Lion Fight 70 from Los Angeles Full Results

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October 8, 2021 – Lion Fight Muay Thai presented Lion Fight 70 from the Commerce Casino, in Commerce, CA. The main card was headlined for the World Lightweight Championship between Thai sensation Dechsakda against the Road to Lion Fight – Italy winner, Roberto Oliva.

Two North American titles were also on the line as Los Angeles’ own Natalie “Kill Face” Morgan faced Selina Flores of San Diego, CA; while the Welterweight crown, Mexico’s Carlos Guerra faces Brazilian native and San Antonio, TX resident, Jefferson Silva.

Tonight’s fight card streamed live on UFC Fight Pass with the results as follow:

John Garcia lost by split decision in the Welterweight decision to Julio Rios from Santa Ana.

Super Welterweight (155 lbs) Jose Montelongo (2-0) vs. Lance Dixon (5-1-1)

Round 1: Both fighters exchang kicks in the center of the ring, going one for one as Dixon beings to let his hands start working. The fighters are going one for one without a full combination being thrown. This round comes to an end with Montelongo driving his elbow into Dixon’s browline.

Round 2: Montelongo leads with a single leg kick and Dixon lands a combination beginning with a left hand and ending with a right elbow. Dixon kicks Montelongo with a body kick, but Montelongo just smiles it off as if he was asking for more strikes of that caliber.

A cut opens over Montelongo’s left eye and his hairline. Dixon knock’s him down and Montelongo pops back up, smiling while taking his standing 8-count.

Dixon tries to throw a body kick but slips as the round comes to an end.

Round 3: Montelongo and Dixon continue to throw body kicks this round, while Dixon reopens the cut over Montelongo eyes.

Dixon eats a left hand and receives his own standing 8-count only to pop up and start exchanging blow for blow. The crowd is deafening with their excitement that I could barely hear the final 10 seconds of the round.

Round 4: Montelongo realizes he’s down on the judges score cares and comes out kicking, mostly low kicks and blow to the inner thighs that when Dixon tries to drive forward he slips to the ground. Dixon is having trouble standing as his lead leg is as purple as a Muppet, however he forges on only to have the referee stop this fight for his inability to continue moving forward on his left leg.

Your winner by referee stopage at 1:51 in the fourth round, Jose Montelongo!

Lion Fight North American Welterweight Title (147 lbs)

Carlos Guerra (31-3) vs. Jefferson Silva (19-2)

Round 1: Silva and Guerra both come out looking extremely focused but the Brazilian appears to be looking through his Mexican opponent instead of at him. Silva throws that left hook that rocks Guerra and after a hard hitting combination, Guerra ties up Silva and dumps him to the canvas. The power in Silva’s hands appears far greater than someone who would be fighting in the Welterweight division.

Guerra is remaining focused, dancing around the ring and landing his own combinations but Silva charges in with a flying in as the bell ings to end the round.

Round 2: Silva’s overhand right, hurt me, how Guerra is still standing I have no clue. Silva has Guerra fighting both rounds off the ropes and the referee breaks up the stalled clinch. Guerra attempts a spin wheel kick, but doesn’t land with all of it. Guerra lands body shot that Silva doesn’t sell.

Guerra slips the hook, bushes Silva into the corner with a body shot. Guerra is gaining his confidence and is waiting for his opening. Silva now tries the same spin wheel kick and Guerra steps back, missing entirely. The bell tolls and both men smile at each other.

Round 3: Silva continues to press Guerra into the corner and against the ropes, but the Mexican fighter will not relent. The exchanges are clean but the pace has gone from seeking the knockout to trying out box each other as Guerra has Silva against the ropes this time.

Round 4: Guerra throws a single, slow teep kick that was hooked and almost dumped to the grouns by Silva. Guerra sweeps Silva twice to tried to lead in with a knee up to the crowds delight. Silva appears to be slowing down in the championship round. The referee deducts a point from Guerra for picking up and slamming Silva to the ground. Guerra kicks out Silva’s leg, but catches him at the same time propping him up without it being recognized as a full knockdown.

Guerra again sweeps the back leg as the round comes to an end.

Round 5: The fighters come to the center of the ring give each other a hug, face the crowd to show each other some respect then start banging it out as tonight we find out who will be the Lion Fight North American Champion!

These two are pacing themselves but not stalling as they are making each shot count. Silva may have slowed a bit, but the power in his hands remain.

This one goes to the judges!

This bout is a split draw!!! Unfortunately, no one was crowned Lion Fight North American Welterweight Champion, but it looks like we will have a rematch in the works!

Co-Main Event – Lion Fight Women’s North American Super Bantamweight Title (122 lbs)

Selina Flores (3-0) vs. Natalie Morgan (8-3)

Round 1: The winner of this fight will be declared the first ever Lion Fight Women’s North American Super Bantamweight Champion! Flores wsa first to the center of the ring awaiting instructions from the referee while Morgan was still receiving directions from her coach.

They touch gloves and Flores leads with a teep kick. They clinch up and throw a fury of elbows before Morgan head-and-arm tosses Flores to the ground. Morgan is throwing some lazy kicks but her elbows are sharp and on point.

Flores tries to create distance but a nasty bump is opening up on her forehead, the size of a third eye. If that bursts, she could be in trouble. Moran takes control over the ropes and dives Flores across the ring from corner to cornery with a flurry of elbows and punches as this round comes to a close.

Round 2: Flores again leads with a teep kick and is now slipping Morgan’s punches until she couldn’t any longer. Morgan is smiling as she drives forward even sticking her tongue out to adjust her mouth guard

Flores has the better form but Morgan lands far more strikes, whichis what really counts in the fight game.

Round 3: Flores is hesitating with some of her strikes that continues to leave her open for Morgan’s strikes. Flores attempts a spinning back elbow but it doesn’t land flush as the fight continues to roam around the ring. Morgan’s upper thigh is turing red and so is her face as this round comes to a close.

Round 4: The first of the two championship rounds to declare the Lion Fight Women’s North American Super Bantamweight Champion being. Flores smiles at Morgan as the two clinch up throwing elbows and that’s what Morgan’s corner likes to see. Flores lands a teep kick and a right straight, but Morgan still continues to control the pace of the fight.

These two looked to leave it all in the ring and there is still one round left to go!

Round 5: This one will decide the inaugrual Lion Fight North American Women’s Super Bantamweight Champion! They touch’em up and both lead with with kicks followed by punches as Morgan continues to land more strikes clean.

The crowd is clearly behind the hometown favorite as they chant Kill Face, Kill Face in hopes to end the fight and win it for Los Angeles.

Flores could still land a knock out but if this one goes to the judges, the title looks like it will go home with Morgan, but that would be truly up to the three deciding this outcome.

The fury unleashed by both women in Morgan’s corner has this crowd errupting as the final bell has sounded.

Your winner by split decision and the first ever Lion Fight North American Women’s Super Bantamweight Champion, Selina Flores!

Main Event – Lion Fight World Featherweight Championshp (126 lbs)

Dechsakda (160-80-10) vs. Gebrial Chaibi (45-12)

Round 1: This one is for the inugural Lion Fight World Featherweight Championship! The Thai fighter starts out slow and calculated like they mostly do in Thailand as the best are being placed during the first three rounds.

Chaibi has been leading with body kicks but eats one elbow that already turned his his forehead red. Dechsakda’s power is impress as with one punch knocked Chaibi halfway across the ring then follows with a flying knee.

Chaibi appears to be a little stiff and needs to loosen up, but that may come in the next round.

Round 2: Dechsakda is kicking above the knee, which could end this fight quickly if he does some serious knee damage to Chaibi. The two exchange a few knees in the clinch and the referee splits them up. Dechsakda is looking for an opening to land those elbows in order to open up Chaibi.

The two exchange knees in Chaibi’s corner and end up with Chaibi’s back to the ropes ending round two.

Round 3: Dechsakda continues to throw those kicks just above Chaibi’s knee. The two exchange knees in the neutral corner and Chaibi slips the elbow to the center of the ring. Dechsakda lands a knee in the clinch that elevates Chaibi off the ground.

Chaibi is fighting off the ropes, continuing to back up his Thai opponent. Dechsakda is smiling now as he feels he may win the Lion Fight Lightweight title tonight.

Round 4: Dechsakda is the aggressor in this round more than he has been in the previous three, whichis what we expected. Chaibi continues to move even while being driven back into the corner, he’s a true fighter and if he loosens up this could be his round.

Chaibi kicks out Dechsakda’s leg but he pops right back up, driving Chaibi into the corner, landing a flying knee.

Round 5: Who will take home the inugural Lion Fight Featherweight Championship? We will find out in under 3-minutes!

Dechsakda continues to control the pace as well as the ring in a fight about to go down in Lion Fight history.

Chaibi is now being the aggressor, chasing Dechsakda around the ring counter punching and kicking like his corner wanted him to do so earlier in the fight.

Your winner by unanimous decision and the inugural Lion Fight Featherweight Champion of the World, Dechsakda!

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