An Adorably Long Beautiful Story – The Little Acre Review [PS4]

An Adorably Long Beautiful Story – The Little Acre Review [PS4]

A beautifully rendered, well written, masterfully performed game that requires patience – The Little Acre Review [PS4]

The Little Acre is a 2D adventure game developed by Pewter Game Studios and available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. It has a hand-drawn art style that beautifully captures the joy and wonderment of the game. The game follows the story of Aidan and his adventurous daughter, Lily, set in 1950’s Ireland. Following some clues about his father’s whereabouts, Aidan inadvertently finds himself transported to a strange new world. Being the rambunctious little tike she is, Lily sets off to find Aidan and is right on his trail dealing with the aftermath of his adventure.

Being an adventure game, story is the driving motivation for the game. It is an intriguing story that is only enhanced by the art-style and very well acted parts. It is almost like watching an animated movie. Lily’s character is immediately embodied by her scruffy design and buck teeth, also sleeping completely sprawled out on her bed. Aidan’s mature and organized character is also embodied instantly by his sweater vest and the journey to put it on. The character’s stories are perfectly played out as parallels and layers, often beginning with Aidan’s portion, then followed up with Lily following behind. The story is filled with jokes of different depths, like Lily cutting the head off a garden gnome so it doesn’t tell on her, or Aidan tricking the dog into waking up Lily so she doesn’t attack him. It is a cute story of family and adventure that is akin to old school children’s stories from the 70’s and earlier.

Gameplay is simple but gets extremely intricate in its application. Players generally move around using the control stick and interact with objects using the designated button. Your inventory is accessible via the triangle button, you then choose an item from your inventory and use the control stick to have it interact with an item in the environment. The game would be most efficiently played with a mouse and keyboard. The fun of the gameplay is using brain power to figure out what items interact with each other to progress the story. The heart of the gameplay is puzzle solving, and the controls tend to adapt to the puzzle. Though it never strays far from character movement and object interaction, the combinations and scenarios are endless and create hours of puzzle solving fun.

Mechanics are where the game is a bit inconsistent. For the most part, the game is beautifully crafted, masterfully performed, fun and challenging puzzles… but very slow gameplay. There’s something about it that just seems to drag on. It is most felt within the first hour of the game setting up the story and picks up as it goes along, but that first hour feels longer than the rest of the game. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, whether it’s the character movement, the countless benign items, very relaxed and slow dialogue, or a combination of it all, it just ran on like this sentence. However, aside from the dragged out feeling, that fades as the game progresses, it is an absolute joy of a game. Every sense used in gaming- erm in observation of a game, is delightfully stimulated and the integration of the puzzles into the gameplay and story is flawless. It is a very relaxed pace game, but the content’s depth is comparable to many of the largest franchises.

The Little Acre is a fun and absolutely delightful adventure, albeit with a begrudgingly slow start. Despite its slow beginning, it instantly captures players with its beautiful hand-drawn art style, and brilliantly designed characters that capture your intrigue to power through to the heart of the game. A grand adventure perfectly interwoven with puzzles, humor, charm, and cuteness that is a must play for fans of the adventure game genre. My The Little Acre Review gets an 8.5/10

The Little Acre is available for download on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Steam.

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