Epic Fighting 37 Full Results

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Epic Fighting 37 took place tonight from the Four Points Sheraton Pavillion in San Diego, CA. Southern California’s ultimate amateur Mixed Martial Arts promotion, hosted its first of four confirmed events this year.

Under California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization (CAMO) rules all fights are three, two-minute rounds, except title fights, which are three, three-minute rounds.

Here are tonight’s full results:

Catchweight (137 lbs) Alberto Ayala (1-1-0-0) vs. Rafael Guzman (3-2-0-0)

Round One – Guzman shoots in for a double but Ayala is up rather quick and throws and axe kick followed by some low kicks. Ayala went forone too many single lowkicks and Guzman catches him with a left hook that rocked him. Ayala attempts a spinning heel kick, then rocks Guman with a left hand to closethe round.

Round Two – Guman leads with his boxing as Ayala answers with his feet. Ayala lands a big right hand, knocking down Guzman who instantly begins using his jiu-jitsu. Ayala triesto lock in a knee bar, but Guzman escapes, as they exchange strikes, Guzman drags Ayala to the ground, taking his back and finishing the fight with a submission.

Your winner at 1:55 of the second round via rear naked choke, Rafael Guzman!

Lightweight (155lbs) Christian Alston (debut) vs. Jose Luna (debut)

Round One – Both fighter are making their debut, Luna throws a single leg kick that gets caught and Alston takes him down into full mount, but Luna reverses it, landing in Alston’s closed guard. Luna continues to land strikes that forces Alston to escape, ending this round on their feet.

Round Two – A cut has opened up under Alston’s left eye that could becomes a bullseye for Luna. Both men lead with kicks, which is followed by a jumping front kick by Alston that presses them against the cage. Alston looks gassed already, which could allow Luna to take control if he doesn’t let his excitement get the best of him. Luna lands a low blow as the round comes to a close.

Round Three – Alston is still feeling the effects of that low blow. Alston gets rocked with a left straight and is driven backto the cage. Alston gets his barrings and drives Luna across the cage. Luna grabs ahold with a front face lock but can’t take him down. Alstonis just swinging and kicking with minimal effort as this one goes to the judges.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Jose Luna!

Catchweight (162 lbs) Alan Kaplan (debut) vs. Kelvin Gentapalan (2-0-0-0)

Round One – Kaplan leads with a left hand, but Gentapalan returns several strike and a knee before landing a left upper cut that ends this fight with Kaplan out on his feet.

Your winner by knock out at 26 seconds of the very first round, Kelvin Gentapalan!

Featherweight (145 lbs) Xavier Vines (2-2-0-0) vs. Allan Stott (1-0-0-0)

Round One – Stott throws a soft front kick that was caught and driven back. Vines takes him down and grapples with him, but Stott is back up quick and almost finishes this fight with head kick. Vines has a chin as both are center cage when Vines clinches in a body lock, sweeping Stott to the canvas as this round ends on their feet center cage.

Round Two – Stott’s front kick is caught again and he almost gets knocked out with a right straight, but they scamble and Vines is almost knocked out. These two are swinging for the fences and just one strike could end it in an instant. Stott’s nose is bloodied and itmight even be broken as he’s breathing through his mouth.

Round Three – Each fighter is looking for a finish. Vines lands an unbelievable double leg but Stott almost knocks him out with a left hook. Neither fighter wants to stay on the ground for long. Vines lands a high crotch but Stott reverses it quickly and this one ends in a slug fest on their feet.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Allan Stott!

Flyweight Championship (125 lbs) David Lopez (6-1-0-0) vs. Enrique Marte (5-1-0-0)

Round One – Lopez has Marte rocked as he lands hammer fist after hammer first. Marte attemptsa takedown, butit’s stuffed. Lopz lands a couple of knees, low kicks and right straights, but Marte keepscoming forward, even with a cut to the side of his left eye and blood coming out of his nose. Marte lands a few body kicks before chasing Lopez around the cage. Marte  shoots for a double, they scamble, tries to suplex Lopez, but is unsuccessful as the round ends.

Round Two – The pace has slowed but Lopez shoots in for a double leg, transitions to a belly to belly, but Marte quickly pops up. Lopez is fighting off the cage landing an over hand right that appears to have minimal effect on Marte. Lopez gets a slam after breaking a standing guillotine as the round comes to an end.

Round Three – This is the championship round, winner takes all and and their intensity is so great, they almost forced the cage door open. Lopez lands a huge right straight that has no effect on Marte. Lopez shoots in but is trapped in Marte’s guillotine attempt and breaks free just as the fight comes to an end.

Your winner and new Epic Flyweight Champion,  David Lopez!

Flyweight (125 lbs) Jose Alvarez (0-1-0-0) vs. Soichiro Sasaki (1-0-0-0)

Round One – Sasaki leads with a single low kick, he attempts it again, but eats a right hand. Alvarez seemsto have the answers to all of Sasaki’s moves. Sasaki sprawls and gets a front head and arm and that’s how the round ends.

Round Two – Sasaki for some reason keeps dropping his hands and also drops Alvarez with a right hand, following the scramble, Alvarez ends up in Sasaki’s guard before both men pop up to their feet. It does appear that Alvarez’s nose has been bloodied.

Round Three – Final round and it appears that Alvarez’s elbow is also cut. Sasaki is hesitant to commit to his strikes but in the clinch both fighters exchange knees. The two are looking to end this fight quickly but Alvarez knees Sasaki in the baby maker, which stops the action. They start swinging again and this one ends on their feet in the center ofthe cage.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Soichiro Sasaki!

Welterweight (170 lbs) Zev Powell (3-1-0-0) vs. Jordan Donais (2-0-0-0)

Round One – Powell leads in with his boxing as Donais ties him up, taking cage control. Donais is the oldest fighter on the card and has to fight smarter than his much younger opponent. The two fighters are dirty boxing and exchanging knees in the clinch.

Round Two – The entire round has encompassed dirty boxing and knees, making for an exciting fight. This one ends with Donais pressing Powell against the cage.

Round Three – Final round they they immediately return to dirty boxing with Donais having cage control using a double underhook before throwing knees. Donais is bleeding, which could be in Powell’s favor if this goes to the judges. The two continue to exchange knees from the clinch as Donais starts throwing punches in his search for points.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Zev Powell!

Bantamweight Championship (135 lbs) Trevor Wells vs. Alexis Esquivel (5-2-0-0)

Round One – Wells shoots in getting cage control but can’t finish the takedown allowing Esquivel to reverse position. Unfortuntely for him, Wells lands and inside trip and as they pop up, these two start brawling. Wells finally gets the double leg, however Esquivel gets up faster than when he was taken down. Wells uses his wrestling throwing Esquivel with a hip throw, taking the back and ending the round.

Round Two – They two banging it out instantly, looking for a quick knockout. Wells slows the pace with a head kick only to immediately return to throwing bombs. Wells chops at the leg of Esquivel setting up a double leg that leads to cage control with knees being exchanged on the cage. Wells uses another inside trip to take Esquivel’s back  against the cage. Esquivel pops up and is taken down one last time before the round ends.

Round Three – This round determines the champion and Wells really wants it with that head kick. Esquivel shoots for a doublethat’s stuffed  by the challenger. Esquivel is fighting off the cage and taken down with a fourth inside trip. Wells continues to throw punches from the side mount all the way back up to their feet. Wells lands an uppercut, follows in for the ground-and-pound and this one is all over.

Your winner at 2:23 of the third round, via TKO and new Epic Fighting Bantemweight Champion, Trevor Wells!

Middleweight Championship (185 lbs) Nic Kimball (5-1-0-0) vs. Tyler Meade (2-0-0-0)

Round One – They touch gloves and come out brawling, Kimball pushes Meade off to create more distance. Eventually he attempts a take down but Meade submits him out with a kimora for the victory.

Your winner via submission at 1:15 of the very first round and new Epic Middleweight Champion, Tyler Meade!

Welterweight (170 lbs) Josh Nakagawa (2-1-0-0) vs. Djavan Coleman (4-1-0-0)

Coleman throws Nakagawa down and finishes him with  rare nake choke just as quickly.

Your winner by submission at 21 seconds of the very first round, Djavan Coleman!

Straweight (125 lbs) Laura Gallardo (4-0-0-0) vs. Maria Jose “Leona” Favela (1-0-0-0)

Round One – Gallardo shoots in for a double leg but Favela sprawls forcing her to throw some knees and cage control instead. Gllardo is the much shorter fighter who continues to close the distance by taking Favela with a single leg followed by cage control.

Round Two – Gallardo’s nose is bloodied but that’s not stopping her take downs, thistime with a double leg. Gllardo takes Favela’s back but the taller opponent escapes, throwing a body kick. Gallardo escapes the clinch, circles and uses an inside leg trip to take down Favela again to closeout the round.

Round Three – Both women want the finish, Gallardo catches the kick and transitions to another double leg as they grind against the cage. Gallardo takes full mount, transitions to side mount and starts dropping hammer fists as the fight comes to an end.

Your winner by unanimous decsion, Laura Gllardo!

Catchweight (165 lbs) Jair Perez (1-1-0-0) vs. Wolf “The Damaga” Taitano (1-1-0-0)

Round One – Perez land an inside leg kick and almost drops Taitano with it. Perez lands a big body kick that is answered with Taitano’s boxing. Perez takes Taitano down with a double leg against the cage. Perez has bloodied Taitano’s nose and looks for an inside trip against the cage, instead he shucks him off to throw a spinning back fist that doesn’t land. Taitano lands a double leg before the end ofthe round.

Round Two – The two exchange strikes before Perez takes cage control and what looks like Taitano tried to pull guard. Perez slipped while posturing up and Taitano takes his back. Perez turns in and Taitano looks to lock in an arm bar, but Perez escapes to his feetand mauls Taitano leading to another double leg take down. Taitano closes his guard as the two throw some in effective punches before Perez postures up and the referee stands them up.

Round Three – Final round and they come out swinging. Taitano needs to finish this fight in order to wing. Perez takes Taitano down against the cage, transitions from the back to an arm bar only for Taitano to posture up and start dropping bombs. Perez is looking for a triangle choke and moves to an arm bar to take the back again for a rear nake chock with a body triangle. Taitano holds on until the final bell.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Jair Perez!

Lightweight Championship (155 lbs) Steven “The Real Deal” Schreel (3-0-0-0) vs. Aissamme Alviso (3-1-0-0)

Round One – Schreel leads with a low kick and Alviso makes him pay for it with his aggression. Schreel was too caucious and Alviso knocked him out with a left hook. Once the knock out connected, Alviso realizes there is something wrong with his foot as he hobbles around the cage in victory.

Your winner by knock out a 53 seconds of the very first round and new Epic Fighting Lightweight Champion, Aissamme Alviso!

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