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Homecoming 2 More Questions than Answers

by Tony James

Staff Writer

Homecoming 2 picks up after the discovery of the missing Carla Lee and her 10-year-old daughter Celeste, after the local high school gymnasium was blown up, the local authorities dubbed the explosion as, “faulty wiring,” while the reporters and others believed it to be the work of UFOs.

The story picks up after disk jockey, Tom “The Talking Tornado” Vinson went in search of these UFOs after ending his radio broadcast.

Vinson is revered to as the “Noted Nutjob,” with his dozens of fans harassing the sheriff’s department. Taking the notion of shoot first and ask questions later, Vinson and his band of followers go off into the night and accidentally stumble upon an alien hibernation chamber and a woman encased in a glass tube. The aliens awaken as the prisoners in the glass tubes revive and escape, which ends up being a dream of teenager Jay Anne, or is it?

Jay Anne is drawn to as a 25-year-old swimsuit model disguised as the 80s awkward teen in pigtails and glasses. In a scene out of Teen Wolf, Jay Anne begins to transform in class, runs off to the bathroom and instead of having a five o’clock shadow all over hear body, her nightmares come to fruition and grows tentacles.

Luckily for Jay Anne she is in the technological age and can get her male friend Hunter to bring over a jacket from his locker to the girls room, to cover up any unsightly added appendages. Cutting to a friend’s living room, Jay Anne reveals her “little extra,” to the males dismay while Celeste is afflicted with a similar mutation only their shock turns to jealousy, wishing they had received these “gifts” that apparently only affects teenage girls.

Once the missing Carla Lee reveals to Jay Anne she is control of her tentacles and they retreat into her body, Agents Braisin and Mackie show up to question the Hunter and his friends.

David Wohl’s is talented enough to turn a rehashed story of teens, transformations and aliens in a fresh and entertaining direction that didn’t turn boring or cliché, which Emilio Laiso’s art compliments the story with his use of shadowing for the terrorizing scenes and the light to show the alertness of the awkward moments of the shock and awe of every teenager going through various growing pains, only this time it was alien probing instead of acne.

Definitely check out Homecoming if you are into alien stories or are looking for something new to check out. Aspen Comics has yet to disappoint and after 10 years of putting out quality work, it doesn’t seem that they will let their readers down anytime soon.



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