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MULTIPLE WARHEADS LAUNCH TOUR Multiple Signing Events Featuring Brandon Graham’s New Series

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Taking his cue from the characters in his new mini-series, Brandon Graham (KING CITY, PROPHET) is embarking on a cross-country trip to promote MULTIPLE WARHEADS: ALPHABET TO INFINITY with signings at comic book stores from October 24 through 27.

Coming together to promote the signing tour are retailers from California to North Carolina who wanted to show their support for Graham’s surreal science fiction comic about organ smugglers in a fanciful, futuristic Russia.

The tour kicks off in Anaheim, California at Beach Ball Comics on October 24, treks to Texas for a signing at Austin Books on October 25, lands in St. Louis for a signing at Starclipper on October 26, and wraps at Chapel Hill Comics in North Carolina on October 27. (See below for complete schedule details.)

All four stores on the tour will have an exclusive edition of the 48-page, full-color MULTIPLE WARHEADS #1 with wraparound variant cover by Graham, for $3.99.

MULTIPLE WARHEADS: ALPHABET TO INFINITY is a four-issue, full-color miniseries that places ordinary lives in an extraordinary setting. Its first issue has garnered advance praise:

“…anything is possible in this comic. This is creativity unleashed. This is an artist unhinged. This is freedom. This is authenticity. And this is where comics should live.”
- MTV Geek

“Full of that trademark Brandon Graham ambition (Grahambition?), it’s a comic that’s wonderfully, strange, fantastically designed, and ultimately worthy of the time and effort it takes to read. It’s a text that demands the reader work with it while taking an artful approach to world building. It’s a comic that’s as much about the mystery of what comes next as it is about what’s happening right now.  Every page is an adventure, and every turn the plot takes is unexpected.  That’s the beauty of Multiple Warheads #1.”
- The Outhousers

A two-part interview with Graham about MULTIPLE WARHEADS also ran at Comics Alliance in August.


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