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Penguins vs Possums Who Will Rule the Zoo?

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by Tony James

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Penguins vs Possum, from the amazing imaginations of writer, Sebastian Kadlecik and artist, John Bring, bring to live what really happens when the patrons go home and age old battle of the alliterative animals takes place.

The ancient rivals have kept their war a secret from human eyes for generations and within a battle in the icy conclave the respect for secrecy is kept when a penguin is murdered but a brief truce is help while children are resent.

However, all hell breaks loose when a possum…well…playing possum escapes, returning to his den of vermin to regroup and counter attack against the domineering, diminutive, pudgy penguins.

With underground societies, high councils and monarchs, Penguins vs Possums, appears to be an analogy depicting the Proletariat Possums rising up against the Bourgeoisie Penguins all the while peppered with humor and the ultimate battle a la John Connor vs SkyNet for supremacy of the zoo.

Kadlecik’s writing would make for a fantastic grown up animated fature, while Bring’s dark and gritty shading only enhances the gritty reality of war, whether in comic form or not, in the zoo or in combat, war is hell and Penguins vs Possums keeps the audience entertained all the while never insulting their intelligence.

Creators John Bring and Sebastian Kadlecik

This book is smart, dark and well worth the read. Visit their official website at, like them on facebook at Penguins vs. Possums – A Web Comic. Stop by Earth-2 Comics in Reseda, CA,  DJ’s Comics in Studio City, CA and Emerald Knights in Burbank CA, for issue number one!

Don’t forget to meet this creative team at Stan Lee’s Comikaze, September 15 and 16, 2012 in Los Angeles and at the Long Beach Comic Con November 3 and 4, 2012.


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