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Star Trek TNG Dr. Who #6 Review

by Bekah Downs

Contributing Writer

In issue six we find our travelers are about to meet up with Borg. The Borg has always been one of the most complicated and intriguing nemeses of the Federation. Scott and David Tipton do not disappoint in delivering the thrill of an encounter with the Borg; while perhaps a slightly overused plot element, the Borg always provides an edge of your seat, tingle up your spine story. Although, this time they are not just out to assimilate, their goal is total annihilation!

There’s also the added excitement of dealing with Dr. Who’s infamous Cybermen, who do not appear in this particular issue, but are a major plot element. The Cybermen and Borg would first appear as the perfect coupling considering the similarity in technological origins, however there’s an element reminiscent of species 8472 at work.

This, coupled with the wonderful artwork of J.K. Woodward bringing the characters and planets alive, proving to be an intriguing read. The landscapes of the planets are brilliant in their color and clarity, providing the perfect backdrop for our characters.

TNG fans will be pleased to get back on board with the Enterprise crew and Dr. Who fans won’t be left out in the cold either. Our dear Time Lord and his pals fit well within the Star Trek frame work. Toss in a little time travel and you’ve got a classic Sci-Fi read, leaving you anxiously awaiting the next issue.


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