Invicta FC 17 Results

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May 7, 2016 – Tonight, Invicta FC 17 took place at The Hanger in Costa Mesa, CA to a sold out crowd where and aired live on UFC Fight Pass had, Invicta 17 PosterInvicta FC Bantamweight Champion Tonya “Triple Threat” Evinger (17-5) defended her title against No.1 contender Colleen “Thoroughbred” Schneider (10-6) and undefeated Livia Renta Souza (9-0) puts her Strawweight strap on the line as she faces UFC veteran Angela “Overkill” Hill (4-2).

Here are tonight’s results as follow:


Bantamweight (135 lbs) Laura Howarth (2-1) vs. Alexa Conners (Debut)

Round one: Howarth leads with a kick to the body that is answered by Conners who is going to the legs. Neither fighter as committed to their offense as they continue to land only one strike than back off, but it that looks to be part of Howarth’s plan as she has Conners chasing her around the cage instead of cutting Howarth off. Conners looks to be the busier fighter thus far with by landing more strikes in the first. Howarth caught Conners’ kick but couldn’t take her down and finishes the round strong.

Round two: Howarth is taunting Conners after landing a few kicks. She’s definitely trying to make up for round one, which she clearly wasn’t in control off. Conners took cage control and started teeing off on Howarth who took cage control back by controlling Conners’ hips and continues to use her feet. Conners lands a big uppercut rocking Howarth’s head back and unleashes a flurry of punches to close out the round.

Round three: Final round and it looks that it’s about even at this point. They will both have to leave it all our there if either fighter wants a definitive win. Howarth comes out strong like she did at the beginning of the second, her right knee is maroon at this point from all the leg kicks she ate from Conners. Conners is trying to cut off Howarth as she lands a few good shots. It is now Conners who is chasing Howarth around the cage as she lands a couple of right straights.

This one goes to the judges and your winner by split-decision, Laura Howarth!

Flyweight (125 lbs) Rachael Ostrovich (2-2) vs. Ariel Beck (4-2)

Round one: The fighters touch gloves and Beck leads with a low kick that Ostrovich answers with a jab. Ostrovich teep kicks Beck to the sternum but Beck opens up a little forcing Ostrovich to take a shot only to get pushed against the cage. Ostrovich eats a right hook as she tries to controls Beck’s hips. Ostrovich takes cage control after Beck rocks her and is putting the pressure on but Beck escapes to the center of the cage. Beck rocks Strovich with another right hook forcing her to take another sloppy shot as they ending this round with Beck in control.

Round two: Ostrovich went to the ground and is looking for a knee bar but Beck is standing strong fighting it off as Ostrovich tries to transition to a heel hook. Beck transitions to Ostrovich’s guard as she begins to drop elbows before moving to half-guard. Ostrovich gives up her back but is able to scramble up to her feet. For the first time tonight Ostrovich was able to take down with a double leg as she moves to side control forcing Beck to roll over and taking her back as she’s getting her hooks in. Herb Dean is checking on them but Ostrovich is too high and cannot sink it in. She transitions to an armbar but can’t finish it.

Round three: Ostrovich is fighting off the cage  but she eats a big right hand, dropping her into another another sloppy shot but Beck lets her up, she wants to keep this one standing.  Beck begins to unload as Ostrovich drops to the ground looking to grapple while Beck keeps kicking at her legs. Beck  smiles after Ostrovich lands an overhand right. She goes for a second one and misses badly before punching Beck in the thigh. Beck answers back with an overhand right that makes the crowd sigh. Ostrovich takes Beck down with another double leg, putting Beck in a crucifix before transitioning to side control and then a guillotine, but Beck escapes to her feet and everyone is standing as this one comes to a close.

Your winner by split-decision, Rachael Ostrovich!

Flyweight (125 lbs) Christine Stanley (4-1) vs. Shannon Sinn (2-2)

Round one: Stanley is testing her against Sinn who’s doing the same only to eat a big left hand forcing her to tie Stanley up against the cage. Stanley is quick with those feet, which is expected from a TKD fighter. Stanley is taunting Sinn as she bounces around the cage and drives in a a hard low kick, it’s a wonder Sinn is still standing after that one. Stanley is letting her feet do the talking as she continues to taunt Sinn landing four back-to-back kicks.

Round two: Sinn comes out leading with her jab, but Stanley continues to taunt her landing a kick to the body. Sinn caught Stanley’s leg, kicking her in the thigh, but Stanley continues to come forward. Sinn knees Stanley in the face but doesn’t land flush. This round comes to a close with both women on their feet.

Round three: Third and final round, the fighters touch gloves as Stanley continues to try to kick out Sinn’s legs. It is now Sinn who is on the attack, even going for a head kick, but misses that one. Stanley breaks free from the cage, rushes to center cage to regain control. She’s slowing down but her strikes ares till landing against Sinn. They bang it out as this fight comes to an end.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Christine Stanley!

Featherweight (145 lbs) Amanda Bell (3-3) vs. Megan Anderson (5-2)

Round one: Anderson lands a huge left jab knocking Bell down being dropping a few bombs and getting tied up. Bell ties up Anderson before being taken down and stacked by Anderson who is dropping bombs against the cage. Bell fights her way back up as she attempts a single leg only to eat several elbows. Bell has taken cage control, but Anderson is still dominating this fight. As the bell sounds, Anderson drops Bell with a striking combination that ends the fight.

Your winner at 4:59 of the very first round by TKO, Megan Anderson!

Strawweight (115 lbs) Aline Serio (7-5) vs. Kaline Medeiros (6-4) 

Round One: Serio leags with her jab as Medeiros leads with her feet and is able to take her opponent down with a double leg against the cage. Medeiros is trying to work something from that position as Serio is able to cage walk while holding a guillotine position that goes nowhere. Medeiros is unable to finish the double leg.

Round two: Medeiros starts off with a big high crotch transition to a double leg take down and takes side control as she Serio scrambles out. Medeiros takedown game is strong as she’s 4-for-5 so far in this fight as she’s elbowing Serio in the hip. Medeiros has continued to control the fight from the top position. This one is over as Serio could not defend herself from the elbows.

Your winner at 4:04 in round number two by TKO, Kaline Medeiros!

Featherweight (145 lbs) Latoya Walker (5-0) vs. Charmaine Tweet (8-5)

Round One: Walker comes out swinging hard, but Tweet answers with a few big shots forcing a tie-up against the cage. Tweet has some power in her hands causing Walker to take her down and mount the 6’0″ Canadian. Tweets’ nose is already bloodied and with a straight right hand drives Walker back a few feet. Walker continues to tie Tweet up against the cage and is landing far more strikes than opponent, the problem is for every four that Walker lands, Tweet lands one significant strike. Tweet lands a spinning back fist, knocking Walker almost completely out and finishers her with the ground-and-pound.

Your winner at 3:41 of the very first round by TKO, Charmaine Tweet!

Invicta FC Strawweight Title (115 lbs): Livia Renata Souza [(C) 9-0)] vs. Angela Hill (4-2)

Round one: The fighters are dancing around and feeling each other out. Hill is light on her feet by blocking a take down but is finally tripped to the canvas as the champion is in the challenger’s closed guard. Both are throwing punch as Hill attempts to stand gets pulled into a guillotine but is able to escape back to her feet. The two are scambling on the ground as Hill puts Souza in a body triangle then transitioning into the champions guard.

Round two: Souza is so excited she almost jumped the bell but Referee Mike Beltran was having none of that. Hill gets taken down by a double leg, while Souza works her way out of the guard only pulling Hill into a standing guillotine, which she also  breaks free of, but instead of going after he downed opponent, Hill keeps standing her up. Souza shoots in, Hill sprawls standing her up again as the crowd boos. Hill is landing some clean punches as Souza looks tired, but that means nothing in MMA. Souza lands a teep before attempting a sloppy shot that Hill stuffs before throwing a big left hook of her own. Hill couldn’t stop that hip throw as Souza finishes the round on top.

Round three: Souza comes out wit her strikes and getting in some good blows as Hill answers back cutting her off in the cage before getting bulldozed over by the champion who has taken the challenger’s back only to ride a little too high. Hill scrambles out,pulling Souza into her guard, kicks out and the fight continues on their feet. Hill has bloodied Souza’s nose but the champion is still throwing some big shots, however the judges have been on the side of the grapplers tonight as Hill reverses a takedown.

Round four: First of the two championship rounds, this separates the women from the girls as Souza comes out the aggressor, driving Hill against the cage. They both look tired but neither is going to stop as everything is on the line tonight. Several big shots have been landed by both fighters but no one is going down from striking thus far. Souza rolls throughHill but gets up to her feet landing some big striking combinations as this round comes to a close.

Round five: Fifth and final round, the crowd is on their feet as Hill leads with her jab and Souza leads with her front leg kick. Hill stuffs another take down against the cage but Souza was not goign to let that outside leg sweep go as she is in the challengers half guard again,misses a big punch allowing Hill to slip out the side to her feet. The are swinging for the fences. If this was the Home Run Derby each punch would have been out of the park! Souza takes the challenger down again, gets reversed only to pull Hill into a guillotine again as this one comes to a close.

Your winner by split-decision and new Invicta Strawweight Champion, Angela Hill!

Invicta FC Bantamweight Title (135 lbs): Tonya Evinger [(C) 17-5)] vs. Colleen Schneider (10-6)

Round one: Evinger is fighting smart as Schneider is coming out of the corner too hot. She needs to slow down the pace and the eye poke isn’t the way to do it. Schneider is striking as she backs away from Evinger who connects with a left hook, takes her down and has complete ground control against the cage as she forces a quarter nelson in taking Schneider’s back but is riding high. Schneider rolls to her back forcing Evinger into half guard as the bell sounds.

Round two: Evinger rushes in and eats a right hand this time, Evinger trips Schneider against the cage landing in half guard and drives her knees into the challenger’s body. Evinger has moved Schneider away from the cage for better positioning, which allowed Schneider to scramble up to her feet only to dive into the grappler’s guard attempting to ground-and-pound the champion. Evinger trips Schneider in order to get back up on her feet, drives her to the cage, shoots for a single and fights for side control.

Round three: Schneider needs to keep this on her feet as Evinger is clearly the better grappler. The champion has been landing some really clean strikes this round cutting the angles against the challenger. Evinger has a single leg blocked but retains the leg against the cage. Schneider is trying to turn out but in doing so she’s giving up her back in the corner as we go into championship rounds.

Round four: Evinger rushes in, driving Schneider to the cage but was stopped by Schneider, but  Evinger takes her back driving her again  taking her down again trying to flatten her out against the cage. Evinger has taken Schneider’s back but again is riding high.

Round five: The final round is upon us, they have both slowed down as they are taking their time gagging their distance and just running down the clock. Schneider and Evinger still have fire in their bellies, but there is no sense desperation. Evinger shoots for a leg but Schneider blocks it by basing out.

Your winner by unanimous and still Invicta FC Bantamweight Champion, Tonya Evinger!

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