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Focus Weekend on Steam

PARIS – Oct. 11, 2012 – Today, Focus’ library welcomes two new releases, with the PC versions of the explosive hack’n’slash RAW and the arcade game Rotastic. For a limited time only, these two games will recieve a 25% discount, during the Focus Weekend on STEAM which brings even more discounts; up to 75% off the publisher’s titles.

During this Focus Weekend on STEAM which will last until October 15th, Focus’ main titles will be getting exceptional offers such as the new benchmark in strategy games,Wargame European Escalation, and also Game of Thrones, Cities XL, Sherlock Holmes, Blood Bowl, Divinity II… Everyone is sure to find the games that suit them in a large selection of discounted best-sellers. During Focus week, STEAM also will have a ‘Focus Super Pack’, which includes 7 of Focus’ main games at an exceptional price!


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