered right to your home before the year’s end.

$20: Machina Corpse Pin
Reward tier includes backer credit, PDF, a printed copy and an enamel pin of the Machina Corpse logo.

$30: Machina Corpse: First Offerings Cover Print
Reward tier includes all the above, the backer credit, the PDF, printed comic, enamel pin and an 11X17 inch print of the First Offerings cover.

$50: Signed Edition Tier
Includes all reward tiers listed above, with the printed comic and print signed by Chandra Free and Stephen Emond.

$100: 1983 original art (limit 10)
Get all above reward tiers and one of the 12 pages of original artwork from Emond’s 1983 comic from First Offerings, signed if requested.

$200: 1983 original art – 2 page spread (limit 1)
Get all above reward tiers up to the cover print, and a 2-page spread of original artwork from Emond’s 1983 comic from First Offerings, signed if requested.

$300: Lonely, BK Painting (limit 1)
Get all above reward tiers up to the cover print and a 24×30 inch painting by Chandra Free used in Lonely, BK.

$1,000: Commissioned art collaboration by Emond and Free (limit 5)
All reward tiers up to cover print, and a commissioned piece of original art drawn by Emond and painted by Free, 11X17 inches, anything requested in the horror and spooky genre.

So the dead are reanimated and roaming the earth’s crust making comics for all, what happens next? Additional money raised will go into Machina Corpse in the form of page rates for Free and Emond, travel for conventions, hiring help in the form of graphic design and social media and other help, BUT, we’ll be providing extra content for every thousand over goal we raise.

  • At $7,000 we will STRETCH our PDF of First Offerings from 36 pages to 48 with extra pinups, shorts, and behind the scenes fun. The printed edition of the comic will remain 36 pages.
  • At $8,000 the PDF grows another 12 pages to 60 pages of fun spoopy stories by Free and Emond.
  • At $9,000 Free and Emond will include a 12 page collaborative comic, and at $10,000 we will increase the count to a 24 page collaboration.

With each additional thousand dollars from $7,000 on, 12 pages will be added to the PDF. We could be looking at a full sized graphic novel!

*This will delay the release of the PDF but not the printed comic! We’ll be working hard on getting you all the extra comic goodies ASAP.

Machina Corpse is Chandra Free (The God Machine, Fraggle Rock, John Carpenter’s Tales For a Halloween Night Volume 5) and Stephen Emond (Happyface, Winter Town, Emo Boy). We’ve been in the publishing industry for the past decade-plus in many capacities doing comic books and graphic novels, young adult novels, comics coloring, storyboarding, video games, movie scripting and more.

Examples of Chandra Free’s work
Examples of Stephen Emond’s work
Chandra Free & Stephen Emond

Free and Emond are hard at work on First Offerings and will release the PDF by the end of the year with print items to follow shortly after. But this is just the beginning. Full length graphic novels are on the horizon as well as expansion of our team. Things will only get bigger and better as we go but we need to start here, Machina Corpse is what Kickstarter was designed for. We need your help to make our spooky dream a reality, our year-long comics Halloween.

Risks and challenges

Free and Emond have plenty of experience in comics, delivering on time and First Offerings is far enough along to offer shortly after the Kickstarter. There’s always the possibility of issues with printing or shipping but we will be online, available and transparent throughout the campaign and after.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ
Machina Corpse
A spooky comics publishing entity between Chandra Free & Stephen Emond. We aim to create a home for the dark weirdos of the world…

Machina Corpse FACEBOOK

Twitter and Instgran – @MachinaCorpse

Chandra’s Work – Webpage

Steve’s work 


Anytime Costumes

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