Lion Fight 27 Full Results

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Lion Fight 27 PosterJanuary 29, 2016 – Tonight live on AXS TV, Lion Fight 27 took place from the Grand Ball Room at the Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula, CA where the Welterweight title was up for grabs as Fabio Pinca faced Charlie Peters in the main event and in the c0-main event for the Women’s Super Bantamweight title as Tiffany Van Soest fought against Ashley Nichols.

All Muay Thai fights are five, five-minute rounds.

Here are tonight’s blow-by-blow results:

Lightweight 135 lbs –  Travis Clay (Pro Debut) vs. Jared Papazian (Pro Debut)

Clay is a southpaw and is conserving his energy as Papazian is bouncing up and down. Clay leads with a left leg to the body following with a left straight. Clay lands another body kick and Papazian charges with his hands. This is the first time for Papazian in a Muay Thai ring as Clay lands an outside leg kick. Papazian rocked Clay with a knee from the Thai clinch and Papazian starts to let his hands fly as the round comes to an end.

Round two and Clay lands another body kick but is sweeped by Papazian. Every time Clay strikes, Papazian chops away at his legs with a low kick then circles to his left away from Clay’s power hand. Clay keeps dropping his left hand when he jabs that allows Papazian to land that hook, transitioning to a clinch and ending the round with a high knee.

Third round, Clay is throwing hard kicks to the arms forcing Papazian to drop his arms, but is still landing hard shots after Clay continues to throw single kicks. Papazian rushes in with a jab but doesn’t follow through with his hands. Papazian claims a groan strike and Clay backs off as a good sportsman, but the referee continues the fight and gets pulled into the clinch, eats several elbows to the head and is finally dropped with a knee to the body.

Fourth round and Clay leads with another elbow that drops Papazian. Papazian gets in tight and lands a big right straight, then check’s the low kick. Clay continues to land big body kicks, Clay leads with an upper cut elbow, Papazian ties him up but can’t dump him. Clay lands two big head kicks and it’s a wonder how he’s still standing. The round comes to an end as the men throw hands.

Fifth and final round, the fighters touch cloves in the center ring, showing each other some great respect and Papazian is turning this into a brawl, closing the distance and comes in swinging. Clay avoids a head kick but eats a leg kick, stalks Papazian and eats a spinning back elbow. Papazian eats another huge knee under the fight arm and continues to stand out. Papazian looks like he needs a knock out to win this one, but you never know what the judges will say. Clay throws and spinning head kick a la TKD but it’s blocked and the fight comes to an end.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Travis Clay!

Super Lightweight Coke Chunhawat (149-30-3) vs. Anvar Boynazarov (79-20-2)

Round one, the fighters touch gloves and Chunhawat leads with a low kick and Boynazarov answers with a body kick. Chunhawat lands a few test jabs, a stomp kick and a roundhouse kick body, but Boynazarov is standing his ground. Thai fighters tend to start slowly and Boynazarov starts to let his hands fly to speed things up. Chunhawat lands an hooking elbow and cuts Boynazarov just above his right eye. The two clinch and as no one could pull off the dump, the referee separate them as the round comes to an end.

Round two, lucky for Boynazarov, it’s not bleeding into his eye, the pace picks up as their hands and knees fly. The Uzbek’s corner didn’t put any petroleum jelly over the cut to close it. Chunhawat is leading with several annoying short jabs forcing Boynazarov to engage, they tie up and Chunhawat is swept to the ground. Chunhawat is leading with those jabs and landing those follow up kicks. Chunhawat catches Boynazarov his leg, but continues to land punches until the Thai fighter is knocked down.

Third round and finally the Uzbek’s corner puts something over his eye. Boynazarov catches Chunhawat’s leg and sweeps him to the ground causing the Thai fighter to land on his head.  Chunhawat drops Boynazarov with the same move, but he’s quickly up to his feet landing punches, but the Thai fighter is able to avoid the hook punch. Boynazarov lands a jumping knee. The two men exchange kicks as the round comes to an end.

Fourth round, Chunhawat looks to be slowing down but still is landing body kick and avoiding Boynazarov and is able to sweep Boynazarov to the canvas yet again. The men clinch up and the Uzbek sweeps Chunhawat to the canvas yet again. Boynazaraov has Chunhawat in the clinch against the ropes and lands five or six knees, earning more points this round.

Fifth and final round, this is the make it or break it round, the fighters hug it out and this is where they lay it all out. The pace remains the same which is a huge indication they are both tired, Boynazarov lands a jumping front kick and Chunhawat is shaken up a bit. The Thai fighter is swept to the ground but quickly back to his feet. it clearly looks like the Uzbek is up on the scorecard but again, you never know how the judges will be swayed.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Anvar Boynazarov!

 Welterweight Chris Culley (4-2) vs. Brian Del Rosario (3-2)

It’s no secret these two hate each other and started exchanging blows at the weigh-in yesterday. Culley during the stare down looks like he was about to attack Del Rosario. Del Rosario leads with a few low leg kicks. He’s seeking to avenge his loss from their last fight. Culley was so excited for this rematch that he moved out from Texas to California to train for this fight. Culley lands a big body kick and a high roundhouse as he fights off the ropes. They both missed high kicks. These two may hate each other but they are still composing themselves in not making mistakes as they fight like true competitors. It’s really controlled aggression as the round comes to a close.

Second round, Culley lands a body kick but eats a right straight. Culley’s spinning back kick is blocked, it looks like Del Rosario is leading halfway through the second as he’s landed a few elbows forcing Culley to fight out of the corner. Del Rosario is the more aggressive fighter this round and pulling out everything. Culley looks winded but he could be stalling. Culley wanted to touch gloves to check Del Rosario after a spinning back kick to the thigh but he refuses as the round comes to an end.

Third round and it’s two rounds to none for Del Rosario, who leads with his elbows. His game plan seems to be changing from round-t0-round. Culley eats an inside thigh kick that drops him to his knee but answers with a spinning back fist. Del Rosario takes a knee to the family jewels and the referee calls time. Culley lands another spinning back kick to the thigh and drops Del Rosario. Culley was showboating and Del Rosario lands a jumping kick to his opponents face.

Fourth round and it looks like its three rounds to none. Culley will need a knockout to win this one. Culley is on the defensive but continues to land elbows from being against the ropes. Del Rosario looks to slow down, this could be the opportunity Culley needs to make his comeback. Culley has been all elbows this round.

Fifth and final round, it looks like Culley may have stolen that round, but you can’t be too sure. Culley is looking to throw more elbows but Del Rosario looks to be enjoying the clinch. Culley lands a big right straight, but Del Rosario is landing some big elbows on the inside. Culley is looking for some big blows to throw off Del Rosario, but he can’t shake him. It’s Del Rosario that’s now going for the elbows and having them land, this looks like it’s going to the judges and we could be seeing an eventual rubber match, even though they hugged it out at the end of the fight.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Brian Del Rosario!

Welterweight Gaston Bolanos (7-0) vs. Kronphet Phetrachapat (74-18-4)

Each claims to be the “king of the elbows” and tonight it will be settled. Kevin Ross is in Bolanos’ corner and even though Balanos is undefeated, it’s barely crawling as Phetrachapat is a seasoned veteran. Bolanos catched Phetrachapat and sweeps him to the canvas, but Phetrachapat smiles and gives him a light cup check. Bolanos lands and uppercut elbow but the referee breaks them up as Phetrachapat lands a knee, which is bad form. Bolanos eats a knee to his man bits and we wait for them to descent quickly as the round comes to an end as they exchange kicks to the body.

Round two, Bolanos’ entire left side is read after eating two giant kicks and that’s going to hurt tomorrow. Bolanos lands a stomp kick, but Phetrachapat continues to smike and move forward landing his own kicks and elbows. There is a reason this is called the art of eight limbs. Phetrachapat has landed a couple of teep kicks at will. This is definitely a fight.

Round number three, Phetrachapat lands a jumping knee then a spinning back elbow as Bolanos smiles back. Bolanos takes down Phetrachapat and pumps his fists in the air. Bolanos throws a spinning back elbow and Phetrachapat answers with his own. Phetrachapat is starting to let his elbows fly and Phetrachapat sweeps Bolanos to the ground.

Round four, this is actually a very close fight, but you never know how easy Phetrachapat was taking it on Bolanos until his leg is caught and sweeps Phetrachapat to the ground, why the referee is warning Bolanos about a legal move is beyond me but the fight continues. Phetrachapat throws a jumping knee but Bolanos is able to deflect it. The referee must think this is K-1 Rules where clinching isn’t allowed, but this is Muay Thai!

Last round. Every fight has gone to the judges but not for lack of trying by all the competitors tonight, they have been that evenly matched all night, including Bolanos being able to hold his own against the 100 plus fight veteran. Bolanos isn’t going to be able to put his left arm down for at least week with how bad his body is welting . Bolanos is taunting Phetrachapat after landing a spinning back elbow and now their hands are flying! Balanos looks at Phetrachapat and stands toe-to-toe and says, “I’m just as good as you are!” If Bolanos pulls this off, he will become a bigger deal in the Muay Thai community even after winning Inside MMA’s Up and Coming Fighter of the Year for 2015.

This fight has gone to the judges and your winner by split-decision, Kronphet Phetrachapat!


Co-Main Event: Women’s Super Bantamweight Championship – Tiffany Van Soest (15-2-1) vs. Ashley Nichols (20-4)

The champion Van Soest is a big ball of energy as she leads with low leg kicks. If you blink, this could over as Van Soest sweeps Nichols. Nichols is pacing herself going for the inside thigh kick and Van Soest is swept to the ground yet again. Van Soest leads with a front kick followed by a jab. Van Soest controls this round as the round ends.

Round number two, Van Soest is cutting the angles and landing outside leg kicks, Nichols appears to be a very linear fighter and that will work against her against the champion who is constantly moving. Nichols looks to be getting frustrated and that’s just what the champion will need to put her way. Nichols throws a kick, gets caught and dumped hard to the canvas. Van Soest has dominated the whole fight thus far.

Round three and Van Soest is dominating landing jumping front kicks, spinning back fists and a flurry of punches. Left hooks and upper cuts are coming from all directions at the challenger and she looks dazed. We’re getting dizzy just watching the champion.

Fourth round, Nichols is still coming straight ahead and Van Soest continues to cut the corners that gives her the opportunities to attack the challenger. Nichols is on the defensive as Van Soest goes to the body then the legs but answer the champion with an elbow. Nichols is making the champion work, but is still not leading with her jab. This is yet another round that goes to the champion.

Fifth and final round, this round is no different than the other Van Soest is letting the eight limbs fly and throws a spinning heel kick all the while Nichols looks like a human punching back, only rocking back and moving forward. This one’s going to the judges and Van Soest has frustrated Nichols.

Your winner by unanimous decision and now a two division champion, winning the Lion Fight Super Bantamweight title, Tiffany Van Soest!

Main Event: Welterweight Championship – Fabio Pinca (92-33-4) vs. Charlie Peters (35-13)

It’s France versus England as Pinca defends his title against World Grand Prix Champion Peters. Peters the Englishman is shutting down the Spaniard’s kicks. Pinca now resides in France, which extends the rivalry between the two nations. Peters’ is gagging his distance and is fighting off his back foot. The English are far better traditional boxing but Peters hasn’t let his hands fly yet. It looks like Pinca is taking his time as the round comes to an end.

Round two, Pinca dumps Peters, who’s come out very aggressive during this round and as he dumped yet again. Pinca lands an illegal elbow to the back of Peters head and quickly apologizes for the foul. Peters gets dumped a third time in this round. This is the fourth time the referee has broken up the clinch in this fight. He needs to be retrained in Muay Thai rules as this is not Dutch Kickboxing.

Round number three, Pinca comes out swinging this round has he has Peters against the ropes. Pinca catches the Englishman’s leg yet again and dumps him once again. Peters is fighting off the ropes, but looks to be tiring out quickly. Peters is knocked down for a second time this round after eating an elbow. Pinca still looks fresh. Another catch and dump by Pinca and then another leg grab and sweep by the Spaniard. This round was all Pinca.

Fourth round, this could be it for the Englishman, but he may get his second win. Peters drives Pinca to the ropes and beings to use his boxing, but it might be a little too late for this fight. Pinca is throwing some heavy body shot and is unloading a combination and drops Peters after a delayed reaction to the elbow. The round comes to an end with Peters eating a left hook.

Fifth and final round, Peters needs a knockout to win the title and the fight is quickly slipping away from him. For every two punches Peters lands, Pinca lands six. The Englishman continues to use his boxing, but the Spaniard has dominated this fight since the second round. That liver shot rocked Peters and continues to unleash on his opponent. How Peters is still standing, it’s beyond me. With only 30 second left, Peters is dumped to the ground and takes a long while to get back up to his feet. This one is going to the judges and they are letting their hands fly as the fight comes to an end.

Your winner by unanimous decision and still Lion Fight Weltherweight Champion, Fabio Pinca!

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