Black Widow is a Skrull – Fan Theory

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Fan Theory: Black Widow is a Skrull.

If you are a diehard fan of Marvel, you undoubtedly already watched Captain America: Civil War. I’m going to warn about spoilers now and give you one last chance to stop reading this.

*spoilers ahead*




Okay. At the end of Civil War, we find the team split much like the aftermath of Civil War in the comics. You have the public recognized Avengers, and then the underground team that is technically still on the run. Tony Stark is back at the Avengers’ complex with Rhodey and Vision while Cap is in the shadows with Falcon, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Scarlet Witch. Spider-Man is back in Queens as his movie is coming next year, Panther and Bucky are in Wakanda. The whereabouts of Sharon Carter and Black Widow are left up in the air. That pretty much covers everyone’s status at the end of Civil War.

Now for my theory: Black Widow is a Skrull. Not to brag, but my theories are usually fairly accurate. I called Spider-Man being in Civil War before it was announced. The details aren’t exact but the overall results are on point. With the set up of characters, the growing friendliness of Fox and Marvel, and the confirmed commitment to a Black Widow movie, I strongly believe that this is Marvel’s big play. Black Widow is a Skrull, and will be the face of Secret Invasion. Also, because I’m taking so long to write this, X-Men: Apocalypse is facing very mediocre reviews which only gives Fox more incentive to partner with Marvel like Sony has done. But I’ll get into the studio stuff and everything later.

Black Widow is a Skrull – Breakdown


After Infinity War, the MCU will have a short sense of peace that has not been felt since Tony Stark first announced he was Iron Man. The universal/galactic conflict brings everyone back together. There are some losses, but overall an outstanding victory. Earth’s heroes are only left with small groups lead by previous villains who used the mass conflict to gain ground while the heroes were distracted. While taking down one of these leaders, say Zemo, he turns into a green alien upon his death. Completely confused the Avengers analyze the body. Tony Stark being the most scientific, and neurotic, of the bunch becomes obsessed. While alone, Nick Fury appears and reveals that the alien is a Skrull and that they have infiltrated every organization of power on the planet. Tony becomes paranoid and reveals, to the newly reformed Avengers (potentially the New Avengers), the possibility of one of them being a Skrull. The team begins to plea their cases of trust but eventually become silently and openly distrustful of the others. During this time of unease, Black Widow makes a worldwide announcement of the Skrull Invasion and tells the Earth to surrender, then reveals herself to be the Skrull Queen.

The Skrulls discovered Earth after the events of the Chitauri Invasion and manipulated everyone into taking out their greatest enemy, Thanos. Now the Universe has no one to stop them and they begin their conquest with the conquering of Earth. The Avengers stand and fight, and end up finding all of the replaced people, uniting many heroes and villains together to take down the Skrull. Among the replaced humans being Black Widow, who was replaced after being captured by Ultron or after the UN bombing where she was actually injured and rushed to a hospital. After it’s all said and done, the invasion fails and afterwards Black Widow is back with no memory of the previous years but left to deal with the consequences of betraying and backstabbing the team, and the world, done by the Skrull who impersonated her.

Backstory of Arch


505bc46f4bc9aFor those that don’t know, Secret Invasion is a huge Marvel event in the comics. A shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrulls have secretly invaded the ranks of all Earth teams, governments, societies, etc. The Skrulls believe it is prophecized that they will conquer the Earth. This event has also been embodied in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The general shakedown is this: the Avengers find out the Skrulls are on Earth after they take someone out who reverts back to their Skrull form upon death. This drives a wedge between teammates as they now realize that any one of them could and potentially have always been a Skrull. While the fighting goes on, one of the team members goes on television to announce to the public about the invasion, becoming the public face the world comes to hate after it is all said and done. In the comics, it was Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman who after a crazy life of being a double agent not has to deal with the fallout of her friends and society distrusting and hating her because she just happened to be replaced by the Skrull Queen. In Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Captain America was the public face and he was the one who had to deal with the public’s scorn. In the MCU, Black Widow will be the face of the invasion and her solo movie would be after the fall out of it all.

505bc8668e317Why the story makes sense

The Infinity War is a miraculous arch, one that will unify the entire Marvel Universe. Secret Invasion would turn that whole thing into a lie, making them all puppets in a march larger battle for the galaxy. It is the kind of mind -boggling twists that would work and force the characters to really question their methods and values. This also sets up Black Widow to have the heaviest individual drama of any of the Marvel solo movies. Her past has been covered, so making her present and future full of drama adds the necessary stakes.

The Present Studio Problems and Why They Might Go Away

The Skrulls are owned by Fox, as it is in the Fantastic Four universe. This prevents Marvel from touching the IP. However, Fox has royally screwed up the Fantastic Four and there is not a great chance of them rectifying that situation anytime soon. They also seem to have done an underwhelming job with the latest X-Men movie, which does not bode well for that future either. Marvel has already effectively destroyed the future of X-Men and Fantastic Four stories because of all of the events in Earth 616, leaving Fox to scramble for storylines that haven’t been used and are widely popular and logical for their movies. Unlike the comics, the chance of reusing an arch like the Phoenix Saga would not go well for movie audiences, especially seeing how poorly the last Phoenix incarnation did. Also, Fox’s IP’s are near impossible to combine considering the very individualized creation of them all, on top of the time period differences in every movie. Fox is lacking cohesion, and the inability to really grow due to the huge stalling of their comic based properties.

Teaming up with Marvel could easily solve a lot of Fox’s problems. Look at how well it is working out for Sony. Fox could profit by letting Marvel use the IP, and not have to worry about messing it up again. This would open them up to focus on working on the X-Men IP. I could go into more details, but the part that gives me a lot of hope is that Fox is teaming with Marvel to produce two new X-Men shows, which proves that collaboration is happening. With Marvel’s momentum continually growing, I can only imagine Fox benefitting from partnering up.

Other Things to Support

Kevin Feige has recently confirmed Marvel’s commitment to a Black Widow movie. As a lot of her story has been covered from her previous movie appearances and Agent Carter, the idea of the greatest spy being replaced by an alien spy offers a great set up for the character to deal with something completely unique and personal. As many times Black Widow has been under-represented, like lack of products, toys, features, it makes sense for Marvel to want to put extra focus on her in her movie instead of sharing the spotlight.

Black Widow had a lot of off beat focus in Civil War. She seemed to know a lot more than she should have, and there were random cuts to her that seem unnecessary. For example, the scene where Sharon Carter opens the audio line for Cap and Falcon to listen into Bucky’s therapy session. Widow is outside of the room, why does her reaction matter? How does she know to find Cap at the airport? It doesn’t make sense that anyone on Team Cap to share that info. Then her whole “You could at least recognize me!” line to Bucky. I get he may have shot her years ago, and there was slight interaction with them in Winter Soldier, but it’s not really enough for them to have any sort of relationship or familiarity. The whole him shooting her thing definitely didn’t happen close range. He shot through her with a sniper… Also, how did she know the bombing was done by Bucky before Cap? She was in the explosion, and pretty close to it. She would have at least needed to be checked out by the EMT’s before being told by someone who the bomber was. I’ll give that time period between the bombing and people finding out it was Bucky a lot of ambiguity, so I could be projecting on that point. The point is Black Widow seemed to know a lot more than everyone, and the reason why she does is very unclear.

The fact that Nick Fury is on his own, with his own staff of ex SHIELD agents, and helicarrier, has got to mean something. I mean come on! It’s Nick Fury, he makes it a point to know everything and be ahead of everyone. What is he working on? Hydra is gone. Thor is working on the Infinity Stones. Why does he need a helicarrier? Because like in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes he is staying in the shadows figuring out the Skrulls’ MO. He needs a birds eye view to keep an eye on everything, which is why he didn’t give the helicarrier to Coulson. Secret Invasion gives Nick Fury a lot of space to be working on his own thing.

The twitter support of Chris Evans to Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds to Evans/Downey/Civil War. This could very well just be some friends tweeting at each other, but knowing the great lengths of publicity and marketing, it feels almost staged. This could be symbolic of the studios working together and supporting each other.

Kevin Feige talking about recasting every hero like James Bond. The MCU, like Earth-616, doesn’t seem to have any retconning planned. They have decades of stories to work through, as well as hundreds to thousands of characters to bring to the forefront. They may not need the IP’s, or to even do the arch, but having them gives Marvel a lot more to play and create with.



Black Widow is a Skrull. With the studios seemingly leaning more towards collaboration, the increase in focus on Black Widow in the MCU, and my own personal view of how Secret Invasion plays into the MCU, I see no better alternative to match the ante of Infinity Wars and also set up the long awaited Black Widow movie. The amount of betrayal and lines crossed in a global war could potentially dwarf Civil War. This theory is not the most supported, and hinges on a lot of deals happening. There are cross studio deals that have to happen that do not have a necessarily need to happen. But seeing the success Sony is having after their deal gives me a lot of hope for Fox to do the same with Fantastic Four. Amazing Spider-Man 2, as flawed as it was, is a much better film that performed far better than Fantastic Four. Marvel has attempted to gain other IP’s from Fantastic Four in the past and now are in a much stronger position to not only acquire them but grow them to benefit themselves and Fox. Fox is doing well, but they could definitely do better and working with Marvel can only benefit them.

It’s an out there theory, but I think it could work and has good reason to do so. Let me know what you think, I love geeking out over this kind of stuff. Comment below, or hit us up on the twitters.

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