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Warlord of Mars- Dejah Thoris #17 Review

by Ivy Doomkitty

Cosplayer/Contributing Writer

Warlord of Mars- Dejah Thoris, written by Robert Place Napton, with interior art by Deborah Carita.

   The tale begins with Dejah Thoris floating among the stars, drifting towards the Red Planet, a voice whispers to her that Helium needs her.  As she drifts closer to Helium, she is pulled away and awakens on a prison floor and realizes she was abducted; just then, her captor enters, a Vathek by the name of Lord Andlaust, grey skinned, crimson eyed, and gleaming white fangs from Xasoom, the Sixth Planet.  Dejah still doesn’t understand how they can communicate with one another, Lord Andlaust reveals to her that he had fed on her earlier, creating a link between them.  To her horror, she feels two puncture wounds on her neck and demands to be released but they have already set course to Vona, the largest moon of Strio (also known as Saturn), where that she will surrender.
    Landing on the planet, she is taken to meet Commandant Keisari, of the Vathek.  Keisair wants Dejah to be his emissary for the enslavement of her people, which she refused and tossed into a prison cell.  A purple skinned creature named Svero, of the Palidor, informs Dejah that her physical density may allower her to escape through the bars that confine her.   Svero and Dejah escape by mounting a Dyrio, a large bluish-grey Tyrannosaurus with wings, and take flight.  Immediately after taking to the air, they are fired upon by several Vathek ships, which they are able to hold off until Dejah falls of the beast. Will she meet her doom?
The story built up to a nice climax, leaving the reader wanting the next issue to see if Dejah Thoris survives.
Ivy Doomkitty is a cosplayer and contributing writer. Visit Ivy Doomkitty at


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