Lion Fight 25 Results

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October 23, 2015 – Temecula, CA — Tonight, Lion Fight Muay Thai, the premiere Muay Thai organization in the United States celebrated its silver Lion Fight 25event on AXS TV by being the 300th fight on the cable network. In the main event for the vacant Super Middleweight Championship, Six Time World Champion, Brazilian Cosmo Alexandre returns to the Lion Fight ring to face 10 Time World Champion, Australian John Wayne Parr in his debut with the promotion.

Also on the card was Czech Challenger Martina Jindrova challenging the Netherlands Jorina Baars for the Women’s Welterweight title. Here are tonight’s Lion Fight results as follow:


Super Bantamweight (122 lbs) Ming Freeman (3-0-1) vs. Jason Andrada (6-3)

Andrada starts off with an inside leg kick and Freeman returns the favor, both men are starting off by attacking the legs working their way up to punch combinations. Andrada has already cut Freeman over his right eye and it’s bleeding quick. Andrada lands another couple of elbows to Freeman’s eye and we are under a minute in the first round. Andrada went for a liver shot but was blocked by Freedman, the fight has been most Andrada but Freeman is answering back.

Round two is underway and Freeman is coming out strong. That cut woke him up but Andrada is still saying cool under the attack and answering Freeman’s blows. Andrada is going high then low, but Freeman backs him into his own corner before landing a right straight in the center of the ring. Andrada dumps Freeman to get out of the corner and the cut has reopened under Freeman’s eye, but now Andrada’s nose is bloody. It’s now Freeman who is throwing elbows as round two comes to and end.

Third round and they are exchanging knees in the corner both men eager to win this round as it looks 1-to-1 at this point. Andrada throws his elbow that he calls, “The Boomshakalaka” and drops Freeman to his knees with a leg kick. The fighters smile, touch gloves and continue banging it out. Freeman lands a huge right straight and the men exchange knees in the corner. Andrada is looking to reopen that cut over Freeman’s eye with those elbows but Freeman is going high with his kicks with a roundhouse to Andrada’s head.

Round four and in typical Muay Thai fashion, the fight picks up in the later rounds. Freeman belly-to-belly tosses Andrada, which throws are legal in this sport. They are banging it out big time in the center of the ring as Andrada staggers Freeman with and inside thigh kick. Andrada continues to switch stances between Orthodox and Southpaw and as both men go for a roundhouse kick, Andrada makes contact with Freeman’s groin, calling for a timeout. Andrada kicks Freeman in the face, who shakes it off as the round comes to an end, smiles at Andrada and returns to his corner.

Fifth and final round, Freeman comes out hard, he’s looking for the knockout as he’s unofficially down three round to one. Freeman attempts a Superman punch but misses, however his left and right hooks did not. Andrada has Freeman in a Thai clinch landing several knees to the body. This round so far has been dominated by Freeman, but will it be enough to sway the judges? Freeman lands a big left hook and floors Andrada for a standing 8-count. He smells blood and is searching for the knockout, that could be the momentum shift he needed. Freeman lands a huge right hook, flooring Andrada and the referee waves this one off.

Your winner, the comeback kid by KO at 2:53 of the fifth round, Ming Freeman!

Super Lightweight (137 lbs) Joe Gogo (3-0) vs. Marvin Madariaga (5-0-1)

Gogo officialy weighed in at 135 but looks to have rehydrated back up to 155 and comes charging out at Madariaga to touch glooves. Gogo is heavy handed but Madariaga is the wirey one.Madariaga lands a big knee and Gogo ties him up. It’s seed versus power as Madariaga is quick with the elbows and fast with his feet, but the Gogo has one-punch knockout power and that can come from anywhere. Gogo catches Madariaga’s stomp kick but slips as he went for the sweep. Madariaga lands a huge spinning back elbow as round one comes to an end.

Round two and the punch combinations come flying. Madariaga’s roundhouse kick is caught and he is dumped by Gogo. You need that hummingbird camera to catch how fast their hands are flying. Madariaga lands three big elbows. Gogo lands a few elbows of his own . The round comes to and end with elbows flying.

Round three, and the pace has slowed. it was only a matter of time before they began to tire, but they are relentless. Gogo is still setting up that big shot and with this pace it might just come. However, Madariaga still has a lot left in the gas tank and has opened up a gash on Gogo’s forehead. Gogo goes for a jumping elbow but eats a knee to the groin hard. As blood runs down Gogo’s face he opens Marariaga with and elbow, the doctor is called over and with a gash a cut big enough to stick two fingers in, this one is all over.

Your winner by doctor’s stoppage in the third round, Joe Gogo!

Bantamweight (118 lbs) Anthony Castrejon (6-2) vs. Romie Adanza (18-7-1)

Round one and they touch’em up. Castrejon misses a stomp kick but lands a huge side kick just above the liver. He goes to the well once more and Adanza catches the leg sweeping him to the ground. Adanza has landed a beautiful punch combination creating a mouse under Castrejon’s right eye, but Castrejon is letting his hands and feet fly before getting swooped a second time and eating a knee to the groin. Castrejon is the more aggressive of the two landing bigger power shots, but Adanza is calculating his blows making each one count. As the round comes to an end, Castrejon floors Adanza with a stomp kick to the chest.

Round number two and Castrejon is still going high landing some big shots but Adanza is answering back only no where near as powerfully. Castejon staggers Adanza with a right straight and a knee to the body, but the ropes held him up. Adanza lands an elbow cutting Castejon on the forehead. Adanza is getting his group and rocks Castrejon with an elbow to the jaw. Blood continues to drip down Castejon’s face and this round has turned towards Adanza’s favor.

Third round, Adanza attempts a stomp kick but gets swooped. Castejon continues to go up top trying to land those head kicks, but the stomp kick is working better for him. Adanza has reopened that cut on his forehead and wobbled him with an outside thigh kick. Under a minute in the round remains and the power shots keep coming from Castrejon as he catches Adanza’s leg and drives him back to the canvas. Adanza gets up and floors Castrejon with a one-two combination and the referee counts him out.

Your winner in the third round by KO, Romie Adanza!

Cruiserweight (187 lbs) Jake Poss (4-1) vs. Mike Lemaire (14-0)

Poss comes out aggressive leading with two jabs and a low kick, but Lemaire hits a spinning back elbow. The two men are jocking for positioning against the ropes landing knees and elbows. Lemaire knees Poss in the groin from the clinch forcing the referee to call timeout. Time in and Lemaire lands a big right hook followed by a spinning back elbow. Poss won’t be outdone and throws a big elbow followed by a stomp kick before the round comes to an out.

Round two they touch gloves and Poss lands a big stomp kick, but Lemaire lands a punch combination that echoes through the grand ballroom. Both men are heavy handed but the leg reach goes to poss to is able to create better distance. Lemaire is now swinging for the fences has he’s using all eight limbs! Poss misses and uppercut but lands a jab only to be answered by Lemaire with a head kick. Poss launches Lemaire against the ropes with a stomp kick and the round comes to an end.

Round three, and this seesaw fight has the crowd roaring. The pace has slowed and a cut over Lemaire’s right eye has opened up; it could cause problems for him this round. Lamaire lands a front kick to Poss’ face followed by a punch combination, but the Poss is still standing. The fighters look gassed but they don’t know how to stop. Lamaire lands an elbow to the side of Poss’ head but Poss is still kicking away, chopping at the legs of Lemaire. They are both out of breath but continue to let their feet fly as the round comes to a close.

Fourth round and Lemaire leads with his jab but Poss lands a low kick, knocking Lamiare down. Poss throws a stomp kick, gets caught and Lemaire sweeps the leg. Poss throws a heavy right straight and Lemaire answers. the knees are flying in the clinch as Lemaire throws and elbow. Again Poss floors his opponent with a leg kick. Now a cut has opened up under Poss’ right eye. This is an amazing fight as the crowd is howling.

Fifth and final round. This is the deciding factor as unofficially it looks two-to-two. They touch gloves and Lemaire switches to Southpa landing a left straight. These fighters have given their all and Poss is still landing some big elbows. Poss staggers Lemaire but he continues on. Give them each a Green Lantern ring because they are still standing on sheer will! Poss lands two big right hands but can’t finish Lemaire who staggers against the ropes. The fight comes to an end and both men can barely stand!

Your winner by unanimous decision and still undefeated, Mike Lemaire!

Women’s Welterweight Championship (145 lbs) Challenger, Martina Jindrova (49-13) vs. Champion, Jorina Baars (37-0-3)

The women touch’em up and Baars lands a thunderous inside thigh kick, but the Czech closes the distance on the Dutchwoman who a good 6-in taller than her. Jindrova gets Baars in a headlock, takes her down and almost start rolling on the ground before the referee quickly stands them up. The champion in her last fight stopped Chris Cyborg and looks to stop the Czech fighter as well.

Round two is underway and Jindrova keeps trying to close the distance with her heavy hands, but Baars is able to answer back from a safe distance. Jindrova lands a powerful hook but Baars begins leading with her knee to keep her at bay. The height difference is definitely an issue for Jindrova but that isn’t slowing her down as she continues to come forward on the champion, who misses a spinning back elbow.

Round number three and the champion comes out as the aggressor this time, but Jindrova is swinging hard cutting the champ on the right cheek. The doctor checks Baars out and says it’s safe to continue. Baars lands a stomp kick to Jindrova knocking her down, but the challenger is quickly up to her feet. Jindrova is able to toss the champion who’s face is covered in blood. The Dutchwoman lands a huge head kick but doesn’t stagger the Czech as the round comes to an end.

Round number four and all eight limbs are flying. Baars clinches with the challenger and couldn’t get the sweep but is pushed to the ground. The crowd is hush with anticipation to see what will happen next between these two fighters as Jindrova lands a heavy right straight, jerking the champion’s head back. However, the Baars is the champion for a reason and has staggered the challenger.

Fifth and final round, the fighters touch gloves and Jindrova comes out flying but her momentum continues to be slowed down by the champion who creates distance with her kicks. Jindrova attempts a spinning hammer fist, but Baars ducks it. The champion’s kicks are what’s winning her this fight. This one has gone to the judges.

Your winner by unanimous decision and still Women’s Welterweight Champion, Jorina Baars!

Super Middleweight Championship (167 lbs) John Wayne Parr (91-30) vs. Cosmo Alexandre (51-17-1)

It is now time for the  main event of the evening! This can either go 30 seconds or all five rounds and in either direction. These fighters are just that good. There are 16 world titles between these two men in numerous weight classes.

The fighters touch gloves and the Aussie leads with a jab but the Brazilian answers with a low kick. The champions are feeling each other out by not being liberal with their strikes, making sure that everyone counts as Alexandre makes first contact with the power blows. The Parrlands a big combination of his own. Alexandre and Parr are evenly matched and that round was just too close to call.

Second round and the touch gloves again. The respect is there as Parr leads with a low kick and Alexander answers with a body kick. Parr lands a side kick that doesn’t phase the Brazilian, but the combinations are coming from the Aussie who just barely avoids a flying knee to the face but lands to the chest. Alexandre has landed the more powerful shots, but Parr has landed more strikes thus far in the contest.

Third round and the feet are flying, Parr closes the distance and is punching himself out as Alexandre is blocking most of the punches coming in. A cut has opened up above Parr’s left ear and Alexandre has taken the offensive. Parr returns the aggression and the two are banging it out against the ropes.

Fourth round is underway as Parr is hunting Alexandre, but the Brazilian caught the Australian tying him up against the ropes to regroup. Alexandre lands a crushing elbow above Parr’s eye but the Aussie keeps coming even after eating a flying knee.

Fifth and final round, this one is for all the marbles and the Lion Fight Super Middleweight Championship! Alexandre is on the attack, but Parr is going at him like a wild man with nothing to lose! Both men are keeping busy but the Brazilian looks fresher. Still with under a minute remaining, if this goes to the judges you never know how it will end up. Alexandre lands a big right straight and the end the fight against the ropes.

Your winner by unanimous decision and new Lion Fight Super Middleweight Champion, Cosmo Alexandre!

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