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Glory 30

May 13, 2016 – Tonight, Glory 30 took place at the Citizens Business Bank Arena where Tiffany van Soest made her Glory debut against Esma Hasshass in the quarter finals for the Glory Super Bantamweight Grand Prix and Joe Schilling fight Jason Wilnis during the Superfight Series. We also witnessed Simon Marcus defend the Middleweight crown against Dustin Jacoby in the main card .

Superfight Series:

Light-Heavyweight: Manny Mancha (USA) vs. Warren Thompson (USA)

Round one: Thompson leads with a head kick that’s blocked allowing Mancha to follow with a left straight. Thompson is a fan of using his feet as he fights out of the corner. Mancha is a heavy hitter making every strike count as he dumps Thompson to the canvas, unfortunately this isn’t Muay Thai and you don’t get awarded points for throws.

Round two: Each fighter starts off going low. Thompson throws a several shots to the body but only one connects. Thompson finally connects with a head kick with Mancha charging in, but it looks like he’s getting tired already even though he’s the one putting pressure on his opponent. Thompson connects with a straight right only to have it answered with a teep as the round comes to a close.

Round three: Final round and Mancha comes out aggressive but so does Thompson. Hands and feet are flying but there is no clear winner at this point, one will have to steal the final round in order to get the judges on their side. It doesn’t help that they are smiling at each other with every punch landed.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Manny Mancha!

Middleweight: Mike Lemaire (USA) vs. Karl Roberson (USA)

Round one: Lamaire leas with a body kick but Roberson charges in taking it straight to Lamaire against the ropes then pressing him into the corner. This has already turned into a brawl as Roberson rocked Lamaire who is able to knock Roberson down with a leg kick later in the round. Lamaire knocks Roberson down for a second time, this time with a right hook resulting in a standing 8-count.

Round two: Roberson goes high with his punch combo as Lamaire goes low. Lamaire’s fights are never pretty but they are always entertaining. Roberson lands a teep on Lamaire but the referee deemed it a slip, which is quite confusing. Lamaire has Roberson on the ropes as the crows gets excited, this one is long from over even though Roberson looks tired, he’s still able to duck punches.

Round three: Both fighters are now being more patient, making sure each strike count. Lamaire appears to be up on the score card, however you never know what the judges see allowing it to go either way.

This one goes to the judges as your winner by unanimous decision, Mike Lamaire!

Super Bantamweight: Tiffany van Soest (USA) vs. Esma Hasshass (Morocco)

Round one: This went from feeling out to flying fists of fury. Hasshass is not scared of the reputation of van Soest, but that didn’t stop her from from eating a right hook and almost being nearly knocked out. Van Soest is one of the most decorated Super Bantamweights in the world as she continues to prove it tonight. A big exchange of combinations close out the first round.

Round two: The fighters start again with a slower pace as the crowd is clearly behind van Soest. Hasshass has some great foot work but as beautiful as her kicks are van Soest is still able to dodge them. Van Soest has become far more accustome to Muay Thai rules as she continues to clinch up, but even on the clean breaks her follow up strikes are clean. Hasshass lands a flying knee to end the knee.

Round three: This so far is fight of the night as no energy has been wasted. Only one of four strikes misses. Hasshass likes those flying kicks but they haven’t been too effective on van Soest. This one is going to the judges but not with out fierce fisticuffs.

Your winner by unanimous decision and moving on in the Super Bantamweight Grand Prix, Tiffany van Soest!

Heavyweight: Brian Douwes (Netherlands) vs. Guto Inocente (Brazil)

Round one: This fight can end at in a second as every blow thunders through the arena.

Round two: Inocente goes low as Douwes goes high before getting thrown across the ring by the Brazilian. The crowd erupts with excitement with every strike landed. The referee breaks them up with every tie up as Douwes nearly shot for a double leg take down, which is illegal in the sport of kickboxing.

Round three: Third round and more of the same from the first two rounds, thunderous strikes with the referee constantly breaking them up. Douwes lands a big knee rocking Inocente. Each one has a chin of granite, how no one has been knocked out after these heavy hands is beyond me.

This one goes to the judges and your winner by unanimous decision Guto Inocente!

Middleweight: Joe Schilling (USA) vs. Jason Wilnis (Netherlands)

Round one: A rematch of the ages, the first fight ended on an injury and that’s not how anyone wanted it to end. They touch gloves and Schilling beings to unload on Wilnis. Wilnis is no slouch as he’s answering back and fighting smart. He’s making every hit count, unfortunately, he’s taking a lot of punishment early, for every one strike he lands, Schilling lands five.

Round two:  Again they touch them up only Schilling isn’t being as generous with his combinations, he’s not swinging for the fences, but making sure each strike connects. Wilnis is letting Schilling punch himself out but that might sway the judges in Schillings favor for being the busier fighter. Wilnis is attacking the legs, trying to slow his opponent down.

Round three: Schilling is letting it all fly but Wilnis won’t back down, they have the heart of lions as neither is giving an inch. Wilnis’ nose looks to be broken with a cut opening up under Schilling’s eye. Schilling is professional enough to stop the fight for Willnis to put in his mouth piece. Schilling got knocked down with as the fight comes to a close, which could cost him the fight.

Your winner by majority decision for Jason Wilnis!


Glory 30:

Welterweight Contender Tournament: Casey Greene (USA) vs. Richard Abraham (USA)

Round one: The crowd is divide between Greene and Abraham, Greene made his debut at Madison Square Garden at Glory 12. This one is evenly matched but Abraham is getting the last strike on most of the exchanges. Green has some seriously fast hands but Abraham has the power.

Round two: The exchange is hard and heavy, unfortunately for Abraham Greene slipped. The referee checks on a headbutt Greene’s nose is busted but and after a huge exchange, he goes down with a left hand. The doctor checks on green gives the thumbs up allowing the fighters to go at it. Abraham is searching for a knockout  with blood flying everywhere from Greene’s cut. The round comes to an end with Greene’s cutman going to work quickly.

Round three: Greene slips after an exchange as Abraham is not letting up. The cut has reopened over Greene’s eye making it a perfect target for the shorter fighter who is unloading with knees this round.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Richard Abraham!

Welterweight Contender Tournament: Francois Ambang (USA) vs. Daniel Morales (Mexico)

Round one: Ambang and Morales are feeling each other out until Ambang lands a huge kick rocking Morales before following it up with a combination. Morales refused to go down and lands a combination to let his opponent know that he’s still in it.

Round two: Morales is putting pressure on Ambang against the ropes only to fight out and land a heavy right hand. Ambang continues to be heavy handed in his delivery. This round ends with Ambang landing a right hook at the bell.

Round three: The final round has been following the pattern of the previous two as Morales will lead with his jab and Ambang unleashing combinations when the opening arises. Morales looks like he’s coming back only to be tied up by Ambang.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Francois Ambang!

Catchweight (159 lbs): Marat Grigorian (Belgium) vs. Djimé (France)

Round one: The Frenchman lead’s with a left kick as he fights off the ropes, but Grigorian keeps the pressure on as his combinations should impress the judges, a kick to the head finishes this one off and we have our first knock out of the night.

Your winner at 1:56 of the very first round by knock out, Marat Grigorian!

Welterweight Tournament Championship: Richard Abraham (USA) vs. Francois Ambang (USA)

Round one: t is expected that both men would be cautious as this one is for the tournament championship. Abraham pressures Ambang against the ropes, who quickly fights his way out as Abraham attempts a flying knee  to a punch combination. Ambang throws a beautiful kick to the body as this round comes to a close.

Round two: The round starts off with Abraham on the receiving end a groin kick. Ambang is being more active this round by landing a knee to the head, but Abraham continues the onslaught. Unfortunately, Abraham slips and Ambang goes on the attack.

Round three: Final round and Abraham rocks Ambang just enough to light a fire under his butt. Ambang lands a liver shot but not hard enough to end the fight. Abraham and Ambang have the crowd excited on their last two exchanges. They want to see another knockout and Abraham is trying his best to give to them.

Your winner by split-decision and now Glory Tournament Winner, Richard Abraham!

Middleweight Championship: Simon Marcus (Canada) vs. Dustin Jacoby (USA)

Round one: The crowd chants U-S-A, U-S-A from the opening bell and to shut them up Marcus leads with a body kick and a right straight to the head. Jacoby  lets his hands fly but eats a head kick from the champion. Marcus catches Jacoby’s kick and sweeps him to the ground before knocking Jacoby down with an overhand right.

Round two: Jacoby is more on the offensive this round but needs to be careful as Marcus has telegraphed his kicks after catching a handful of them. Marcus has dodged a flurry of punches, shakes his head smiling at him as if to say, “You can’t catch me!” It’s now Marcus’ turn to miss a punch combination. This round comes to a close with Marcus using his amazing head movement to dodge a combination of punches.

Round three: The fighters touch gloves as Marcus catches yet another kick. Marcus is making Jacoby miss but not making him pay the way he should. Marcus is still in control as he’s landed more significant strikes. This one is headed into the championship round!

Round four: Marcus begins the round with a body kick, trips Jacoby, walks up to his downed opponent to stare him down. Marcus has Jacoby in the corner using his knees on the challenger. They are starting to look tired as this round is coming to a close.

Round five: Fifth and final round, winner takes all! Marcus lands a liver kick that forces Jacoby to take a knee and a standing 8-count. Marcus is still up on the score cards even though he’s fighting off the ropes. The crowd chants D-J, D-J but the challenger is eating some big knees to the body that ripple through the arena. Jacoby misses a head kick, lands a right hook and Marcus ties him up against the ropes, as this comes to an end.

Your winner by unanimous decision and still Glory Middleweight Champion, Simon Marcus!

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