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Supernatural Con,Parsippany, NJ 2012

by Hansi Oppenheimer

Troubled Girl Films

I arrived early and discovered there were no organized events for a
few hours. I had heard Baby, the infamous 67 Impala from the show had
been parked in the rear lot the day before, so I figured I’d go find
her. I wasn’t disappointed. There she was. Shiny!

Hansi Oppenheimer with the classic Chevy









She was exact down to every detail, including the boys initials
scrawled on the rear dash. I hear that there was even a toy army guy
was tucked into a crevice but I wasn’t able to verify. There was a
picture of Dean doing his Eye of The Tiger ass-slide across the hood
with the universal “NO” red circle and slash on the dash. I’m guessing
a lot of fans must have tried that in the past!
Back inside, I spoke with fans and saw Misha briefly. Mark Pelligrino
walked past and the young woman I was with grabbed him for a fierce
hug. He was very lovely as he gently disengaged himself.
The hotel had some issue with the AC and it was very hot,
uncomfortable and crowded. In fact, there were quite a few problems
with the venue. While I was waiting for the presentation, I went to
the bar and had to wait till they opened at 2pm. There were quite a
few of us “grown-ups” hanging out waiting for the bar to open by 1:40.
We ended up having a lively discussion of our kid’s fandoms and ours.
Plus, we finally got served drinks. Yay!
The first presentation was pretty silly, just a slide show of the
monsters from the series. I went back to the bar.
The main presentation, Jared and Misha on stage was fun. They were
funny and charming.

They took questions from the audience. Some of the
funnier questions included a little girl who asked in the sweetest
little voice ”What was their favorite animal?”
Jared “Moose”
Misha “Ponies…and what’s yours?” (Is he a closet brony?)
Sweet little kid “Vampire bat!”
A fan brought a script and was embarrassed when the guys insisted on
reading it really BADLY. Actors!
Then I lined up for my photo op with Jim Beaver. The lines weren’t too
bad and I and wonderful conversations with all the other fans while we
waited. Jim Beaver looked exhausted and I saw his tweets later. Looks the
hotel delayed his checking in and then forgot to deliver his room
service so the poor guy must have been tired and hungry. There was
nothing around for miles either but if he’d had time to tweet earlier,
I’m sure his fans would have deluged him with snacks!

A fan with her autograph album.









Then another line and more lovely conversation while I waited for my
photo with Misha Collins. I had switched my sweaty tank for my
“blowjob carwash” shirt by then and as I walked up to him I could see
his eyes go from my face to the shirt, reading…the he looked at me
quizzically. Normally, I’d be happy to explain but we had a hot 15
seconds so I just shook my head and said, “don’t ask.” (I like to
think the fact that I DIDNT explain it means I’ve matured. BWAAA-HHHA)
So, it was no Ascendio. A totally different kind of experience. The
fans were wonderful. Fandom is Fandom. The actors were lovely to us
and gave “good con.” On the negative side, the venue was poorly
managed and the programming was too thin. It just felt like the
presenters were trying to get every dime they could from the fans and
that felt… distasteful. I heard Saturday was better with a lot more
activities but I think they could have offered much more on Sunday.
I didn’t wait the two hours for my photos. My throat was sore from all
the talking and I just wanted to get into my air-conditioned car and
head back to NYC. I should have my photos at the end of the month and
by then I wont care if I looked goofy.


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