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Invincible 96 Review

by Ivy Doomkitty
Cosplayer and Contributing Writer
 You do not want to miss this one!
Rex and Amanda decided to head back to Earth after the Xaxals were no longer a problem.  Meanwhile, the Flaxan invasion ends with Monster Girl delivering the final blow.  Zandale walks into his apartment and without noticing some unexpected visitors and divulging a little more than he should.  Back at Mark’s home, he and Samantha discuss an, “under performance” issue.  Rex and Amanda make up, hands clasped together, leading to a surprise closing panel that leaves you with a major cliffhanger.
 This issue was fast paced, descriptive, yet at the same time, straightforward and to the point.  Kirkman consistently delivers his finest work with Invincible.  His delivery keeps you always coming back for more, yet at the same time, filled with more questions.  There’s a few spoilers which I will not mention.  You must simply read it yourself.  Trust me, it’s well worth it.



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