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October 10th, 2012, Mt. Laurel, NJ – Dynamite signs writer Matt Sturges to new limited series!  Damsels, a story featuring Cinderalla, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and Snow White proved to be such a huge hit for Dynamite that we are coming out with a spin-off series to Damsels!

“What Damsels does for dry land, this book does for the ocean,” says writer Matt Sturges. “We’ve got mermaids! Pirates! A kraken! Sirens! All wrapped up in fast-past coming-of-age story, filled with treachery, high adventure, and very probably some sharks.  (And maybe even a little romance for good measure.) In short: if it’s in a fairy tale or legend, and it’s wet, we’ve got it.”

“We’ve had incredible success with our ongoing Damsels series, and there’s a rich world of new Damsels stories to be told.  We want to add to that world with the right mini-series, and needed a writer with the right sensibility and the ability to execute great stories.  We found that with Matt.  I’ve been a fan of his work going back to House of Mystery, JSA, Shadow Pact, and of course Jack of Fables.  This is a series that fans will find as a great compliment to our Damsels ongoing series.”  States Dynamite President Nick Barrucci.

Look for the Damsels spin-off in 2013!

Matt Sturges is an American writer of comics and fantasy novels.  Sturges is best known for the Eisner-award nominated Jack of Fables from DC/Vertigo.  In the 1990s, he was a member of the writers’ collective Clockwork Storybook, which also included Bill Willingham, Chris Roberson, and Mark Finn.  With Willingham Sturges has not only worked on Fables but has also co-written House of Mystery. Following his signing an exclusive deal with DC Comics, Sturges took over the writing of Blue Beetle in issue #29and will see it through to its end in issue #36.He has also written Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! featuring the Human Flame and, with Willingham again, he also took over the writing of Justice Society of America with issue #29.  He is also the author of two novels, Midwinter (2009) and the sequel The Office of Shadows (2010), and a book of short horror fiction, Beneath the Skin and Other Stories (2000).



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