Cody Pines a Villainous Hero

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Honor – n.

1. High respect, as that shown for special merit; recognition or esteem: the honor shown to a Nobel laureate; the place of honor at the table.
a. Great privilege: I have the honor of presenting the governor.
b. Good name; reputation: I must defend my honor.
c. A source or cause of credit: was an honor to the profession.
3. A mark, token, or gesture of respect or distinction, such as a military decoration.

Respect – n.

1. A feeling of appreciative, often deferential regard; esteem: I have great respect for your work. See Synonyms at regard.
2. The state of being regarded with honor or esteem: a leader held in the greatest respect.
a. Consideration or appreciation: Can’t you at least give me some respect?
b. Due regard for something considered important or authoritative: respect for the law.

Dignity – n. 

1. The quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect.
2. Inherent nobility and worth: the dignity of honest labor.
a. Poise and self-respect.
b. Stateliness and formality in manner and appearance.

Justice – n.

1. The quality of being just; fairness: In the interest of justice, we should treat everyone the same.
a. The principle of moral rightness; decency.
b. Conformity to moral rightness in action or attitude; righteousness: argued for the justice of his cause.
a. The attainment of what is just, especially that which is fair, moral, right, merited, or in accordance with law: My client has not received justice in this hearing.
b. Law The upholding of what is just, especially fair treatment and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law: We seek justice in this matter from the court.
c. The administration, system, methods, or procedures of law: a conspiracy to obstruct justice; a miscarriage of justice.

All these words describe a 17-year-old former football player Cody Pines who was suspended from Huntington Beach High School (HBHS) on Thursday, September 24, 2015, for a heinous and violent crime. He did the unthinkable in a society that shuns people for something so grotesque and vile. How could he have done such a thing?

What is Pines’ crime you ask? Coming to the defense of a visually impaired student who was being tormented by nothing more than a gutter punk. His fellow student wasn’t being bullied. Bullying happens when people choose not to defend themselves, this was out right torture.

As the video (which has now gone viral) shows, the tyrant grabs the disoriented student, punches him in the face repeatedly calling him all sorts of demeaning names as he clearly can’t see where any of the blows are coming from. Enter HERO, Pines, who with one punch knock’s the barbarous brat to the ground, now cowering in fear and tears for finally knowing what it is like to be the weaker person in a violent situation.

According to the Los Angeles Times Pines said:

“I felt like he was getting really hurt and I felt like it was my obligation to go up there and help him,” Cody told Times Community News. “That was my only reaction, to be honest. I didn’t mean to hurt the [suspect] intentionally, but I just wanted to make sure my friend was OK.”

One would think that HBHS would hold an assembly honoring the student who came to the defense of the defenseless, but no. Pines was SUSPENDED due to a non-sense zero tolerance policy towards violence and was kicked off the football team for doing the right thing.

Now, for you whiners who think we are condoning violence for the sake of violence because FanboyNation covers MMA, you are sadly mistaken. In this rare instance violence was the answer. How are you willing to sit back and allow a BLIND student to be assaulted because of a ridiculous anti-bullying policy when bullying is clearly going on under your nose?

How can you demonize a student who came to the aid of someone who could not identify his attacker in broad daylight? Why would you choose to be a victim and wag your finger shouting, “That’s not right!” or “You should just ignore him,” when ignoring him clearly wasn’t working?

Pines did the right thing, period. This is not up for negotiation. This is not up for debate. Pines is a hero and if you think that he shouldn’t have knocked out the coward who has no sense of human decency what-so-ever, then you are part of the problem.

HB Oilers

The message sent here by HBHS and the Huntington Beach Unified High School District (HBUHSD) is that if something is out of sight, then it is out of mind. It’s not happening if it’s not being reported, right? Wrong. Cody Pines is proof that there are still good kids in this world who aren’t afraid of being punished for doing the right thing. He is the prime example of closing your eyes doesn’t exempt you from social responsibility. He is what we need more of in a society that commends victimization.

A ribbon will not stop bullying. A wag of the finger will not stop bulling. A PSA won’t end it either. What will stop bullying? Good people banding together and defending the defenseless. Good people no longer burying their heads in the sand and standing up for what’s right instead of the mindset of, “Hey, so long as it doesn’t happen to me.”

Guess what, it can happen to you. At school, at work, the playground, the gym, the super maket. You have a mouth, use it. Huffing and puffing is not going to end it, rolling your eyes and glaring at a person won’t help. Bullies bully because they can get away with it, Pines made sure this filth wouldn’t get away with it again.

Cody Pine has the right to a title most adults should not be allowed to call themselves. Cody Pines is a 17-year-old MAN.

I suggest to every parent, every student, every individual who either has been bullied or wished they had said something while someone else was being bullied but didn’t because of fear of repercussions to stand with Cody Pines.

If you have a student who attends HBHS or within the HBUHSD pull all your kids out of school until Pines is either fully reinstated and allowed to play for the Oilers again or, and this is the smarter choice, transfer to a completely different school district within Orange County.

HBHS has made it clear, they teach their students victimization of valor. Humiliation over humanity. Fear instead of being fearless. Is that what you want your kids to learn? Is that the society you want your kids to live in? Is that a world you want to be apart of?

The world is a violent place but just because you know how to be violent doesn’t mean it is a license to be a brute. The only way to understand being civilized is to understand violence and Pines has proven to be the most publicly civilized athlete in the Sunset League.

This is the link for the petition to readmit Pines to HBHS, but if you really want to make an impact, keep all your students home in protest. The only way HBHS and HBUHSD will learn is when you hit them in the pocket book. Schools are paid by the state for every butt in the seat, not for the information they retain, so send your kids to the beach for a couple of days. Take that family vacation during the school year, it’s going to be a cheaper time to travel. Hell, stay home and read a book, but whatever you do, do not send them to a school that rewards indifference over defense.

HBUHSD, you make me ashamed to have ever been a student in your district.

Feel free to complain to Huntington Beach High School and the Huntington Beach Unified High School District.

All definitions were provided by The Free Dictionary

Quote provided by The Los Angeles Times article: California teen seen in video jumping in to stop bully attack

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