R.C. Samo – Editor-In-Chief
[email protected]
R.C. began his journalism career in 1996 as a college freshman. He has been published everywhere from Pro Wrestling Illustrated to the Oakland Tribune and Orange County Register. His vision for FanboyNation was to return a sense of traditional journalism to a world full of sensationalism and geek rage. If you hadn’t noticed, R.C. really hates taking selfies, but loves comics, animation, films and MMA.

Carl R. Jansson – Senior Editor
[email protected]
FanboyNation’s resident comics historian, Carl has an unhealthy obsession with Ultraman and proper grammar, as well as a tragically fatal case of Anglophilia. He has more books than friends, and likes it that way. He’s currently writing a comedy/sci-fi/detective mystery novel.

Kevin Fenix – Gaming Editor
[email protected]
The best way to describe Kevin Fenix is the kid you never tell what the buttons do in video games so you have a chance to win. Being 6’ 4” and Asian, he never really fit in, so he got comfortable standing out. Not only is it easy to find him in crowds, he dabbles in the culinary arts, does a little stand up and improv, and can honestly say Spider-Man is the Jesus-like influence of his life. Kevin Fenix loves dogs, movies, television, comics, comedy, and to shoot people… with video. Fenix will be shooting and making videos here at FanboyNation. Follow his twitter (@fenixdy) for 140 characters of attempted hilarity and Instagram (kevin_fenix).

Anthony Ray Bench – Comics Editor
[email protected]
A long time ago in a beach town not so far away Anthony Ray Bench learned how to work a VCR before he could talk. He used his abilities to fast forward through all of the sad parts in Disney’s Dumbo, making him an accomplished video editor before the age of two. As he got older his obsessions ranged from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Back to the Future, and The Star Wars Trilogy. He’s a comic nerd/gamer/amateur cook who is currently single and lives with a cat named Ewok.
Anthony Ray Bench has interned at Kevin Smith’s podcast network SModCo, PodCRASH w/ That Chris Gore, IDW Publishing, and he currently works as a Podcast Producer at Sideshow Network. He writes indie comics which you can find info about at www.pandafuzzink.com, and he’s currently submitting short stories to several different publications.

Lowell Newton – Assistant Comics Editor
[email protected]
Born and raised in California. I’m a long time comic reader and collector. You can look me up on instagram as Lowell3.

Sean Mulvihill – Film Editor
[email protected]
Sean Mulvihill likes going to movies and writing about them. He does not like writing bios or writing in the third person.

Jessica Greenlee – Journalist
[email protected]
Jessica Greenlee grew up in a house full of books. She is still surrounded by books and is hopelessly and irrevocably in love with stories and storytelling. She is helped and hindered in writing her reviews by a small parrot who has tasted his share of literature.

Angelo Agustin – Journalist
[email protected]
Angelo loves everything food, barbells, comics, anime, manga, and toys. He aims to be stronger than the Hulk and go further beyond than Goku. He competes in the USAPL 205lb weight class, is a USAPL Certified Powerlifting coach, in school to become a physical therapy assistant, and coaches the UCLA Powerlifting Club. “I lift to eat. I eat to lift. It’s a vicious cycle.” Follow his adventures on Instagram (anjello22) and Twitter (jello_sh0t).

Michelle Coyle – Journalist
[email protected]
I grew up just outside Atlanta watching a lot of TV and movies. Some of my earliest memories include getting to stay up late to watch Dallas with my mom, how much I wanted Sam and Diane to get together, and the absolute devastation I felt when Family Ties went off the air. Eventually I was able to get over that, graduated from George Washington University, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. My constant has always been the television and consider myself an X-Phile and SuperWhoLockian, among many other television fandoms. You can find my musings about life and TV on twitter @michellecoyle

Michael Colbert – Journalist
[email protected]
Born to a hot dog themed performance artist and an animated extra from Scooby Doo, Michael Colbert had a typical life till, as a kid, he started reading comics and discovered Star Wars and Doctor Who. After that any hope for a normal life went out the window.
Splitting his time between Southern California and an alternate plane of existence where waffle cones are the dominate life-form Mike writes stuff; his Cyberpunk/spectral comic series Crazy Mary, short stories and now for the sinister forces of FanboyNation. He also carries heavy things for the film biz and worked on such geek-tastic shows as Babylon 5, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire slayer, Chuck and Torchwood – Miracle Day all while harboring an irrational fear of anthropomorphic food.

Tamar Bains – Journalist
[email protected]
Born in Queens, NY, raised there and Lake Mary FL. Retired after spending twenty years in the Army traveling the world and spending way too much money on German beer. She’s now free to truly indulge herself in comics, a troubling Pop! Figure addiction and spending more money on cosplay.

Michael Sarratt – Assistant to the Gaming Editor
[email protected]
Player of all games and master of none, Michael has been playing video games all his life. From the Atari 2600 and NES to the PS4 and Wii U, there’s no game he won’t try. Except maybe those pesky sports games. Also, likes comic books and all sorts of nerd things and has a fascination with samurai and other things Japanese.
He also likes long walks on the beach and peanut butter.
That first one’s a lie.”

Andre Williams Sr

Andre Williams Sr – Journalist
[email protected]
I have always loved writing. Worked for a few different sports websites before I decided to start my own. I’m also a geek so, I decided to hook up with FanboyNation and now we are all poppin bottles.

Josh Heffington – Journalist
[email protected]
From the moment he learned about the Ghostbusters, and the Jed Eye returning. Josh knew that he was never going to grow up and be a nerd for life! From He-Man and Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man and X-Men, Power Rangers and Godzilla. He likes it all! When not being a big kid reading comic books, playing video games, hunting action figures or keeping his face buried in a flickering screen, Josh enjoys traveling awesome places and finding more of his kind.

Michelle Wilson – Journalist
[email protected]
Michelle is a closet geek who loves vampires and pretending that she really is a superhero. (I’m sorry, but aren’t all moms?) Always up for new experiences, she isn’t afraid to embarrass herself by wearing too much spandex. OK, maybe a little.

Luis Malave – Journalist
[email protected]
I am an accomplished Interactive Digital Technology guy with a history and background in art, comic books and deep love for custom toy creation. Originally from Brooklyn New York, I now live in Orange Country California with my wife Natacha and 3 kids.
Currently I run a Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter dedicated to comics, industry news, fun stuff and toys called L&A’s, short for Lou&Aidens and am an accomplished artist that freelanced with Dark Horse comics many moons ago. My life is now focused on digital technology development and my family.
My career includes spending several years as an editor with Sports Illustrated and managing large technology development projects via agencies in L.A., partnering with the likes of Disney, Cartoon Network, Ford, Allergen and several other well established brands.
In addition to writing now for the FanboyNation team, I spend all of my time as an established graphic designer, custom action figure toy designer, marketing director and most importantly sports dad.
Glad to be a part of the team!

Marquis Nave – Journalist
[email protected]
Marquis R. Nave grew up in Long Beach, California. He graduated from CSULB with his MFA in creative writing.

Steven Sievers – Journalist
[email protected]
I’m a dork rocker who’s passionate about music, movies, wrestling, video games, & animation. I have my own award winning animated series & comic book called Supa Pirate Booty Hunt. I’m a producer and film editor at at MCTV Network and Continuum Motion Pictures. My wife and I own a company called Level 27 Media. I’ve been doing press for a couple years now, gotten to interview some amazing people such as Mark Hamill, Tim Burton, Stan Lee, & many others. I love covering everything from conventions, to concerts, to haunted houses. I’m excited to be working now for FanboyNation.

Stephen Tejadam – Journalist
[email protected]
Stephen is an avid music festival goer, sports enthusiast, and most of all a lover of video games. He started gaming at the tender age of 5, whooping his mother at Nintendo Volleyball and Track & Field 2 and has not looked back since. Forever relegated to Silver in League of Legends and CS:GO, his competitive spirit never waiver in the adversity of elo hell. As a washed up streamer, you can find him occasionally streaming at twitch.tv/teehahduh or follow him @TeeHahDuh across the various platforms of social media.

Anna Ruscigno – Journalist
[email protected]
I love TV, Movies & giving my opinion about, well everything


Victoria Irwin – Journalist
[email protected]
Lady Victoria Irwin grew up with at least two books in her bag at all times. Discovering comic books, Science Fiction, and Fantasy at an early age, it was only a matter of time before she became a Fangirl. With a deep love for Doctor Who, Joss Whedon Projects, and classic detective stories, Victoria turned her attentions to writing and sharing her love of a good story with the world. Armed with an Oxford comma and a smile, the University of California, Irvine Alumnae seeks to spread the word about amazing comic books, good novels and television shows that deserve a long look.

Christie Shinn – Journalist
Christie does a lot of things – being an artist for games and an illustrator, interviewing random people, and a rather smartassed nerd that likes odd things that twaddle her brain folds. She has very many of those, by the way.
HoraTora Studios is her Batcave. The scope of her penning abilities are: illustration, graphic design, along with concept/2D work. Her talents as an actor and improv comedian are not unnoticed at work – especially when she swears like a sailor although she is a perfect lady. When not working, she is to be found in the Hallway of Doom, brooding about nefarious things – hence the moniker Terriblis Gesserit.

Jamie LeDent – Photographer
[email protected]
I started photographing while on backpacking and road trips with my earliest focus on landscapes and wildlife. Those themes are still a passion of mine but I’ve tried to expand the love of expansive composition into working with models. My love of the outdoors and natural lighting was a consistent carryover into fashion photography. In recent years I’ve been mixing in event and photojournalism into my arsenal, which has been very rewarding and entirely unique to the previous genres I have shot.

Whitney Grace – Podcast Host
[email protected]
Whitney Grace is an expert in animation and comic books. Her expertise comes from years of studying the mediums and since she loves research so much, she earned a Masters in Information Science. She is a professional writer, having worked with Comic Buyers Guide and Animerica . She is the host of the Toon-In Talk Podcast, which can be found here at FanboyNation as well as ToonInTalk.com. Check out ToonInTalk.com for her articles and other content. Whitney is currently writing a book for McFarland about animator Lotte Reiniger, working on a young adult graphic novel entitled Blood, Feather, and Stone, as well as a mystery series. When not reading comic books, watching cartoons, or writing, she conducts research for ArnoldIT and writes for ToughPigs.com and the Rotoscopers.com

Shannon Sarratt – Podcast Host
[email protected]
Geek, Gamer, Crafter, Podcaster, and Convention fanatic, Shannon was doomed to be a fangirl from the tender age of…..I don’t remember maybe 5?…when she was thrust into a world with 2 Nintendos, 2 Atari systems, and a never ending supply of Marvel comic cards. Now her fangirlness has blossomed into unhealthy obsessions with Deadpool, the Tenth Doctor, Game of Thrones, and Zombies. All hope is lost for her one and only geekling, who has already garnered a love for superman, batman, harley, joker, and pop! vinyls. When she’s not running an unsuccesful Etsy shop and being awkward, Shannon is being awkward which sometimes provides for some unintentional comic relief.

Izola Siegfried – Podcast Host
[email protected]
What can I say… I’m a nerd at heart. I love comics, movies, games, art, and of course, music. I have been going to the Cons for years. I have been lucky enough to see some amazing things, meet awesome people, and I decided I would share it with everyone! I love to chat about anything and everything, so if you have something you want to talk about, let me know!

Piper Steed – Podcast Host
[email protected]
Professional Illustrator, Co-Creator @outsideboxcast, Cosplayer, Karaoke aficionado, & Bassist!


Jamie Jordan – Podcast Host
[email protected]
“Who am I? Well… I’m Jamie Jordan and this little corner of the web is mine. What? You want to know more? Well, ok but you asked for it. In 2005, I launched this podcast, Gaming Uncensored with friend and co-host Tommy, which has a loyal fan base across three continents and many countries and still continues to grow. I am a 34 year old entertainer who loves an open mic. I’ve spent the last 7 years of my life trying to be the busiest man in podcasting. When I’m not podcasting, I run RaW Editing which specializes in audio. I also do stand up comedy whenever I get a chance. Yes, I realize that comedians are a dime a dozen, but one thing makes me “stand” out from all the rest, I’m in a wheelchair. So, there’s not really any standing involved. What do I do with all my spare time? Well it depends on the day. I love music. I’m a huge Dave Matthews fan, but I’ll listen to anything. I’m a freak when it comes to video games. If video games are digital crack then I’m defiantly a junkie. In 2012 I began co-writing a book with blogger, musician and teacher Sara Tiemogo to share my best stories and experiences of life in a wheelchair. Described by some as a “comic-book novel” the message is both encouraging and lightheartedly funny.”

Tommy Lozure – Podcast Host
[email protected]
Hey! My name is Tommy. I love video games, which hopefully makes me somewhat qualified to host this show. I started gaming essentially as soon as I could hold a controller and haven’t stopped in 30+ years. My favorite games include anything in the Zelda series, Diablo 2, World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto, and my all time favorite, Final Fantasy VI.