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Witchblade Demon Reborn Review

by Adelina Hernandez

Contributing Writer

In the third installment of Witchblade: Demon Reborn, we learn that life for Detective Sara Pezzini has taken a turn.  Picking up confidently where the second issue left off, we see that she has become more and more tormented by the images and dreams of those she and the Witchblade (or she as the Witchblade) judged worthy of being dispatched from their depravity on Earth to what appears to be a specific level (or is it the rings of Dante?) of Hell.

However, she has run into the predicament that one of the very damned she has condemned has been called in to prove their power by coming back and holding her in judgement, a troubling experience even if one isn’t imbued with the powers she has.  In the final scenes, with her daughter Hope representing all she holds dear, the Witchblade has been judged and found lacking.  The final scenes leave one anxious for the final installment, to read her verdict.  The work is fairly flawless, the storyline clean and building the drama to what feels like an inevitable conclusion.

The art was good.  I quite enjoyed this and will probably want to get a gander at the last issue.



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