Convenient, Multi-Capable, and Intutitive – myCharge HubPlus C Review

By far the most convenient and intuitive power bank currently available, and it can charge 3 devices at once – myCharge HubPlus C Review

It happens to everyone. The moment when you really need to look something up, there is something you want to take a picture of or make an important call or text, your device runs out of battery. Our lives revolve around these things in our pockets, but it doesn’t seem like these things can keep up. Which is why we have power banks. Power banks are a dime a dozen, most come in the form of a cylinder the size of a roll of nickels that you plug your USB cable into. If you see someone walking around with a wire going from their device to their pocket, chances are it’s plugged into one of these. These nickel rolls are fine and do the job, but phones demand so much more now in terms of power and we demand so much more because we are impatient. That’s where the myCharge HubPlus C comes in.

myCharge HubPlus C Review

The myCharge HubPlus C power bank, or portable charger, is the most revolutionary power bank I have had the pleasure of using. I have had numerous nickel roll banks, sleek and stylish banks, and even a monster sized one with 12000 mAh that can charge two devices at once, and multiple times. Until the myCharge C I had a free Samsung one that had the Micro USB charging cable built in and an adapter for the Micro USB to charge lightning devices. It was the most versatile power bank of all of them, while my monster sized one is my workhorse used mainly when I’m working. The HubPlus C is the perfect blend of functionality and portability, providing the multi-charging ability of bigger power blocks, but having the built-in practicality very few power banks have.

Some quick specs on the HubPlus-C (full details can be read here):

  • 6700mAH
  • Built-in USB-C and Micro USB Charging Cables
  • USB A port to charge an additional device
  • Qualcomm 3.0 for fast charging devices up to 4x faster than typical charging devices
  • Built-In Wall Plug-Ins to charge the HubPlus C directly from a power outlet.

The 6700mAh is more than the most common power banks, and impressive considering the size of the HubPlus C. The HubPlus C is about as the size of a wallet. It fits in most pockets without taking up too much space. I’ve noticed I’m able to fully charge my phone (S7 Edge) about 2 times or my phone and iPad mini once. It’s more than enough for an adventurous day. It’s also enough to extend your play time your Nintendo Switch play time enough for an entire night out drinking and playing Mario Kart and recharge my phone enough to call a Lyft to pick us up. That may or may not be the test I ran on Cinqo de Mayo. 

The built-in cables really help make up for the size of the charger. While it is thicker than a lot of other power banks, it has built-in cables which saves you from an extra item to carry and a tangled mess. This does not apply if you are an Apple user, but everything will probably go USB-C anyways, so it’s ready for the future. There are not many situations where I can imagine needing to charge three devices at once, but when I did try it, all three devices appeared to all be on a fast charge, which is really impressive. The power of the HubPlus C is more than capable for any combination of use.

My favorite part of the HubPlus C is the built-in power prongs to plug directly into a power outlet. Every other power bank I have had, which is well into the double digits; I used to work for a self-proclaimed YouTube sensation who would constantly buy them because he didn’t like how it felt, didn’t have enough power, etc. etc. And all of them needed to be charged via a Micro-USB or Lightning Cable. Which is fine, since they almost always came with the cable needed to charge them, but none of them came with a wall outlet for that cable. You might be thinking, “Well don’t you have a wall charger for your phone, just use that one?” And I respond, “What do you do after you’ve depleted both your phone and your power bank at the end of the day and need them the next morning?” There are two answers, one is you buy a wall charger for the power bank. Or the genius option you probably didn’t think of, You use the wall

You might be thinking, “Well don’t you have a wall charger for your phone, just use that one?” And I respond, “What do you do after you’ve depleted both your phone and your power bank at the end of the day and need them the next morning?” There are two answers, one is you buy a wall charger for the power bank. Or the genius option you probably didn’t think of, You use the wall

And I respond, “What do you do after you’ve depleted both your phone and your power bank at the end of the day and need them the next morning?” There are two answers, one is you buy a wall charger for the power bank. Or the genius option you probably didn’t think of, You use the wall

There are two answers, one is you buy a wall charger for the power bank. Or the genius option you probably didn’t think of, You use the wall charger to charge the battery and plug your phone into the battery to be charged. The second option does work, but often times at altering speeds. If you have a fast charging device, but a standard charging power bank, it is possible to Fully charge the power bank before your phone is charged. This is very arbitrary situations, but I know I’m not the only one who has dealt with them. It is a first world problem by far, but one that having a built in wall charger to the power bank resolves. You can also do the daisy chain solution just with the HubPlus C in a pinch. Also, when you’re running around conventions all day, and say you’ve already depleted your HubPlus C, you can just plug it into any wall outlet to recharge it. So, for if some reason your power bank is not enough to get you through the day on a full charge, the HubPlus C will be able to recharge and rally without having to carry an additional wall charge. In terms of versatility and functionality, the HubPlus C is unmatched.

I’m pretty sure you can see where I’m going with my HubPlus C review. Many of our lives, or at least significant chunks of our lives, are dependent on our devices and having them run out of juice is a serious hindrance. There are many ways to keep your device powered, but I do not think there are any that match the pure function, versatility, and convenience of the HubPlus C. The benefits are marginal for iOS users until their devices also go to USB-C, but the built-in power prongs are a benefit to everyone. You can take off a half a point if you are an iOS user, but my HubPlus C review gets a 5/5.

Get your myCharge HubPlus c HERE!


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