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nFluence Media Certified for EU Safe Harbor

SEATTLE and LONDON – Oct. 18, 2012 – nFluence Media, based in Seattle and London and a leader in consumer driven personalization technology, has formally taken another important step towards its unique approach to data collection and announces that the United States Department of Commerce has placed nFluence on its Safe Harbor list of companies.  This list can be found at:

nFluence provides B2B solutions that enable consumers to express their interests, and personalize the content that comes their way.  Rather than using an individual’s data trail to target generally unwanted content and advertising without consumer notice, nFluence takes a unique approach of enabling the consumer to actively express what interests them through their game-like user interface.

The EU Safe Harbor Framework is designed to protect the privacy of data from the EU.  Thus, EU Safe Harbor Certification is of particular importance to nFluence, as nFluence strongly believes in building technology that protects the confidentiality and privacy of consumer data.

“We have a firm belief that when it comes to personal data, there is only one true owner: the consumer!” said nFluence CEO Henry Lawson. “We are continuing to build services that allow consumers to control and benefit from the data that rightly belongs to them, and our US Department of Commerce EU Safe Harbor Self-Certification is another reflection of our consumer privacy commitment.”


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