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Don’t Change the Channel on Mike Pingel

by Jacob Young

Staff Writer

Author, superfan, Wonder Woman enthusiast, Mike Pingel has turned his passion for Linda Carter’s classic series into the definitive episodic guide to all the 1970s phenomenon.

Picture Pop Up Video meets Comic Book Thought Bubbles and you have, “Channel Surfing: Wonder Woman, a labor of love that has interviews with producers Douglas S. Cramer and Leonard Goldberg, cast members Charlene Tilton, Stella Stevens and Lynda Carter herself.

Pingel went above and beyond what any traditional fan would in meeting with costume collector’s who replicated the original Donfeld costumes to toy collectors, Channel Surfing is must read for anyone who is a lover of Lynda Carter, who is and always will be the embodiment of the super-heroine.

“Whenever I think of Wonder Woman, I think of Lynda Carter, in 1975 she too on the role that literally became America’s Wonder Woman,” confesses Pingel in the books introduction to which he adds, “…I’m spinning right now!”

This is definitely a coffee table reader, quick snip-its, loaded with fun facts and an all around enjoyable presentation. It has several pictures of the cast from then and now.

There are a few grammatical issues and a couple of paragraphs repeated on the same page, but the few quirks add to the charm of television historian who just happens to be a true fan of a series that for a window of time, a woman could spin around, peal off her glasses, pull her hair out of a bun and turn into an Amazonian Warrior Princess.

Channel Surfing: Wonder Woman is fun, informative and you will be able to find out most anything you wanted to know about the show in only 185 pages.


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