Derrick Pierce – More Than Just a Bad Boy, He’s a Renaissance Man


Derrick Pierce is someone you should be jealous of. Good looks coupled with an assured intelligence and a genuine enthusiasm, Derrick is that college buddy that scored all the hot chicks but was so cool you couldn’t hate him for it. He has had a brilliant career in the one profession every red-­blooded american man claims to want to do; adult movies (more affectionately known as porn).

His physique and presence makes him the go­to guy for not only super villains but bad­asses in porn parodies. The characters he’s portrayed reads like`a fanboy fantasy league line­up; Lex Luthor, The Mandarin, Bane, Pai Mei, John McClane, and most recently Deadpool. But Mr. Pierce is a bit more than a proxy for super villain slashfic fantasy; he’s an experienced MMA fighter, personal trainer, dance and fight choreographer, author, director, producer, and inventor. At the risk of sounding trite he is kind of a renaissance man.

Oh and Derrick Pierce loves Deadpool!

I had the pleasure of talking with Derrick by phone about his career, his rep as a “bad boy” and what the future looks like. I was a bit surprised by what I found out.

Michael Colbert: First off I discovered you were from Springfield, Ma. A Berkshire boy like myself. You ever go back?

Derrick Pierce: It’s been over ten years since I’ve been back. There is a lot to keep me here.

MC: You’re not missing much except maybe the change of seasons.

DP: Yeah. I always found it interesting that where we lived was considered a fall tourist destination.


Derrick as Crossbones

MC: You’ve been Lex Luthor, Bane, The Mandarin, even Pai Mei and we’ll cover some in detail but, with the exception of Bane seems to run opposite of what defines those characters. What do you think you bring that gets you these characters?

DP: Well the physique isn’t as telling when the clothes are on. When the clothes come off is when expectations get thrown around a bit.

MC: Being porn, though, the clothes do come off. I never really pictured Luthor rockin a lot of ink.

DP: By that time, if I’ve done my job, people have accepted me as the character. So they accept that too.

MC: Indeed, regardless of the tats, you were a great Lex Luthor. It’s because you nailed the cold intelligence that defines the character.

DP: Thanks. The thing about Luthor is he’s not that complicated of a character; he plays it cool, mostly. Sure, he’s a sociopath, but he’s this voice of… evil reason. Lex makes sense, he’s calculating and ruthless but that makes a certain type of sense. Even in his hate for Superman he justifies it in a sensible way. He realizes that he’s never gonna outdo Superman in sheer force so he’s got to out think him. That’s cool.

MC: Was it fun playing him?

DP: Yes! Playing the bad guy is always more fun. Bad guys don’t give a shit about anything but themselves. It’s fun, as an actor, to drop those restraints.


Derrick as The Mandarin.

MC: How about The Mandarin? I hear you got into the look to sell it to Axel.

DP: Axel wanted me to play The Mandarin so I did some research, read a bunch of comics with him in it and my first response was “… ummm you know this guy is asian, and I’m not, right?” Axel wasn’t so bothered by that but I was a little unsure. As things went on I started to dig the kung­fu master aspect and his imposing presence. He was an extreme guy. Plus I really loved the Ming the Merciless influence on the character; the look and bad­ass attitude.

At the same time Axel was considering dropping The Mandarin as the big bad, making it the Sandman or someone else. By then I wanted to do it so I had a make­up friend give me an asian look, very Ming approach in look and it blew Axel away!

MC: How do you generally approach a character? I’m sure there is a physical approach but you can’t do method for someone like Deadpool.

DP: For the comic characters I read a lot of the comics the character is in. I’ll get the attitude and where the character is coming from, what makes him tick.

MC: Well, that makes sense. Who do you enjoy reading the most?


Derrick as Deadpool.

DP: Deadpool! No contest. (Derrick played Deadpool in Wolverine XXX ­ An Axel Braun Parody)

MC: Why’s that?

DP: A lot of reasons. Deadpool has no shame for starters; it goes back to that id ruled thing with the villains. But with a funny angle. He’s a lowest common denominator and knows it. He doesn’t consider himself a good guy, he’s a mercenary.

MC: It’s just his goals tend to align more with the good guys than the bad guys.

DP: Yeah. Plus he’ll make some wisecrack, shoot somebody then say to the girl “can I touch your boobs?”

MC: Like he’s the ultimate fourteen-year-old boy.

DP: Exactly! Just a fun character to play and a fun character to read and watch.

MC: Naturally you’re excited about the movie.

DP: I think Deadpool will be one of the most successful superhero movies ever. Ryan Reynolds was just born to play that character!

MC: I had a question about what character you’d like to play, I think you already played him.

DP: Yeah and I want to do a full­-on Deadpool XXX parody. Preferably with Axel. I’ve been telling him that it’s bound to happen and he should be the one directing.

MC: Frankly I’m stunned it isn’t in the works. (there was a… version, a weak version, by director Ralph Long but an Axel Braun version with production value and Derrick as the Merc with a Mouth would no doubt be the definitive version. See my review of the sub-par Deadpool XXX HERE)

DP: That should change after this weekend. If Axel doesn’t, someone will… but he and (writing partner) Bryn Pryor should be the ones. I’m dying to do it.

MC: Axel has stepped away from the Superhero parodies, though.


Derrick Pierce as Lex Luthor.

DP: Not entirely; we’re doing a Supergirl one, I’m playing Luthor again.

MC: That’s great, I was thinking that superhero porn parodies were running out of steam.

DP: I don’t think that’ll happen until mainstream starts losing interest and that doesn’t look like it’ll happen any time soon.

MC: Do you collect anything geeky?

DP: Deadpool. Big surprise, right? I got a lot of stuff from toys to posters and other things. I just ordered the movie poster today.

MC: Have you seen the Mr. potato head Deadpool?

DP: Yep. Got it.

MC: Is there a different project, aside from Deadpool that you’d love to do?

DP: It’d be cool to do a Thundercats parody. I couldn’t get enough of that show as a kid.

MC: Um, mind blown. Who do you think has better sex, Superheroes or Super villains?

Derrick_Pierce_As_Bane_Axel_BraunDP: Super villains because they do what they want and probably have fewer hang­ups.

MC: What’s in the future for you? I hear you’re phasing out the performing?

DP: I’m definitely not retiring, though I’m 42 now and at some point I want to leave while I’m still on top. I can say that I have a lot of projects happening beyond just performing. For instance, I’ve invented a few things for the automotive industry. They’re patented and in the consideration stage.

MC: Whoa, you’ve invented some stuff?

DP: Yeah, I’m totally into cars, working on them, the mechanical side, how they work, since I was a kid. I came up with a few ideas and put them together. I’ve also been in a motorcycle club for around fifteen years.

MC: Cool. What else?

DP: I’d like to break into mainstream acting.

MC: I can see that. Wouldn’t it be cool to play a recurring villain in like Arrow or something.

DP: Would love that! I’ve also got a book coming out. It’s sorta a self ­help book.

Derrick_Pierce_Ride_Or-Die_Digital_Playground_01MC: I always hear “Bad Boy” connected to you. You may have that look but it doesn’t seem a correct descriptive.

DP: Well, I’ve had my share of times. As far as the look; the very first time I went on set (Derrick Pierce was dating a performer before he got into the business) everyone thought I was a drug dealer. But I don’t think of myself as a bad boy or try to cultivate that image anymore.

MC: What surprises people about you first time they meet?

DP: I’ve been told it is how funny I am. Until you meet me in person you really never see the comedic side.

MC: I can grokk that. When you played Deadpool did you improv lines?

DP: It was mostly scripted but tried some improv stuff. Some of it worked. That is something else I’d like to try sometime soon; Stand­up.

MC: Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a success. How did you get so… well rounded?

DP: I try to have positive relationships with people from all areas of life. There is always something I can learn from someone else. So I try to find as varied people as possible.

STAR_WARS_Malloc_Derrick_PierceThere were other bits we covered in our conversation but kinda threw off the flow so here are some highlights:

Derrick did the fight co­ordination for him and Kleio Valentien for the Ronda Arouseme title: “Kleio is very athletic, really got into it and we have great chemistry so that was evident too.”

Performing with BBW Kelly Shibari: “She was great! All the BBW I’ve performed with have a great attitude aside from being sexy. Some average girls I’ve done scenes with just have shitty attitudes and it kills the sexiness.”

On his award-winning role as Mike in the Magic Mike Parody: “I helped choreograph the dance sequences. It was a collaborative. Directors know that I have that skill so I find myself doing double duty a lot.

Derrick Pierce is a personal trainer too and he is opening his own training location here in LA soon.


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