Drop the Beat, Don’t Drop the Ball – Super Beat Sports Review [Switch]

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Harmonix delivers another game that’s as fun and catchy as that song you can’t get out of your head – Super Beat Sports Review [Switch]

Imagine being on an alien planet, surrounded by strange creatures, who play weird versions of your sports, but somehow you’re still way better than them at the sports, the creatures love you for it, and this world is filled why happy music. That’s what it’s like in Super Beat Sports. It is the Muzicalia Galaxy where everything is musical and the aliens have names like Wubwub. It’s an adorably cute party that is fun for everyone.

There are 5 games:

Whacky Bat Bat – A rhymic baseball challenge, where the creatures (Nibbz) spit a baseball at you and you must return it with precision timing/rhythm.

Net Ball– Similar to Whacky Bat Bat, but much more rhythmic, where the speed of the volley increases until crescendoing into a powerful spike.

Gobble Golf – Players drive the ball on beat into a hungry Nibb, the more on beat you are the greater under par your score is.

Buddy Ball – A directly competitive mode that is like Gobble Golf, but with the playstyle of Whacky Bat Bat.

Rhythm Racket – A rhymic pinball/pong hybrid with some unique twists. The twists being you can send the ball to a Nibb and completely control where to shoot the ball.

Of the games, Rhythm Racket is hands down my favorite. A four-player free for all in Rhythm Racket is chaos and friendship ruining, which are the most obvious signs of a good game. The use of the Nibbz, as well as the ability to aim a serve, gives players the chance to juke their opponent’s pong paddles. Few games can bring the glory of breaking someone’s ankles on the court to consoles, and Super Beat Sports is one of those few.

Super Beat Sports Review

Super Beat Sports gives players to option to play with standard controls or use the motion sensing capabilities of the Joy Cons. Personally, I found the motion controls to be more fun but the control and precision of standard controller use was a must for later levels when the challenge factor kicks in. At the end of each match, you receive a medal based on your performance from bronze to platinum, and also unlock pro mode version of a level after you beat it. Beating a level also earns your points that allow players to earn and unlock items to customize your character’s look. The customization does not affect your character in-game, but I swear I play better with those matching shorts.

The only downsides of the game, for me, is at the end of each level of the competitive/multi-player games and the forced tutorials. At the end of each level, the losers are never sad. Even your character after losing is politely clapping. It is by no means a big deal or even a true factor. It’s something that I personally want in a game because when I beat my friends I like to point at their character on screen and compare the disappointment. Overall, the polite clapping is better for the gaming culture and overall sportsmanship. But, I grew up with gaming being an entertainment value skill, akin to the likes of the WWE. It’s not real anger and rage, it’s just entertainment. But again, it’s nothing. The forced tutorial is something I hate. I understand the need for tutorials and why they’re there. But, I view tutorials as the game playing itself, unless it’s a new ability or something that changes the initial gameplay. I’m okay when it feels organically integrated into the game’s progression, but I absolutely hate when games give you one button at a time instead of all your starting abilities at the start. In a simple game like this, a tutorial seems like overkill. I would like the ability to skip it or be given the simple instructions like a Mario Party mini-game. All my gripes are mostly cast away because of the loading screens. The tips/facts/advice on the loading screens are brilliant. Check the gallery below, I included my favorites.

Harmonix delivers another addicting game that sticks like a song stuck in your head – but in a good way. Super Beat Sports is an adorably fun, engaging, and quirky game that takes a simple concept and creates a surprisingly full gaming experience. If playing via normal controller style, it’s surprising how much depth there is to the gameplay only pressing a single button and making some slight shifts with the thumbstick. But if you really want to feel the rhythm, using the Joy Con’s motion sensing is where it’s at. Super Beat Sports is a very casual, but immensely entertaining, party game that is fun for everyone. If you’re looking for a game that can give you a quick spurt of fun in under five minutes or a game that will have you and your friends constantly saying, “One more!” or “Run that back!” Super Beat Sports is that game. My Super Beat Sports Review get’s a 9.5/10

Super Beat SportsSuper Beat Sports Review

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Genre: ActionRhythmMusic

# of Players: 1-4

Developer: Harmonix Music Systems

Publisher: Harmonix Music Systems

Price: $14.99


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