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Mary Robertson the Ultimate Tron Girl

by Sarah Samo

Staff Writer

As the 30th Anniversary  of Tron  is fast approaching, Mary Robertson and those of Tronblr will be attending the Disney celebration party on October 27, 2012 at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, with a film screening, fan interaction and a meet and greet with the cast of this cult classic. Robertson along with the blog, “Yori Lives” are pushing hard in their campaign to bringing back Cindy Morgan’s character, “Yori” to the Tron Uprising animated series airing on Disney XD.

Robertson sat down with FanboyNation to discuss her fandom, her anticipation of the 30th anniversary release party and the campaign for Morgan’s return to the franchise.

Q: How long have you been coming to SacAnime?

Mary Robertson at Fanime photo by Johnny Murguia

A: 8 years.

Q: Who are you dressed up as today?(Cosplay outfit)

A: Yori from Tron

Q: What made you fall in love with Tron?

A: The fast music, kind of similar to anime and Kingdom Hearts I like the way it was styled the way it was written, the hero the villain, it was interesting. In 2008 she heard about a movie that was based on that level and she watched it on G4 tech and then in 2010 they announced they were making Tron: legacy at Comic Con and she re-watched the original and fell in love, and later watched the midnight premier of Tron: legacy at her local theater.

Q: Which Tron did you like best, the original or Legacy?

A: I like both, they are two different films both visually but there is more of the quirky old fashion Hollywood style in the original. When they first made the movie it was all in black and white, they were the first to really do CGI and that they had to really depend on their theater action style versus, with a camera, most of it was scripted.

Q: Which character do you most relate too and why?

A: If I had to choose it would be Kevin the reason why is because he is very spiritual and you really see that in Legacy, but you see a little of it in the original, he really wanted to create a free system for everyone and he is fighting for what we think and when you look at Alan he is more of the geeky kind of guy, he wants to fight for the same cause as well and then you have Lora who is the Tron female power that really shows the world that you can be both smart and beautiful, then you have Roy who is like the popcorn guy that they made references in the older movie you didn’t really get to know him till later and you realize he is the guy that just wants to please everyone he wants to be friends and be the happy guy.

Q: Did you think that Tron: Legacy did the original justice?

Truthfully, part of it yes, because they put in feature eggs that yes if you saw the original one you knew the references, the biggest complaint Mary heard of when she talked to fans is there is not enough Tron and she knows that Bruce Boxleitner who plays Alan said that he was glad that he was able to get into Legacy and originally he was not going to be in it, it was actually Jeff Bridges who said you can’t make the movie without Tron.

Q: What has been your favorite outfit for Cosplay so far?

A: Well she liked her Yori Sexy Cape that is what the community calls it and her favorite one of all, which there are actually two of them, one is done by a young woman named Ashley “Spicer” and she was the Fantastic Stark from 82″ and she made the costume by hand and the other is from the group Slime & Franky, they are from Germany and they have done a very good Clu and Kevin, both before and after the betrayal on both of them, they did it all by hand.

Cindy Morgan and Mary Robertson

Q: Do you do art or on fanfiction?

A: I do a little bit of fanfiction, I’m kind of rusty right now because I wrote fanfiction 5 years ago and now I’m picking up again, but it is the artwork in our community is amazing.” She started her own blog 3 years ago and it has hit 300 followers and Cindy Morgan (Yori in the original Tron) has read it.

Q: Tell us about Tronblr.

A: Tron fans run Tronblr, it is full of strong educated men and women, some have a doctorate in English and they write fanfiction and the freelance artists who have done comics or trading cards that do a bunch of the artwork or somebody who works in retail that makes these beautiful costumes and they all come together and are one big family, for example if someone is in trouble or are feeling down they will reach out to the Tron community and offer to talk to them. Cindy Morgan read Mary’s blog and told her that Disney has web followers that basically catch anything Disney related to them and it goes back to whatever department it is that wants to know the latest stuff. For Tron she knows that some of their fan art has gone into Tron: Uprising, for example if you watch the first episode there are scars that Tron has, they have fan art that was created years ago before the show was in the works that had the same scarring look and they know that Disney has been watching them, and Mary is pretty sure they are watching her blog, and she wants them to know that she knows they have been focusing on the main Disney stuff, but that the fans have a strong bond over this movie, they like the story and they like the acting. What really enticed her was the actors on and off set how their lives are, like how Jeff Bridges has 3 daughters and Bruce Boxlietner has 3 sons and they’ve met over beers with their families, so there is this connection. Tron fans want, especially after watching Tron: Legacy they are hoping that Disney understands that they don’t want them to screw up the third movie. She wants Disney to know that the Tron fans want to help out with this awesome franchise and that they want Tron back in the 3rd movie along with the old characters.


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